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601 Backstage workers are 'unsung heroes'
Northern Iowan 78:41, p.8
3/9/1982 Detailed look at the backstage work for "Loose Ends".
602 Tickets left for 'Loose Ends'
Northern Iowan 78:40, p.13
3/5/1982 Play preview.
603 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:40, p.6
3/5/1982 Meetings and activities.
604 Post-play discussions planned
Northern Iowan 78:39, p.9
3/2/1982 In conjunction with "Loose Ends".
605 Theater students vie for positions
Northern Iowan 78:39, p.9
3/2/1982 Six students will compete at national level; photo.
606 Children's play starts tour
Northern Iowan 78:38, p.13
2/26/1982 Will tour with "The People Express".
607 Upcoming UNI play significant for students
Northern Iowan 78:37, p.10
2/23/1982 Thomas Carlisle talks at length about "Loose Ends".
608 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:37, p.5
2/23/1982 Meetings and activities; Edward Amend will speak; Regent's Summer Program.
609 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:36, p.3
2/19/1982 Meetings and activities; Culture of the Ghetto spring break trip.
610 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:34, p.6
2/12/1982 Meetings and activities; Sweetheart Ball; Women's Student Association; SAMLE.
611 Sixties drama is next UNI production
Northern Iowan 78:33, p.8
2/9/1982 Tom Carlisle announces cast for "Loose Ends".
612 Theatre UNI director resigns
Alumnus 66:1, p.10
2/1/1982 Professor Williams resigns effective January 1.
613 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:29, p.5
1/26/1982 Meetings and activities; SAMLE; laPIRG; "Dave Toma on Drugs and Alcohol"; Philosophy and Religion Lecture; Personal Awareness and Assertion Group.
614 Attend theater workshops
Northern Iowan 78:28, p.14
1/22/1982 Regional theater group will be on campus.
615 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:28, p.4
1/22/1982 Meetings and activities; Rails to Trails; Philosophy and Religion Lecture; Project W.O.W.
616 Auditions for 'Street Scene' held tonight
Northern Iowan 78:27, p.11
1/19/1982 John Pape will hold auditions.
617 Four plays coming to compete in ACTF
Northern Iowan 78:27, p.8
1/19/1982 Theatre UNI will host regional competition; photo.
618 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:27, p.5
1/19/1982 Meetings and activites; Car-Pooling; Rails to Trails; Project W.O.W.
619 Hands behind your back
Northern Iowan 78:26, p.13
12/11/1981 The production of 'Much Ado About Nothing' is a success; photo.
620 Kelley wins award
Northern Iowan 78:26, p.15
12/11/1981 Gary Kelley wins national award for Theatre UNI poster.
621 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:26, p.5
12/11/1981 Meetings and activities; Laser Photo/Crystal Prism Sale; Mesa Espanola; Recreation Majors.
622 'Much Ado' is 'well-integrated'
Northern Iowan 78:25, p.12
12/8/1981 A review of the performance "Much Ado About Nothing"; photo.
623 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:25, p.4
12/8/1981 Meetings and activities.
624 Theatre UNI looking for flappers
Northern Iowan 78:24, p.14
12/4/1981 Will present "Much Ado About Nothing" in 1920s costume; photo.
625 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:24, p.6
12/4/1981 Meetings and activities; Southern Illinois University Law School Representative; Ukranian Egg Creation mini-course; Mesa Espanola; Seminar in Religion Panel Discussion; Vocational Rehabilitation questionnaire.
626 Jagim creates a world
Northern Iowan 78:23, p.9
11/24/1981 Jay Jagim talks about design work for "Much Ado About Nothing".
627 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:22, p.5
11/20/1981 Meetings and activities; Cultural Center; Mesa Espanola.
628 Cast announced for December play
Northern Iowan 78:21, p.15
11/17/1981 Ken Risch talks about the production of "Much Ado About Nothing".
629 'Arkansaw Bear' delivers point
Northern Iowan 78:20, p.11
11/13/1981 A review of Theatre UNI's production, 'The Arkansaw Bear'; photo.
630 Children explore death
Northern Iowan 78:19, p.9
11/10/1981 The Theatre UNI young people's production of "The Arkansaw Bear" allows children to deal with the subject of death.
631 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:19, p.6
11/10/1981 Meetings and activities; CPR Instructor Course; Grant Price will speak.
632 Cheer up, Tish . . .
Northern Iowan 78:18, p.16
11/6/1981 Two actors practice their lines for the upcoming production of "The Arkansaw Bear"; photo.
633 Gary Kelley uses Sarah for theater poster theme
Oakes--William D. (Class of 1983)
Northern Iowan 78:18, p.14
11/6/1981 Artist Gary Kelley illustrated this year's Theatre UNI/Lyric Theatre poster. The poster won the New York Illustrator's Society gold medal; photo.
634 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:18, p.5
11/6/1981 Meetings and activities; Waterloo Recreation and Arts Center; Mesa Espanola.
635 'Bear' tickets now on sale
Northern Iowan 78:16, p.13
10/30/1981 Tickets are now on sale for Theatre UNI's production of "Arkansaw Bear".
636 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:15, p.7
10/27/1981 Meetings and activities; SAMLE; Waterloo Jaycees; "End the Arms Race Marathon II"; Oriental Print Sale; "Take Back the Night" March; Cultural House.
637 Production of 'Arkansaw Bear' explains dying to young children
Northern Iowan 78:14, p.15
10/23/1981 Theatre UNI will perform "Arkansaw Bear" as its young people's production.
638 'Candide'--no small effort
Meek--Lori L. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 78:13, p.8
10/13/1981 A review of the play 'Candide'; photo.
639 'Translation successful'
Northern Iowan 78:13, p.9
10/13/1981 A discussion of Theatre UNI's production of 'Candide' was broadcast on KUNI/KHKE.
640 ACTF coming to UNI
Northern Iowan 78:13, p.9
10/13/1981 Theatre UNI will host the American College Theatre Festival this January.
641 Theatre director hired
Northern Iowan 78:13, p.6
10/13/1981 Jay Edelnant has been appointed acting director of theatre. He is replacing D. Terry Williams who left UNI to join the faculty at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo.
642 'Candide' opening
Northern Iowan 78:11, p.12
10/6/1981 The Theatre UNI/Lyric Theatre production of "Candide" will open this Thursday; photo.
643 Musical tickets here
Northern Iowan 78:10, p.14
10/2/1981 Theatre UNI and the Lyric Theatre will present the musical "Candide". Tickets are now available.
644 Theatre UNI offers wide variety this season
Northern Iowan 78:2, p.6
645 What's up
Northern Iowan 78:1, p.4
8/28/1981 Meetings and activities; Personal Awareness and Assertion Group; Women's Support Group Meeting; REO Speedwagon will perform; Old Creamery Theatre; Performance of "Spoon River Revisited".
646 'Grease' has potential
Northern Iowan 77:61, p.3
7/24/1981 Review of the UNI production of "Grease."
647 Cast named for upcoming musical
Northern Iowan 77:60, p.3
7/17/1981 Lis of cast for "Grease!"
648 What's up
Northern Iowan 77:60, p.2
7/17/1981 Meetings and activities; Old Creamery Theatre.
649 Williams leaving in '82
Northern Iowan 77:60, p.3
7/17/1981 D. Terry Williams will go to Western Michigan University.
650 Extra 'Grease' show added
Northern Iowan 77:59, p.3


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