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51 Award-winning filmmaker, writer and activist to visit UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:162, p.1
1/28/2014 Byron Hurt, award-winning documentary filmmaker, will visit UNI to show and discuss two of his films. Hurt will attend screenings of "Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes" and "Soul Food Junkies". There will be a lecture and discussion to follow the films.
52 Students jumpstart on diversity
Rouse--Amber Marie (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:31, p.1
1/27/2014 UNI hosted its sixth annual Town Hall on Diversity. Regina Dixon-Reeves, diversity specialist at the University of Chicago, was the keynote speaker for the event. Attendees discussed UNI programs that aid in the diversity of students; photo.
53 UNI to honor Martin Luther King Jr. with discussion, day of service
Public Relations News Release 2013:156, p.1
1/14/2014 To honor Martin Luther King Jr. UNI will host several events including a day of service and a book discussion. At the MLK Day of Service students will package meals for families in need. Marcia Riggs will be the guest speaker at the book discussion.
54 UNI to host 2014 Town Hall on Diversity
Public Relations News Release 2013:154, p.1
1/14/2014 UNI will welcome Regina Dixon-Reeves as the speaker for the 6th annual Town Hall Meeting on Diversity hosted by UNI's Diversity Council. Dixon-Reeves is a former president of the Association of Black Sociologists.
55 Unique exhibits on display in the Union: Students and faculty show off creativity
Chiavetta--Josh (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:27, p.3
12/10/2013 The Creative UNIversity Conference showcased creative works of many UNI students. Steven Tepper from Vanderbilt University spoke at the event. Art for El Salvador was featured at the event, they are raising money to open a school in El Salvador; photo.
56 Internationally acclaimed performance artist to present 'lecture & rant' at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:133, p.1
11/25/2013 Performance artist Tim Miller will perform an opinionated rant about identity, culture wars, and homosexuality. Miller offers an interesting perspective on self identification.
57 Conference to showcase creative work produced at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:126, p.1
11/19/2013 UNI's Creative Life Research Center will host an inaugural Creative UNIversity Conference. Steven J. Tepper, founder of the Creative Campus Initiative, will be the keynote speaker at this event.
58 Taylor discusses abortion
Cosgrove--Thaddeus Riley (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:24, p.1
11/19/2013 Sunsara Taylor spoke to the UNI community about abortion and other women's rights issues. Taylor explained that having an abortion is a safe and confidential process that should be available to all women as a choice; photo.
59 Students respond to Angela Davis
Afzal--Fariha (Student--2012)
Northern Iowan 110:22, p.1
11/12/2013 Angela Davis, civil and women's rights icon, presented her lecture "Finding Your Way: Organizing for Social Change and Human Rights". Many UNI students attended the lecture and found it informative and inspiring; photo.
60 UNI Dept. of Art and Dept. of Music to present the work of Tim Lowly and Karima Walker
Public Relations News Release 2013:116, p.1
11/7/2013 UNI will present an artist lecture and musical performance by Tim Lowly and Karima Walker. Tim Lowly will speak about his paintings. Following the lecture, Loly and Karima Walker will present a musical performance.
61 UNI to host political activist Sunsara Taylor
Public Relations News Release 2013:113, p.1
11/6/2013 Sunsara Taylor, a writer and political activist, will present "Defeating the Assault on Abortion Rights: Wining the Full Liberation of Women". Taylor believes that birth control and abortion are rights that women cannot be denied.
62 UNI to host lecture on the Nevada Test Site Oral History Project
Public Relations News Release 2013:110, p.1
10/31/2013 UNI will host a lecture about the Nevada Test Site Oral History Project. Leisl Carr Childers will be giving the lecture. The Nevada Test Site Oral History Project documented the remembrances of those affected by nuclear testing during the Cold War.
63 UNI Gallery of Art to present lecture by painter Eric Sall
Public Relations News Release 2013:109, p.1
10/29/2013 UNI Gallery of Art will present a lecture by Eric Sall. Eric Sall has received various awards in the art community. Currently displayed at the UNI Gallery of Art is "The Power of Line: Prints of the European and American Etching Revival".
64 Renowned activist Angela Davis to speak at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:106, p.1
10/24/2013 Angela Davis will be speaking at UNI delivering her lecture "Finding Your Way: Organizing for Social Change and Human Rights". Davis was a prominent figure in the civil rights and women's rights movements.
65 Former Olympian addresses UNI
Clausen--Eric Lee (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 110:16, p.1
10/22/2013 Olympian Anita DeFrantz spoke at the Hall of Excellence induction ceremony. The 2013 inductees included Donald Briggs, Mark Farley, Frederick Pelley, and Debra Stephenson. These are people who have positively represented UNI over the years; photo.
66 McMillian gives food for thought
Prigeon--Correy Travis (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:15, p.1
10/18/2013 Tracie McMillan, author of "The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Wal-Mart, Applebee's, Farm Fields and the Dinner Table", spoke about American eating habits. Professor Weedman adapted the book into a play that was performed for McMillian; photo.
