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201 April Moratorium plans Cedar River "tea party"
Northern Iowan 66:48, p.1
4/14/1970 Will re-enact Revolutionary War event.
202 Mass. legislature passes bold new anti Vietnam law
Sparks--David G. (Finance Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:45, p.12
4/3/1970 Governor unlikely to sign bill which would keep Massachusetts citizens from serving in Viet Nam.
203 Footnote No. Eight: explanatory
UNI Quarterly 1:3, p.45
4/1/1970 Reasons for US involvement in Viet Nam; photo.
204 NSA not representative of American student opinion
Lytle--Peter C. (Class of 1972)
Public Relations News Release 66:43, p.3
3/17/1970 Presents excerpts from recent VFW newsletter.
205 Hypocrite #1 The Militant Peace-Freak
Northern Iowan 66:41, p.5
3/10/1970 Hypocrite wants peace . . . or else.
206 Moratorium plans set
Northern Iowan 66:38, p.2
2/27/1970 Outlines general background and position of Moratorium organizers.
207 Campus Warfare
Northern Iowan 66:36, p.2
2/20/1970 U. S. Army recruiters and peace protestors battle on Northern Iowa's campus.
208 Untitled
Northern Iowan 66:36, p.3
2/20/1970 19 year old is too young to vote and drink, but he can fight in Viet Nam.
209 The Reader's choice about Vietnam
Northern Iowan 66:33, p.3
2/10/1970 Outlines reasons for American involvement in Viet Nam War.
210 STOP resumes anti-war work
Northern Iowan 66:30, p.1
1/30/1970 Will begin plans for fifth Moratorium; photo.
211 Blocks to build with!
Public Relations News Release 66:27, p.2
12/16/1969 Blocks spell the word "peace".
212 Peace on Earth
Northern Iowan 66:26, p.1
12/12/1969 Moratorium memorial service for war dead.
213 December Moratorium will stress celebration of life
Northern Iowan 66:25, p.1
12/9/1969 Music Department will present happening.
214 Military must explain
Thies--Brian (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 66:25, p.2
12/9/1969 Asks for fuller explanation of My Lai incident.
215 My Lai and other incidents; a question of morality
Roberts--Ronald Edward (Sociology Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:24, p.3
12/5/1969 Professor Roberts outlines his beliefs on the racial basis of the Viet Nam War.
216 Don't want support of "silent majority"
Northern Iowan 66:23, p.2
11/25/1969 Letter from soldiers in Viet Nam outlines position on Moratorium.
217 Moratorium must broaden perspective
Morgan--Carol E. (History Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:23, p.3
11/25/1969 Analyzes Moratorium.
218 Iowan not fostering responsible approach
Smith--James E.
Northern Iowan 66:21, p.2
11/18/1969 Believes Northern Iowan needs to consider whole picture.
219 Marchers manifest commitment
Wherry--Peg (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 66:21, p.5
11/18/1969 Report on November Moratorium march; photo.
220 Moratorium aims to inform
Sparks--David G. (Finance Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:21, p.1
11/18/1969 Four hundred participate in march; one hundred participate in teach-in; photo.
221 End the war!
Northern Iowan 66:20, p.1
222 Peace
Thies--Brian (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 66:20, p.2
11/14/1969 Need to unite for peace.
223 Statements need proof
Stary--Joan (Class of 1970)
Northern Iowan 66:20, p.3
11/14/1969 Critical of recent analysis of Nixon speech.
224 Asks for support
Northern Iowan 66:19, p.2
11/11/1969 Outlines ways to support American soldiers in Viet Nam.
225 Moratorium efforts will unite community for peace
Sparks--David G. (Finance Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:19, p.4
11/11/1969 Activities for November Moratorium.
226 Campus Personality #10 The Marine Recruiter
Northern Iowan 66:18, p.2
11/7/1969 Be a man and join the Marines.
227 Need patriotism not passiveness
Thies--Brian (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 66:18, p.2
11/7/1969 Critical of President Nixon's current plan for peace.
228 Nixon's war: the illusion of Vietnamization
Northern Iowan 66:18, p.3
11/7/1969 Moratorium group's response to President Nixon's proposal.
229 Plan November moratorium
Northern Iowan 66:18, p.1
11/7/1969 Outline of plans.
230 Questions why Nixon spoke
Knievel--William R. (Psychology Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:18, p.4
11/7/1969 Believes President Nixon had little new to say.
231 UNI vets for peace
Northern Iowan 66:18, p.5
232 Feature "Vietnam read-in"
Northern Iowan 66:17, p.8
11/4/1969 Oral interpretation students will read selections .
233 Campus Personality #8 The Conservative Liberal
Northern Iowan 66:14, p.2
10/24/1969 Hair is long enough to be a liberal, short enough to be "unradical".
234 Urges new goal for demonstrators
Hall--Daniel T.
Northern Iowan 66:14, p.2
10/24/1969 Believes efforts should refocus on draft so that only volunteers would be involved in the fighting.
235 State Vietnam Moratorium Headquarters Located with UNI Group
Public Relations News Release 1969:94, p.1
10/22/1969 Change in location from Iowa State University.
236 Draft counseling
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.9
237 Lauds early radicals
Ogden--Tony (Student--1971)
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.3
10/21/1969 Praises those who spoke up against Viet Nam War several years ago.
238 Moratorium commended, dialog continues
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.3
10/21/1969 Points out values of Moratorium.
239 Need more Vietnam education
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.3
10/21/1969 Critical of awareness level of students.
240 Should live freedom
Stamp--Keith L. (Classes of 1972--1975--1979 and 1994)
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.3
10/21/1969 Believes dialogues should continue.
241 U.S. has reason for its involvement in Vietnam
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.3
10/21/1969 Believes US is fighting in Viet Nam to assure choice in government.
242 UNI vets for peace
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.12
10/21/1969 Seeks peaceful solutions.
243 University policy on information to selective service
Northern Iowan 66:13, p.1
10/21/1969 Registrar issues statement.
244 "All we are saying is give peace a chance"
Northern Iowan 66:12, p.4
10/17/1969 Highlights of Moratorium events; photo.
245 Dialogue allows exchange of views; climax of moratorium
Northern Iowan 66:12, p.1
10/17/1969 Highlights of discussion at City Hall.
246 Education needed on Vietnam War
Northern Iowan 66:12, p.2
10/17/1969 Applauds efforts during recent Moratorium.
247 A Simple Prayer . . .
Northern Iowan 66:11, p.2
10/14/1969 "All we are saying is give peace a chance"-- John Lennon.
248 A simple prayer..
Northern Iowan 66:11, p.2
249 City and university join in dialogue
Northern Iowan 66:11, p.1
10/14/1969 Moratorium will conclude with discussion at City Hall.
250 Moratorium begins
Northern Iowan 66:11, p.1
10/14/1969 Magic Theatre will present concert.


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