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351 Points lack right principle
College Eye 32:17, p.2
1/24/1941 ISTC student expresses opinion on effectiveness of the point system.
352 Today's Hyde Park; the point system has failed
College Eye 32:10, p.2
11/15/1940 Point system used for extracurricular activities has proven to be ineffective.
353 Mrs. Hart advises group leaders
College Eye 32:6, p.3
10/18/1940 Leads discussion on student organizations.
354 Mrs. Hart aids campus leaders
College Eye 32:4, p.3
10/4/1940 Will hold leadership discussion.
355 Campus leaders to be instructed
College Eye 31:31, p.1
5/10/1940 Student Council will hold classes for student organization officers.
356 Latham addresses honorary groups
College Eye 31:30, p.1
5/3/1940 May form council of honorary societies.
College Eye 31:22, p.2
3/1/1940 Announces that student organizations must turn in their files to the Dean of Women.
358 Speaking Frankly
Dennis--Lawrence Edward (Class of 1940)
College Eye 31:9, p.2
11/10/1939 Questions the right of the college to limit participation in student organizations via a point system.
359 Latham fetes 150 leaders at dinner
College Eye 31:4, p.1
10/6/1939 AT eleventh annual dinner for campus leaders.
360 Judge will discuss leadership
College Eye 31:3, p.1
9/29/1939 Judge Ben Butler will speak to President Latham's dinner for student leaders.
361 Amen, Dr. Beard
College Eye 30:7, p.2
10/21/1938 Beard expresses points in a talk to the members of the Women's League executive council; points out shortcomings of student organizations.
362 School of instruction challenges officers to make most of duties
College Eye 30:7, p.5
10/21/1938 Student leaders learn about leadership.
363 Organizations' officers hold meeting
College Eye 30:6, p.1
10/14/1938 Student Council will assist organizational officers.
364 Campus leaders honored
College Eye 30:4, p.2
9/30/1938 List of those who were honored at recent dinner.
365 Dr. Latham receives tribute; over 100 present at dinner
College Eye 30:4, p.1
9/30/1938 Speaks at meeting for student organization leaders; surprise by tribute.
366 Latham to be host to leaders; tenth annual banquet
College Eye 30:3, p.1
9/23/1938 For campus leaders.
367 Activities assembly scheduled
College Eye 30:1, p.1
9/2/1938 Purpose of assembly is to inform freshmen about student organizations.
368 Students offered twenty honor organizations
College Eye 30:1, p.5
369 Council hears pro and con of charter movement
College Eye 29:32, p.2
5/13/1938 Lengthy discussion on recommendation for chartering student organizations.
370 Charters---no!
Hartlieb--Randall Worth (Class of 1938)
College Eye 29:28, p.2
4/15/1938 Believes that charters for student organizations are a bad idea.
371 Fundamentally good, diplomatically poor!
Robinson--Lee C.--Jr. (Student--1937)
College Eye 29:28, p.2
4/15/1938 Argues in favor of the chartering of student organizations.
372 To the student organizations
College Eye 29:28, p.2
4/15/1938 Explains why the Student Council is in favor of student organization charters.
373 Cogitations
Jordan--James R. (Class of 1939)
College Eye 29:7, p.1
10/22/1937 Encourages students to make the most of their time at the Teachers College; President Latham spoke to student leaders.
374 Fete campus leaders at dinner Wednesday; executives of student organizations attend
College Eye 29:7, p.1
10/22/1937 List of those invited to President Latham's address to student leaders.
375 Thanks!
College Eye 29:5, p.8
10/8/1937 Student organizations thank local merchants for their support of transportation to the Grinnell football game.
376 Man the--(Rho)--boats!!
College Eye 29:4, p.1
10/1/1937 Comments on the lack of school spirit displayed by the student body and its organizations.
377 Council starts drive against "dead wood" clubs and societies
College Eye 28:23, p.1
3/12/1937 Will survey to find out which organizations are alive and which are dead.
378 Campus leaders hear Dr. Bosley at final meeting
College Eye 28:10, p.5
11/13/1936 Speaks on duties and responsibilities.
379 Student for student
College Eye 28:10, p.2
11/13/1936 Students seem to be taking on more responsibilities for activities that affect them.
380 Campus leaders hear Dr. Robinson
College Eye 28:9, p.2
11/6/1936 George Robinson discusses parliamentary procedure.
381 Campus leaders hear plans for training course
College Eye 28:7, p.1
10/23/1936 Dinner with President Latham was first event of the course.
382 These were some of Dr. Latham's guests
College Eye 28:7, p.1
10/23/1936 Student leaders discuss plans for the future with President Latham over dinner; photo.
383 President Latham will be host to campus leaders at annual banquet
College Eye 28:6, p.1
10/16/1936 Representatives of campus organizations will attend; part of series of meetings with campus leaders..
384 Council committee announces plans for activities program
College Eye 28:1, p.1
9/8/1936 Student Council will provide orientation to extracurricular activities and organizations.
385 Handbook, edited by Schmidt, is issued
College Eye 28:1, p.4
9/8/1936 Student handbook includes information about organizations and activities.
386 Students limit activities
Alumnus 20:3, p.3
7/1/1936 Students may hold one major and two minor organization offices; experiment with optional class attendance in several classes.
387 Recognition will be given to honorary organization members next Wednesday; Nelson, Suter, Graber will address student body at assembly
College Eye 27:42, p.1
5/8/1936 At Recognition Day assembly.
388 They did it, now our turn has come
College Eye 27:37, p.2
4/3/1936 Claims that better student leadership of organizations should be the result of the decision to limit the number of offices that can be held by one student.
389 Think before you vote
College Eye 27:34, p.2
3/13/1936 Encourages students to vote for student organization candidates on the basis of merit rather than on the basis of popularity.
390 Why vegetate?
College Eye 27:30, p.2
2/7/1936 Encourages students to get involved in student organizations because of the numerous benefits they would receive.
391 "Talk football" president tells campus leaders
College Eye 27:15, p.1
10/4/1935 President Latham believes football is "a symbol of the spirit of an institution".
392 Campus leaders to be guests at dinner
College Eye 27:14, p.1
9/27/1935 Will emphasize contribution of extracurricular activities to college life.
393 Etiquette of teas will be presented to advisory groups
College Eye 27:13, p.3
9/20/1935 Groups will learn how to present a tea.
394 "Will supervision always be with us?" student inquires
College Eye 26:29, p.2
2/1/1935 Student believes that campus organizations such as the Student Council need less supervision and interference from faculty.
395 Latham fetes campus leaders at annual dinner
College Eye 26:16, p.1
10/12/1934 Gayle Howe summarizes changes in the school over the last ten years.
396 Latham will be host at campus leaders' dinner
College Eye 26:15, p.1
10/5/1934 One hundred student organization representatives will attend.
397 Approximately 100 presidents and representatives of student organizations will be guests at the fifth annual Campus Leaders' dinner
Public Relations News Release 1934:614, p.1
9/30/1934 Program for the event.
398 Leadership dinner will be October 10
College Eye 26:13, p.1
9/21/1934 For leaders of student organizations.
399 Campus leaders dinner to be a major event; social education leader is featured speaker October 3
College Eye 25:14, p.1
9/29/1933 Thyrus W. Amos will speak; program for the dinner.
400 Societies, honor fraternities are listed among campus activities; 'Eye' compiles resume of organizations on campus
College Eye 25:11, p.3
8/18/1933 List of departmental clubs, literary societies, honorary societies, and religious clubs.


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