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301 Watching the World
Lauren--Howard C. (Buck) (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:24, p.2
3/24/1944 Gives opinion on the education of minorities and what changes should happen in the post-war world.
302 'Thank God for the Red Cross' is almost a battlefront slogan
College Eye 35:23, p.2
3/17/1944 Praises the work of the Red Cross chapters in the United States and across the seas.
303 Watching the World
Lauren--Howard C. (Buck) (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:23, p.2
3/17/1944 Gives opinion on recent events of the war.
304 College council performs vital defense services
College Eye 35:22, p.5
3/10/1944 A look at the work of the College Defense Council.
305 Continuing campus good will marks Air Corps anniversary
College Eye 35:22, p.2
3/10/1944 One year mark of the first Army Air Corps arrival at T. C.
306 Watching the World
Lauren--Howard C. (Buck) (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:22, p.2
3/10/1944 Gives opinion on how post-war society will benefit from group cooperation.
307 Campus School V-day bond, stamp sales yields $2,275 total
College Eye 35:21, p.6
2/18/1944 Raise over $2,200.
308 It's your world; how will you have it?
College Eye 35:21, p.2
2/18/1944 Questions students on world peace, and advises to make world better for future generations.
309 Watching the World
College Eye 35:21, p.2
2/18/1944 Talks about recent war events, including the potential invasion of France.
310 Steer middle course with Russia
College Eye 35:20, p.1
2/11/1944 Excerpts from address by William Henry Chamberlin.
311 Watching the World
College Eye 35:19, p.2
2/4/1944 Makes observations about the war in Europe, and predicts the defeat of the Republican candidate for 1944.
312 Jerome Cross killed in plane crash
College Eye 35:18, p.4
1/28/1944 Obituary; photo.
313 Stamp sales drop in spite of war
College Eye 35:18, p.1
1/28/1944 Percentage of those buying stamps drops from 60% to 30%.
314 Watching the World
College Eye 35:18, p.2
1/28/1944 Gives opinion on American industry during the war.
315 The Home Front; as a freshman sees it; from the upperclassman viewpoint
College Eye 35:17, p.2
1/21/1944 A freshman and upperclassman give opinions on college life during the war.
316 Watching the World
Lauren--Howard C. (Buck) (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:16, p.2
1/14/1944 Talks about the war in Europe and at home.
317 1943 Panorama at Teachers College
College Eye 35:15, p.1
1/7/1944 A look back at the year 1943 at ISTC.
318 Watching the World
Lauren--Howard C. (Buck) (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:15, p.2
1/7/1944 Comments on the events of 1943; hopes for a better 1944.
319 A New Year's message
Price--Malcolm Poyer (President of ISTC)
Alumnus 28:1, p.Inside Front Cover
1/1/1944 President Price addresses far-flung alumni; goals for the upcoming year; photo.
320 Alumni reunion cancelled
Alumnus 28:1, p.6
1/1/1944 War forces cancellation.
321 Among those who serve
Alumnus 28:1, p.16
1/1/1944 Extensive survey of wide range of war-time activities and service of ISTC alumni; photo.
322 Another award to Capt. Olsen
Alumnus 28:1, p.4
1/1/1944 Roy W. Olsen, killed in action June 23, 1943, awarded Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, and Silver Star; description of the battle in which he was killed; photo.
323 Bouquets to Teachers
Alumnus 28:1, p.6
1/1/1944 Notes citation of work of Laurens school in recent Time magazine article.
324 Fall enrollment is lower
Alumnus 28:1, p.11
1/1/1944 Fall 1943 enrollment was 744 women and 76 men.
325 Gold star added to flag
Alumnus 28:1, p.10
1/1/1944 Star represents thirteen servicemen killed in war; 1350 alumni now in service; star added by Theta Theta Epsilon home economics club.
326 Ted Cross receives degree while in the Army
Alumnus 28:1, p.8
1/1/1944 Receives bachelor's degree in commercial education.
327 Time mentions alumni
Alumnus 28:1, p.8
1/1/1944 Article cites Laurens school as typical of those with teacher shortages.
328 War activities organized
Alumnus 28:1, p.1
1/1/1944 Student War Activities Committee organizes to keep up morale of former ISTC students now in military service, promote campus spirit, and to sponsor Red Cross and War Chest drives.
329 Wartime Skip Day held
Alumnus 28:1, p.1
1/1/1944 Students rake leaves and participate in other activities on October 27, 1943, Skip Day.
330 Women war workers
Alumnus 28:1, p.15
1/1/1944 Roster of women who are involved in war work.
331 Hamilton Club members debate world policing
College Eye 35:14, p.3
12/17/1943 Debate establishment of post-war world police.
332 More unity needed? One student says "yes"
College Eye 35:14, p.2
12/17/1943 Letter encourage greater sense of community in time of war.
333 Sgt. Harold Brown reported as dead
College Eye 35:14, p.1
334 Watching the World
Lauren--Howard C. (Buck) (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:14, p.2
12/17/1943 Gives his opinion on various aspects of the war.
335 Waves celebrate one year mark at T. C.; 'Iowave' special edition honors anniversary date
College Eye 35:14, p.3
12/17/1943 Special issue of the IOWAVE commemorates first anniversary; photo.
336 Metal shortage demands piggie bank pennies now return to circulation
College Eye 35:13, p.5
12/10/1943 Urges people not to hoard their pennies, but to keep them in circulation.
337 "Hi soldier, welcome back" is greeting given visiting servicemen
College Eye 35:12, p.1
12/3/1943 ISTC is prepared for service men and women who return to visit campus; photo.
338 Cedar Falls schools aid in paper drive; gather 44,000 pounds for national cause
College Eye 35:11, p.8
11/19/1943 Campus School contributes eleven tons.
339 Students give to fund collections
College Eye 35:11, p.1
11/19/1943 58% of students have contributed so far.
340 Watching the World
Gray--Basil D. (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:11, p.2
11/19/1943 Gives the opinion that U. S. is gaining ground, slowly, but surely.
341 Campus Tours
College Eye 35:10, p.5
11/12/1943 News about other colleges.
342 Enlistments now open to women for special duty in Army Air Forces
College Eye 35:10, p.3
11/12/1943 Special program for WAC enlistment specifically in Army Air Force.
343 Knock! Knock! The War Chest man
College Eye 35:10, p.1
11/12/1943 Attempting to raise money for USO, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and YMCA.
344 Patriotism is shown in stamp day sales with totals of $95
College Eye 35:10, p.1
345 Present war slogans echo 1918 posters; display now in library
College Eye 35:10, p.6
346 Watching the World
Gray--Basil D. (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:10, p.2
11/12/1943 Gives his opinion on the coal miners' strike and how it should be treated.
347 Blackout time now set at eleven o'clock for Lawther Hall boarders
Holm--Irene (Student--1943)
College Eye 35:9, p.3
348 Gold star now honors thirteen war heroes
College Eye 35:9, p.1
11/5/1943 Thirteen have given their lives.
349 WACs may now request assignment for service in Army Air Force
College Eye 35:9, p.4
11/5/1943 Rules for military recruitment.
350 Watching the World
Gray--Basil D. (Class of 1944)
College Eye 35:9, p.2
11/5/1943 Gives opinion on important meeting in Moscow, and how American ambassadors should react.


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