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101 Military drill
Normal Eyte 6:13, p.153
12/12/1896 Suspended during spelling test.
102 Owing to the great number of new men
Normal Eyte 6:13, p.153
12/12/1896 New cadet company to be organized.
103 The military department
Normal Eyte 6:9, p.98
11/7/1896 Will offer company drill and squad drill twice a week with instruction once a week.
104 The following is the organization of the cadet battalion
Normal Eyte 6:4, p.38
10/3/1896 Roster of officers; Professor Fitzgerald directs Cadet Band.
105 Competitive drill
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.364
6/24/1896 Description of the drill offered as part of Commencement activities.
106 Exhibition drills
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.367
6/24/1896 Description of the Commencement Student Battalion drill; photo.
107 Interpretations of the drill
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.363
6/24/1896 A cartoon look at alternative meanings for military commands; photo.
108 Officers and non-commissioned staff cadet battalion
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.371
6/24/1896 Group photo; photo.
109 Untitled
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.365
6/24/1896 Student battalion ready for inspection; photo.
110 The Cadet Corps
Normal Eyte 5:34, p.337
6/6/1896 In best shape ever; men must enroll for two years and then a year in artillery company; excused fourth year.
111 Quite a crowd gathered
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.332
5/30/1896 To watch baseball game between student battalion companies.
112 The 1896 Commencement
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.326
5/30/1896 Arrangements for the ceremonies will include battalion inspection, a tent large enough to hold two thousand people, and an alumni gathering.
113 The cadets and band
Normal Eyte 5:33, p.332
5/30/1896 G. A. R. invites them to Memorial Day ceremonies.
114 If any doubts have heretofore existed
Normal Eyte 5:32, p.315
5/23/1896 Description of annual inspection of Student Battalion; went off well despite driving rain.
115 The Battalion banquet
Normal Eyte 5:30, p.286
5/9/1896 Enjoyable event.
116 The battalion
Normal Eyte 5:29, p.274
5/2/1896 Reviewed by Board of Directors.
117 The battalion banquet
Normal Eyte 5:29, p.273
5/2/1896 Featured on Friday.
118 During the past week
Normal Eyte 5:22, p.197
3/7/1896 A military banquet would enhance espirit de corps.
119 President Seerley has received word
Normal Eyte 5:17, p.154
2/1/1896 Student Battalion will receive cannon.
120 School directory
Normal Eyte 5:16, p.142
1/25/1896 Roster of organizations and officers.
121 Headquarters I. S. N. S. Cadet Battalion
Normal Eyte 5:12, p.102
12/7/1895 List of non-commissioned officers.
122 If an unaccustomed and dazzling brilliancy
Normal Eyte 5:7, p.54
11/2/1895 Cadets have brilliant new uniforms.
123 Officers of the Battalion
Normal Eyte 5:6, p.45
10/26/1895 Roster of officers.
124 On another page
Normal Eyte 5:6, p.41
10/26/1895 Defends the usefulness of the Student Battalion in the face of some criticism.
125 The examinations for officers
Normal Eyte 5:5, p.38
10/19/1895 Cadets awaiting results.
126 Military officers
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.598
6/19/1895 Group photo; photo.
127 The exhibition drills
Normal Eyte 4:36, p.566
6/19/1895 Over one thousand, including the Governor, witness the drills; Company C wins award.
128 Commencement announcement
Normal Eyte 4:35, p.555
6/8/1895 Program for the ceremony.
129 The annual military inspection
Normal Eyte 4:34, p.538
6/1/1895 Colonel Broom conducts inspection.
130 The regular inspection of the military battalion
Normal Eyte 4:34, p.533
6/1/1895 Went well despite very hot and windy conditions; band in good shape.
131 There were only three men absent
Normal Eyte 4:34, p.538
6/1/1895 Student Battalion inspection went well.
132 Inspection of the cadet battalion
Normal Eyte 4:33, p.523
5/25/1895 Preparing for Memorial Day program.
133 Considerable interest is being awakened
Normal Eyte 4:31, p.486
5/11/1895 Philos will play Aristos, Company A will play Company C in baseball.
134 When the student came into chapel Tuesday
Normal Eyte 4:31, p.490
5/11/1895 Major Dinwiddie back; President Seerley had been drilling the battalion.
135 Maj. Dinwiddie
Normal Eyte 4:27, p.427
4/13/1895 Went to Chicago for medical treatment; President Seerley will be in charge of drill.
136 No doubt
Normal Eyte 4:24, p.380
3/16/1895 Warm weather means that cadets can drill outdoors.
137 A special meeting
Normal Eyte 4:21, p.325
2/23/1895 Board of Directors met to arrange for an additional fifty rifles for the Student Battalion; 230 cadets now on rolls.
138 Military Department
Normal Eyte 4:16, p.251
1/19/1895 Full ranks for winter term; two companies will drill on Monday and two on Wednesday.
139 The following appointments
Normal Eyte 4:16, p.246
1/19/1895 Student battalion appointments.
140 Hereafter there will be an annual competitive drill
Normal Eyte 4:14, p.214
1/5/1895 Student battalion companies will compete for GAR prize.
141 School Directory
College Eye 4:11, p.169
11/24/1894 Roster of organizations and officers.
142 None of the S. N. S. boys
Normal Eyte 4:8, p.123
11/3/1894 Drill dismissed for most so that they could attend rally in Waterloo.
143 The following are the appointments
Normal Eyte 4:8, p.121
11/3/1894 Roster of officers of student battalion.
144 Sixty-eight new uniforms
Normal Eyte 4:5, p.76
10/13/1894 Student Battalion uniforms will be in use; band members will have special designation.
145 The battalion is in better shape
Normal Eyte 4:3, p.43
9/29/1894 185 men now in battalion.
146 School Directory
Normal Eyte 4:1, p.9
9/15/1894 Roster of student organizations and their officers.
147 The drill
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.285
6/23/1894 Student Battalion presents long drill for Commencement crowd; Governor Jackson attends.
148 As usual the S. N. S. battalion
Normal Eyte 3:35, p.280
6/2/1894 Participates in Memorial Day parade to Opera House; performs forty minute drill exhibition.
149 On Memorial Day
Normal Eyte 3:35, p.278
6/2/1894 No recitations held; student battalion and many students joined GAR for memorial service.
150 On Decoration Day
Normal Eyte 3:34, p.267
5/26/1894 Cadets will form up at West Side School.


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