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1 Co-curricular transcript?
Crane--Ryan P. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 100:4, p.1
9/12/2003 Students and instructors are developing a resume and a verified record of co-curricular activities online for students to release with their transcript.
2 UNI wins electronic standards council award
Public Relations News Release 2000:406, p.1
5/9/2001 The award is given for the university's electronic transcript transmittal program.
3 Did you know?
Campus News Network 11:15, p.1
2/20/2001 Directory information can be posted and viewed without consent.
4 Electronic transcripts now available
Northern Iowa Today 29:1, p.2
9/1/2000 Phil Patton talks about the system that allows electronic transfer for high school transcripts.
5 UNI able to accept student transcripts electronically
Northern Iowan 97:2, p.5
8/29/2000 Iowa becomes the third state that can electronically send student transcripts.
6 Transcripts movin' at light speed
Campus News Network 11:2, p.2
8/14/2000 UNI has developed an electronic transmittal program for high school transcripts. It is the first public university to do so.
7 UNI announces first-in-state electronic transcript program to speed application process
Public Relations News Release 2000:29, p.1
8/1/2000 Transcripts from Des Moines high schools are now sent to UNI electronically.
8 Tattletale colleges cause controversy among students across the nation
Northern Iowan 96:19, p.4
11/2/1999 With amendment to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, many colleges will report students' alcohol or drug violations, plagiarism attempts, and other policy violations to parents.
9 UNI a national pacesetter in electronic transfer of documents
Public Relations News Release 1999:6, p.1
7/26/1999 Registrar Phillip Patton talks about the advent of electronic transfer of transcripts.
10 UNI once again sets the standard
Northern Iowa Today 83:2, p.16
7/1/1999 Able to send and receive transcripts electronically.
11 UNI breaking new ground in transcript transfers
Campus News Network 9:15, p.1
3/22/1999 EDI Bridge Project allows students' transcripts to be transferred electronically from other institutions, greatly decreasing processing time in Admissions Office; UNI is in top 10 in nation in number of transcripts transferred per month.
12 Ex-team member still included on team GPA
Mailander--Christopher J.
Northern Iowan 86:54, p.2
4/20/1990 Has not participated in athletics for two years, yet he was named to the conference academic team.
13 Grade posting enforced policy at university
Northern Iowan 85:16, p.5
10/21/1988 Phil Patton talks about appropriate ways to post grades.
14 Improved student record to be used this semester
Northern Iowan 84:14, p.3
10/13/1987 Degree audit and advisement report will offer student the information they want.
15 Proposal lacks compassion
Northern Iowan 82:27, p.2
12/13/1985 Gives reasons why students may not do well in class.
16 Withdrawal policy considered
Benning--Linda (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 82:26, p.1
12/10/1985 EPC hears arguments for and against reduction of time allowed to add or drop a class.
17 Austin proposes policy
Goodwin--Valerie (Student--1985)
Northern Iowan 82:14, p.7
10/22/1985 Policy change would reduce time for adding and dropping courses; referred to EPC.
18 Petition opposed
Benning--Linda (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 82:11, p.1
10/8/1985 Students oppose proposal that would reduce time to add or drop classes.
19 Austin circulates petition
Northern Iowan 82:6, p.1
9/20/1985 Proposal would shorten the time during which students could add or drop classes.
20 New transcript procedure
Northern Iowan 78:4, p.4
9/11/1981 Registrar will no longer issue unofficial transcripts.
21 Students say rights violated
Armstrong--Kathryn R. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 78:1, p.1
8/28/1981 Two students file complaint because their grade point averages were apparently released to ROTC officials in connection with a scholarship offer.
22 Personal records available to students
Public Relations News Release 77:22, p.6
11/21/1980 A look at students' rights to their records.
23 More information on UNI's writing hold system
King--Wayne A. (Academic Achievement Staff)
Northern Iowan 75:25, p.2
12/5/1978 Wayne King tries to explain a little more about the writing hold system.
24 Writing competency, writing hold: confusion
Northern Iowan 75:22, p.6
11/17/1978 Attempt to distinguish the competency exam from the writing hold.