67 Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice to visit UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:98, p.1
10/17/2013 Mark Cady, Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice, will be speaking at UNI on Iowa's courts. He will also discuss several landmark decisions like allowing same-sex marriage in Iowa. The event is free and open to the public.
68 Spoken word poet Staceyann Chin to perform at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:97, p.1
10/17/2013 Staceyann Chin, award-winning spoken word poet, will perform at UNI. Chin has faced many challenges being Asian as well as homosexual. Tabatha Cruz hopes that Chin's message of support and hope will help UNI continue making inclusive communities.
69 UNI to host member of the European Parliament
Public Relations News Release 2013:96, p.1
10/16/2013 UNI will host Peter Jahr, member of the European Parliament, to deliver a lecture titles "Renewable Energies: What We Should (Not) Learn From the European Union". Jahr is a member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development.
70 Education expert in dual-language learning to visit UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:93, p.1
10/15/2013 Linda Espinosa, expert on dual-language learning, will be speaking at UNI about children growing up in poverty. Espinosa will also be visiting several education classes to talk about how to better serve low-income students and dual-language learners.
71 Expert on Japanese religion to speak at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:91, p.1
10/14/2013 Steven Heine will be partnering with Professor Reineke to deliver a lecture on religion in Japan. This lecture will better prepare individuals to understand the beliefs and practices they will encounter while visiting East Asia.
72 UNI to host lecture on social responsibility and hunger
Public Relations News Release 2013:87, p.1
10/10/2013 UNI will host Ronald Sider as part of the "Reaching for Higher Ground" series. Sider will lecture on "Social Responsibility and the Crisis of Hunger". The event is free and open to the public.
73 Senator Grassley to deliver UNI lecture on whistleblowers
Public Relations News Release 2013:85, p.1
10/9/2013 Senator Chuck Grassley will present a lecture on "Government Accountability and Whistleblowers" at UNI. Grassley is a co-author of the Whistleblower Protection Act and views whistleblowers as part of the system of check and balances.
74 UNI Hall of Excellence to host speaker and ceremony
Public Relations News Release 2013:86, p.1
10/9/2013 UNI will be hosting Anita DeFrantz, member of the International Olympic Committee, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Hall of Excellence. This year four people will be inducted into the Hall of Excellence.
75 Auerbacher recounts tragedy
Prigeon--Correy Travis (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:12, p.4
10/8/2013 UNI's Campus Activities Board hosted Inge Auerbacher to speak to students. Auerbacher is a holocaust survivor. She spoke of her life and the things she saw, but she also encouraged the audience to always speak out against injustice.
76 Goodwin travels through history in UNI lecture
Peterson--Caitlin Anne (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 110:12, p.4
10/8/2013 UNI hosted Pulitzer prize-winning biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin. Goodwin does research on old presidents and is the author of "Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln". She spoke on differences in politics back then and today; photo.
77 Hollywood editor Josh Bodnar to speak at University of Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 2013:77, p.1
10/2/2013 Josh Bodnar, video editor and motion graphics artist who helped with "Dexter" will be speaking on campus. He will speak on connecting art, advertising, and entertainment. The American Advertising Federation and UNI are hosting the event.
78 UNI to host Fast Forward electronic media workshop Oct. 18
Public Relations News Release 2013:75, p.1
9/30/2013 UNI will be hosting "Fast Forward: Overtake the Competition" an electronic media workshop. The workshop teaches students a variety of media related skills. Richard Haynes will be the keynote speaker at the event.
79 UNI to host reporter Jack Hovelson
Public Relations News Release 2013:74, p.1
9/30/2013 Reporter, Jack Hovelson, will present, "Newspapering: If You Ain't Good, You Better Be Lucky". Jack Hovelson has written numerous articles for many publications including USA Today. The event is sponsored by the History Club and Phi Alpha Theta.
80 UNI lecture will explore "The American Way of Eating"
Public Relations News Release 2013:71, p.1
9/26/2013 Best-selling author, Tracie McMillan will be speaking on America's eating habits and food industry. There has been a shift in food choices towards convenience and cheaper products. The lecture will also explore the social and economic impacts of food.
81 UNI to host sessions on improving literacy in elementary education
Public Relations News Release 2013:66, p.1
9/25/2013 The second annual Jacobson Center and Reading Recovery Literacy Academy will be held on campus. The event focuses on Reading Recovery and Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy. Peter Johnston and Lester Laminack will be speaking at the event.
82 UNI to host statewide TRiO Leadership Conference
Public Relations News Release 2013:69, p.1
9/25/2013 UNI will host the sixth annual TRiO Student Leadership Conference. More than 175 students from schools all across Iowa will attend to develop their leadership skills. TRiO programs are federal outreach programs to help underrepresented students.
83 UNI's Center for Energy and Environmental Education presents 'How Can We Feed the World'
Public Relations News Release 2013:67, p.1
9/25/2013 UNI will host Fred Kirschenmann to deliver a lecture entitled, "How Can We Feed the World?". Many people still suffer from malnourishment in this world. The lecture will address some possible causes and solutions to the problem.
