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51 Economy or ?
College Eye 9:15, p.4
1/23/1918 Believes better ventilated classrooms will slow the spread of sicknesses.
52 Training School High School items
College Eye 9:15, p.8
1/23/1918 Will play basketball against West Waterloo and Marion; will hold debate; twenty-three students have reported cases of mumps.
53 Detention hospital closed
College Eye 8:28, p.8
5/9/1917 Hospital closed last week for the first time since Christmas.
54 Training School exhibition
College Eye 8:21, p.3
3/7/1917 Training School exhibition postponed a week due to the scarlet fever outbreak.
55 Training School closed last week
College Eye 8:20, p.1
2/28/1917 Training School closed for a week in order to fumigate the building after an outbreak of scarlet fever.
56 An observation
College Eye 7:19, p.4
2/23/1916 Wishes people would cease the rash of coughing fits during chapel and class periods.
57 Measles, scarlet fever, tonsillitis
College Eye 7:14, p.7
1/19/1916 Many illnesses are plaguing the community.
58 Ruth McCormick, Muriel Swanson, and Helen Spellman
College Eye 4:10, p.7
11/12/1914 Suffered from ptomaine poisoning.
59 Official notes
College Eye 1:17, p.5
2/7/1912 Recognizes the life and mourns the death of librarian Ellen D. Biscoe, who died January 29, 1912.
60 College hospital annex is closed.
College Eye 1:15, p.5
1/24/1912 College had rented a vacant house on Walnut Street for seventy days during typhoid fever epidemic; last three patients transferred to College Hospital.
61 Two members of student body called beyond
College Eye 1:13, p.3
1/10/1912 Etta M. George and Agnes Whitacre died of typhoid fever.
62 In memoriam
College Eye 1:12, p.7
12/16/1911 Resolutions on the deaths of Mary Gregory and Bessie Dial.
63 Mrs. Walker's last lecture
College Eye 1:11, p.7
11/22/1911 Marion McFarland Walker's last lecture to the men was cancelled due to sickness; may be scheduled for next term.
64 The silent messenger calls three members of the student body
College Eye 1:11, p.9
11/22/1911 Three students, Mary Gregory, Bessie Dial, and Leslie Compton, died of typhoid fever.
65 State will care for the sick; Gymnasium will be converted into hospital, if necessary; inoculation offered by Board of Health
College Eye 1:10, p.1
11/15/1911 At least twenty ISTC students have typhoid fever; College Hospital full; also using College Hill rooming house; will use Gymnasium if more cases develop.
66 The Evans House
College Eye 1:10, p.7
11/15/1911 Was opened and put in charge of the nurses.
67 Professor Geiser seriously sick
College Eye 1:7, p.118
5/3/1911 Professor Geiser has typhoid fever.
68 Editorial
College Eye 1:4, p.57
4/12/1911 Editorial encourages the enforcement of a thirty day quarantine for people sick with small pox or scarlet fever.
69 To the victors
College Eye 1:3, p.45
4/5/1911 Article gives credit to the janitors of the school who clean the buildings and help reduce the spread of scarlet fever.
70 Most of the people at Chapman Hall
Normal Eyte 21:16, p.286
1/18/1911 Outbreak of sickness and injury has befallen Chapman Hall.
71 Although it is hard
Normal Eyte 20:17, p.290
1/19/1910 There are no serious illnesses going around right now.
72 Pressed meats served
Normal Eyte 19:4, p.62
9/30/1908 Several students suffered from ptomaine poisoning.
73 Measles, grip, tonsillitis
Normal Eyte 18:18, p.276
2/5/1908 Many sicknesses going around.
74 The cases of typhoid fever
Normal Eyte 18:5, p.78
10/9/1907 City officials think typhoid may have been in the water; sent samples to Ames to be analyzed.
75 The quarantine for scarlet fever has been raised
Normal Eyte 17:30, p.478
5/1/1907 Professor Newton returned to his family.
76 Prof. Newton
Normal Eyte 17:28, p.443
4/17/1907 Family quarantined for scarlet fever.
77 The happiest looking people
Normal Eyte 14:25, p.400
3/19/1904 Quarantine lifted at Spicer Hall.
78 Ten girls are quarantined
Normal Eyte 14:23, p.367
2/27/1904 Due to a case of scarlet fever.
79 Rownd's Hall
Normal Eyte 12:21, p.330
2/22/1902 Quarantine lifted.
80 The amount of sickness
Normal Eyte 12:20, p.314
2/15/1902 Many substitute teachers have been needed.
81 Tonsillitis seems to be quite a frequent visitor
Normal Eyte 12:17, p.269
1/25/1902 Many students seem to have it.
82 Anna E. Williams
Normal Eyte 11:27, p.667
4/13/1901 A number of students have left school due to poor health.
83 Clara Pope
Normal Eyte 10:22, p.539
3/2/1901 A number of Normalites have gone home due to poor health.
84 A few symptoms
Normal Eyte 10:18, p.439
2/2/1901 Humorous look at the symptoms of the grippe.
85 Dr. Hillis postpones his lecture
Normal Eyte 10:17, p.410
1/26/1901 Cites epidemic of the grippe in his congregation.
86 The schools of Lovilla
Normal Eyte 9:5, p.105
10/14/1899 Closed due to diphtheria; James Treasure is principal there.
87 One was entirely out of fashion
Normal Eyte 9:3, p.60
9/30/1899 If he did not have a cold.
88 The last faculty meeting of the winter term
Normal Eyte 8:21, p.292
2/18/1899 Term going well except for the unprecedented numbers of students with the grippe.
89 The following are a few
Normal Eyte 8:18, p.250
1/28/1899 Many students have been sick with the grippe.
90 Have you had the grippe?
Normal Eyte 8:16, p.224
1/14/1899 Urges everyone to be careful.
91 Apron Strings
Schenk--Casper (Classes of 1898 and 1899)
Normal Eyte 6:20, p.237
2/20/1897 Casper Schenk thanks mother for help during illness.
92 Sleighing parties are fashionable
Normal Eyte 6:18, p.213
2/6/1897 So are colds and grippe.
93 The Normal Eyte staff
Normal Eyte 6:17, p.201
1/30/1897 Sick with the grippe.
94 Several students
Normal Eyte 5:27, p.253
4/18/1896 Have pink eye.
95 Ventilation is an important matter
Normal Eyte 5:19, p.167
2/15/1896 Should air out school rooms to prevent sickness and improve atmosphere.
96 If you are enjoying a cold
Normal Eyte 5:4, p.30
10/12/1895 Many students have colds.
97 After a six weeks' siege
Normal Eyte 4:24, p.378
3/16/1895 Alice Rhine recovering from typhoid fever.
98 E. B. Wilson
Normal Eyte 4:21, p.329
2/23/1895 Has typhoid fever.
99 Miss Alice Rhine
Normal Eyte 4:21, p.329
2/23/1895 Has typhoid fever.
100 Last week
Normal Eyte 4:20, p.314
2/16/1895 Too many students have measles for the paper to print a list.


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