25 Writing hold origin a mystery
Northern Iowan 75:22, p.6
11/17/1978 Staff speculate on origin of the "hold"; seems to have been in place for some time, but no one is sure of when it was established.
26 Students' privacy not adequately safeguarded; ISPIRG questions Buckley Amendment
Le Beau--Carol
Northern Iowan 71:45, p.1
3/25/1975 President Kamerick appoints committee to develop policy regarding student records.
27 Transcript rule upheld by Regents
Northern Iowan 71:44, p.1
3/21/1975 Regents will continue to withhold transcripts if students have unpaid bills.
28 UNISA gets hearing with Regents; attorney general transmits petition
Freiberg--Karen (Class of 1974)
Northern Iowan 71:35, p.1
2/7/1975 Paul Kilmer will press case on issue of UNI withholding transcripts when fees are unpaid.
29 Buckley amendment clarified
Alumnus 60:1, p.17
2/1/1975 Further legislation outlines rights with more specificity.
30 Buckley Amendment: confusion mars interpretation
Alumnus 60:1, p.13
2/1/1975 Officials try to understand implications and effects of federal law relating to student records.
31 UNISA petitions attorney general
Freiberg--Karen (Class of 1974)
Northern Iowan 71:29, p.1
1/17/1975 Paul Kilmer sends petition to allow students access to transcripts even if they have outstanding fines; petition rejected.
32 Board of Regents and transcript office are out to rip you off?
Davis--Craig B.
Northern Iowan 71:26, p.3
12/6/1974 Unhappy with $2 charge for transcripts.
33 Students gain access to records; Buckley amendment takes effect
Le Beau--Carol
Northern Iowan 71:24, p.1
11/22/1974 Administrators explore meaning and effects of new law.
34 Solicitors beware
Northern Iowan 70:26, p.2
1/8/1974 UNI will continue policy of not providing information about students to private companies.
35 Policy?
Northern Iowan 69:36, p.2
2/27/1973 Rebuffed in attempt to see his placement file.
36 Is withholding grades unconstitutional?; possible landmark case in legal action
Niceswanger--Alan Lowell (Class of 1974)
Northern Iowan 69:30, p.8
2/6/1973 Interview with student who has outstanding bills.
37 Rights and transcripts
Wiarda--Stephen R.
Northern Iowan 69:9, p.2
10/13/1972 Finds transcript easy to obtain; believes there might be a need for greater security.
38 Statement on student rights drawn up
Northern Iowan 67:18, p.1
11/17/1970 Text of statement dealing with various rights.
39 Effective student government is essential for better life
Northern Iowan 66:38, p.4
2/27/1970 Carol Philp outlines those areas which need special attention including women's hours, bookstores, student fees, and student files.
40 Student files discussed; forum
Northern Iowan 66:15, p.1
10/28/1969 Discuss matters relating to confidentiality of files; also consider value and privacy of peer evaluation.
41 Records policy announced; on forum agenda
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.7
10/21/1969 UNI policy on release of student records.
42 To discuss student records
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.6
10/21/1969 Dean Voldseth will discuss confidentiality and student rights.
43 University policy on information to selective service
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.1
10/21/1969 Registrar issues statement.
44 Racial-ethnic form
Northern Iowan 65:50, p.4
4/15/1969 Students will be asked to fill out form noting racial and ethnic background.
45 Confidentiality of student records
Northern Iowan 65:25, p.4
12/6/1968 Statement of university policy.
46 The right to be wise
Northern Iowan 65:25, p.2
12/6/1968 Statement on confidentiality of student records is one part of movement to involve students in their own education.
47 Last day to drop course
College Eye 63:38, p.4
48 Friday is last day to drop, add courses
College Eye 63:32, p.8
49 Requirements are changed for deferment eligibility
College Eye 63:20, p.1
11/22/1966 List of draft guidelines.
50 Give policy on sending transcripts to draft boards
College Eye 63:18, p.1
11/15/1966 Requirements are given for deferments from the draft.


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