84 Military and veteran conference to be hosted at UNI
Prigeon--Correy Travis (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 110:6, p.4
9/17/2013 UNI will be hosting the Military and Veteran State Conference. The conference was created to educate faculty, students, and community members on the issues and strengths of having military members on campus.
85 Recognizing hunger: Speaker addresses how to be more in tune with your body
Afzal--Fariha (Student--2012)
Northern Iowan 110:5, p.6
9/13/2013 UNI hosted Evelyn Tribole to speak about the importance of making peace with your body. It is better to eat healthy than to go on extreme diets. Many audience members found Tribole's presentation informative.
86 Rob Hogg to deliver climate change lecture at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:46, p.1
9/12/2013 UNI will be hosting Senator Rob Hogg to speak on the significance of climate change. The lecture is sponsored by the Center for Energy and Environmental Education.
87 Food waste reduction workshop to be hosted by UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:43, p.1
9/11/2013 The Iowa Waste Reduction Center will be holding a food waste reduction workshop. The workshop will discuss ways to reduce food waste and divert it from the landfill. Registration is ten dollars.
88 Award-winning chemistry professor and researcher to speak at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:37, p.1
9/10/2013 Paul Kelter will be speaking at the Leland Wilson Endowed Chemistry Lecture. He will be speaking about effective ways to teach Science in today's society.
89 Attendance at UNI's fall faculty workshop shows commitment to improve teaching
Public Relations News Release 2013:35, p.1
9/5/2013 More than 300 faculty attended the fall faculty workshop. This is record attendance for the past few years. Susan Hill was named the director of the new Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
90 UNI to host 40th Annual Carl L., Becker Memorial Lecture in History
Public Relations News Release 2013:33, p.1
9/5/2013 Muzaffar Alam will be speaking at UNI for the Carl L. Becker Memorial Lecture. Alam will be speaking on South Asian cultures and political and institutional history.
91 UNI to host acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin
Public Relations News Release 2013:32, p.1
9/3/2013 Doris Kearns Goodwin will be speaking at UNI for the Joy Cole Corning Distinguished Leadership Lecture Series. This lecture series is to show students what leadership looks like in all different fields.
92 Award-winning dietician to deliver intuitive eating lecture at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2013:29, p.1
8/30/2013 Evelyn Tribole will be speaking at UNI on the importance of eating habits. The lecture will focus on creating a healthy relationship with food and your body.
93 UNI to host annual military and veteran conference
Public Relations News Release 2013:11, p.1
7/26/2013 UNI will host this year's Military and Veteran State Conference. This year's conference is entitled, "Uncamouflaging Campus Diversity: Creating Transparency Through Cultural Competence". Meredith Kleykamp will be the keynote speaker.
94 Free webinar on healthcare changes for small business owners July 25
Public Relations News Release 2013:8, p.1
7/18/2013 The Iowa Small Business Development Centers will sponsor the free webinar , "Healthcare Changes for Small Business Owners". Jim Heckmann and Rob Williams will be the speakers for this event.
95 Iowa's accomplishments in STEM to be featured at EPSCoR Annual All-Hands Meeting
Public Relations News Release 2013:9, p.9
7/18/2013 The annual All-Hands Meeting of the Iowa Experimental Program on Stimulate Competitive Research will be held at UNI. There will be several speakers from surrounding colleges and universities. There will also be a student research poster competition.
96 UNI to host international conference on violence and religion
Public Relations News Release 2013:3, p.1
7/8/2013 UNI will host this year's Colloquium on Violence and Religion. This years conference will focus on the impact of industrial agriculture on the ecosystem. Whitney Bauman and Mark Wallace will both speak on how religion has impacted the natural world.
97 Chilean diplomat speaks on development
Aune--Jordan Lee (Student--2013)
Northern Iowan 109:54, p.1
5/3/2013 The Office of International Programs welcomed Roberto Matus to speak at UNI this past week. He currently serves as the deputy chief of mission of the Embassy of Chile minister counselor. His lecture was entitled "Chile: A Road to Development."
98 Bonnie Campbell speaks on Violence Against Women Act
Woolson--Brooks Michael (Student--2012)
Northern Iowan 109:52, p.1
4/26/2013 Bonnie Campbell, the Iowa Attorney General, came to UNI to speak about domestic violence, sexual abuse, and the Violence Against Women Act; photo.
99 Dr. Jill Pruetz: studying chimpanzees in the savanna
Northern Iowan 109:51, p.9
4/23/2013 Professor Jill Pruetz, from Iowa State University, will be speaking at the 20th annual Student Research Conference here at UNI. She has studied the behavior of non-human primates in several locations.
100 UNI lecture to explore big data
Public Relations News Release 2012:263, p.1
4/19/2013 Sastry G. Pantual will be speaking at UNI for the annual Hari Shankar Memorial Lecture. He will be speaking on societies increasing dependence on large data sets that are difficult to process.


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