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151 Untitled
Lambertsen--Terri Lynn (Class of 1987)
Northern Iowan 82:6, p.3
9/20/1985 Feels the bookstore is selling books at unfair prices.
152 Group wants to offer alternative to students
Northern Iowan 81:27, p.1
12/14/1984 Gary Bridgewater talks at length about the prospects for a student-run bookstore; photo.
153 Does UNI need an alternative? First of two parts
Northern Iowan 81:26, p.1
12/11/1984 The ongoing controversy of whether or not UNI needs a second bookstore; a history of efforts to consider another bookstore; some efforts currently underway.
154 Should books be saved for Tomahawk?
Northern Iowan 81:26, p.4
12/11/1984 Tomahawk books makes a list of books that students need for each class, in order to provide a competitive price.
155 Book theft measures implemented
Feld--Ann Marie
Northern Iowan 80:54, p.3
4/24/1984 UBS outlines new procedures to protect against theft.
156 Book security introduced
Northern Iowan 80:21, p.7
11/11/1983 Security Office will mark books with invisible ink; UBS will work with office when stolen books appear.
157 The University Owned Bookstore "The Dead Issue" Part II
Northern Iowan 79:48, p.3
4/12/1983 Renting books is not a solution.
158 KCRS funding amended
Robst--Elizabeth L. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 79:42, p.3
3/11/1983 Also discuss bookstore boycott.
159 Book store prices cause depression
Northern Iowan 79:29, p.2
1/25/1983 Student believes University Book and Supply is over-priced.
160 Publisher error leads to pricing controversy
Northern Iowan 79:9, p.1
9/28/1982 Robert Beach explains UBS pricing policy.
161 Bookstore misinformed, students overcharged
Kornfeld. A. F.
Northern Iowan 79:8, p.2
9/24/1982 Author claims that a computer glitch caused students to be overcharged for a textbook.
162 Beach told to reevaluate
Northern Iowan 79:5, p.2
9/14/1982 Author rebuts a previous letter about political contributions.
163 Bookstore questioned
Nelson--Gary G.
Northern Iowan 79:5, p.2
9/14/1982 Student feels that, due to the high costs of books and merchandise, the current bookstore does more harm to the students and university than good.
164 Viewpoint
Northern Iowan 79:5, p.2
9/14/1982 Author feels that many books at UBS cost double the published price, and he calls for student support of a University operated store.
165 Store owner clears record
Beach--Robert L. (Class of 1951)
Northern Iowan 79:4, p.2
9/10/1982 Bookstore president refutes campaign contribution statements made by a current campaigning politician.
166 Bus vanishes
Beach--Robert L. (Class of 1951)
Northern Iowan 78:45, p.9
4/2/1982 History of the UBS double-decker bus; photo.
Hantula--Tim (Class of 1985)
Northern Iowan 78:44, p.2
3/30/1982 Uncle Sam is compared to University Book & Supply and Gilchrist Hall as potential enemies of students.
168 It's beginning to look . . .
Holley--Charles E. (Class of 1984)
Northern Iowan 78:26, p.11
12/11/1981 A display in the University Book and Supply exudes the Christmas spirit; photo.
169 Bookstore prices 'comparable'
Northern Iowan 77:40, p.5
3/10/1981 Bob Beach talks about UBS policies and procedures.
170 Album sales unaffected by inflation
Benning--Carol (Student--1984)
Northern Iowan 77:37, p.12
2/27/1981 Local store managers talk about sales.
171 Flipping the discs
Northern Iowan 77:27, p.4
1/23/1981 Jesse Ford looks at albums at University Book and Supply; photo.
172 Discussion on bookstore pricing
Northern Iowan 77:24, p.2
12/5/1980 Believes University Book and Supply's prices and policies are comparable to those of other bookstores.
173 Pricing policies consistent
Northern Iowan 77:24, p.10
12/5/1980 Robert Beach talks about the pricing policy at UBS.
174 Senate scene
Northern Iowan 77:18, p.3
11/7/1980 Considers proposed changes in book return policy at UBS.
175 Where's the bargain basement?
Northern Iowan 76:27, p.1
1/18/1980 Students picking out their books at the university bookstore; photo.
176 Shoplifting: game of cat-and-mouse
Cahill--Mary E. (Class of 1981)
Northern Iowan 75:26, p.7
12/8/1978 Police and local store owners talk about their experiences and the consequences of theft.
177 Evaluation complete; sent to Regents
Northern Iowan 75:9, p.10
9/29/1978 Paul Rider speaks briefly about the evaluation of President Kamerick and Provost Martin; Senate takes no action on proposal to establish bookstore advisory committee.
178 Relates U B and S experience
Schwartz--Jane K. Sherwin (Modern Languages Faculty)
Northern Iowan 74:45, p.2
3/21/1978 Professor has difficulty in getting textbooks for her class; orders from another supplier.
179 UNISA begins budget work; considers bookstore committee
Northern Iowan 74:45, p.7
3/21/1978 May consider bookstore grievance committee; begin allocations to student organizations.
180 Porno mags: booming business at UNI
Northern Iowan 74:37, p.7
2/10/1978 Local retailers talk about sales of magazines that could be considered pornographic; photo.
181 Investigation of book store underway
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:36, p.8
2/7/1978 University Book and Supply is under investigation by UNISA; comparing prices with those of other bookstores..
182 Bookstore blues
Northern Iowan 74:29, p.7
1/13/1978 Students wait in line at the bookstore; photo.
183 Timothy Mouse and the Earl of Greed
Volk--Stephen M. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:24, p.2
11/22/1977 A quaint tale about the prices at the bookstore.
184 Still too many questions
Northern Iowan 74:16, p.3
10/25/1977 Does not believe recent letter had all the answers on prices at UBS.
185 And a word from the president
Northern Iowan 74:15, p.3
10/21/1977 Janet Callahan says that UNISA has no proof that UBS is overcharging students for books.
186 And now a word from the sponsors
Northern Iowan 74:15, p.3
10/21/1977 Doyle Crom thanks those who participated in the demonstration against UBS; suggests methods for further action.
187 Blame the professors, too: They aren't aware of current prices
Widger--Barbara (Student--1977)
Northern Iowan 74:15, p.3
10/21/1977 Believes faculty should check on book prices before ordering them for their classes.
188 Students not overcharged: Spoke with Beach, and found the facts
Thostenson--Lester Alan (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 74:15, p.2
10/21/1977 Student reports on his extended conversation with Robert Beach of UBS.
189 Untitled
Northern Iowan 74:15, p.3
10/21/1977 Student protest at University Book and Supply should include shoplifting.
190 Chilly protestor
Coleman--Duff A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:14, p.8
10/18/1977 Professor Morgan braves the cold and protests with the students for lower prices on books; photo.
191 Protest rally at book store
Vorman--Julie A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:14, p.1
10/18/1977 About two hundred students and several faculty protest UBS policies; march to store; photo.
192 Reminiscent of 1968
Coleman--Duff A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:14, p.1
10/18/1977 Students gathering on the top of the Union to protest the high prices for books at University Book and Supply; photo.
193 Beach replies to charges
Beach--Robert L. (Class of 1951)
Northern Iowan 74:13, p.2
10/14/1977 Mr. Beach states that his store does not keep a master list of all textbooks; explains that the textbook business is a complex and expensive process.
194 Off the Record
Northern Iowan 74:13, p.3
10/14/1977 Fashion trends; applauds UNISA for taking time over bookstore consideration.
195 Rally Thursday at 3 p.m. on text pricing by UBS
Northern Iowan 74:12, p.1
10/11/1977 Group will meet on top of Union and march to the bookstore with a list of questions.
196 Senate rules to end "unique privileges"
Northern Iowan 74:9, p.6
9/30/1977 List of textbooks will be made available to any local bookstore.
197 Special UNISA session needed on general ed
Northern Iowan 74:8, p.6
9/27/1977 Also considering faculty evaluation; appointments announced.
198 Monday Book, Supply action
De Nault--Kenneth J. (Earth Science Faculty)
Northern Iowan 74:7, p.2
9/23/1977 Faculty Senate will consider the university's relationship with UBS.
199 Scholarships
Northern Iowan 74:1, p.9
8/30/1977 Four UNI students to receive scholarships from J.S. Latta and Grace Foundation and University Book & Supply.
200 Will textbooks get cheaper?; comments by University Book executive
Northern Iowan 73:2, p.4
9/3/1976 Bob Beach outlines views on textbooks.


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