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551 Alpha
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.330
2/13/1904 Installed new officers.
552 Twenty-ninth triangular; Philo 4, Orio 3, Aristo 2
Normal Eyte 14:21, p.321
2/13/1904 Summary of debate.
553 Alpha
Normal Eyte 14:19, p.297
1/30/1904 Grace Lambert resigned her position as treasurer and Esther Fitzsimmons was elected to replace her.
554 Alpha
Normal Eyte 14:17, p.266
1/16/1904 The Alphas report on their last two meetings.
555 Alpha
Normal Eyte 14:15, p.234
12/19/1903 The Alphas presented a Mother Goose program.
556 Resolutions of sympathy
Normal Eyte 14:13, p.202
12/5/1903 The Alphas publish a resolution of sympathy for the family of Clara Thompson.
557 Alpha
Normal Eyte 14:11, p.170
11/14/1903 Alphas debate about an African-American colony.
558 Alpha
Normal Eyte 14:9, p.138
10/30/1903 Alphas debate whether or not senators should be elected by popular vote.
559 The explanation
Normal Eyte 14:9, p.143
10/30/1903 The Alphas initiate new members with Halloween program.
560 Alpha
Normal Eyte 14:5, p.74
10/3/1903 Lillian Egloff sang at the Alpha program.
561 One of the brightest and most unique receptions
Normal Eyte 14:4, p.62
9/26/1903 The Alphas presented the Philos with a reception.
562 Alpha
Normal Eyte 14:3, p.43
9/19/1903 The Alphas met for the first time this term.
563 Society
Normal Eyte 13:31, p.487
5/9/1903 Alphas hold photograph program; Philos enjoy variety program; Ossolis celebrate May Day; Neos hold French program; Chrestos give African-American program; Aristos hold field meet program.
564 Mrs. Gibson
Normal Eyte 13:30, p.476
5/2/1903 Gave Alphas a Japanese screen.
565 Society
Normal Eyte 13:29, p.456
4/25/1903 Orios present athletics program; Neos present college program; Alphas present Congressional program; Aristos have professional program; Zetas present Eugene Field program.
566 Society
Normal Eyte 13:28, p.439
4/18/1903 Philos present soldier program; Clios present spring program; Shakes present college program; Zetas present war program.
567 Society
Normal Eyte 13:26, p.405
4/4/1903 Shakes give Marine program; Aristos give athletics program; Ossolis give advertising program; Alphas present ideal program; Shakes give Lent program.
568 Society
Normal Eyte 13:23, p.365
3/4/1903 Alphas gave Longfellow program; Shakes gave February program.
569 Society
Normal Eyte 13:20, p.314
2/14/1903 Alphas installed officers; Shakes have French program; Clios have Italian program; Zetas hear papers.
570 Society
Normal Eyte 13:19, p.298
2/3/1903 Philos install officers; Orios enjoy basketball game; Alphas hear papers.
571 Oratorical
Normal Eyte 13:18, p.286
1/31/1903 Roster of those who will compete for the interstate oratorical contest.
572 Society
Normal Eyte 13:14, p.214
12/18/1902 Ossolis feature Mexican program; Orios hold debate; Zetas have country school program; Philos enjoy music and debate; Aristos hold literary program.
573 Society
Normal Eyte 13:12, p.183
11/22/1902 Chrestos presented literary program; Zetas enjoy music; Alphas hear papers; Shakes present advertising program; Aristos hear papers.
574 Society
Normal Eyte 13:11, p.170
11/15/1902 Clios enjoy musical program; Alphas hold Gypsy program; Neos enjoy music and papers.
575 Society oratorical contest; three men's societies contest for points--Orio five points--Aristos four points--Philos one point--an interesting program
Normal Eyte 13:11, p.164
11/15/1902 Account of the contest; score sheet.
576 Society
Normal Eyte 13:10, p.156
11/8/1902 Chrestos elect officers; Aristos hear papers; Zetas enjoy Halloween program; Ossolis present Gibson program. Orios hold literary program; Alphas present parody.
577 Society
Normal Eyte 13:9, p.138
11/1/1902 Orios held debate; Shakes have German program; Chrestos and Aristos hear papers; Zetas gave French program; Clios enjoy humor.
578 Society
Normal Eyte 13:7, p.100
10/18/1902 Zetas enjoy city program; Chrestos have literary program; Neos initiate new members; Shakes enjoy Southern program; Aristos meet at Field Farm.
579 The street cars have been places of great interest
Normal Eyte 13:7, p.103
10/18/1902 Many activities going on.
580 Wednesday evening shortly after the mantle of night
Normal Eyte 13:7, p.103
10/18/1902 Alphas undergo initiation.
581 Ames preliminary debate; fierce forensic struggle- large audience--societies attend in bodies--colors, yells, etc.
Normal Eyte 13:6, p.91
10/11/1902 Account of the debate.
582 Society
Normal Eyte 13:6, p.89
10/11/1902 Zetas enjoy variety program; Alphas have new curtains; Clios initiate new members; Ossolis enjoy literary and business program.
583 Society
Normal Eyte 13:5, p.73
10/4/1902 Alphas and Zetas take part in sister society program; Chrestos enjoy music; Neos initiate new members; Philos elect officers.
584 The new members of the girls societies are
Normal Eyte 13:5, p.76
10/4/1902 Roster of new literary society members.
585 Society
Normal Eyte 13:4, p.54
9/27/1902 Alphas initiate new members; Neos enjoy musical program; Philos hold open session; Aristos enjoy music.
586 Commencement
Normal Eyte 12:35, p.545
6/14/1902 Women's literary societies unite for march across campus for Commencement celebration.
587 A concert and social
Normal Eyte 12:34, p.538
5/31/1902 Will be presernted in the Alpha Philo Society Hall.
588 Alpha
Normal Eyte 12:24, p.375
3/22/1902 Presented mock teachers association meeting.
589 Alpha society
Normal Eyte 12:22, p.346
3/1/1902 Presented Southern program.
590 Alpha society
Normal Eyte 12:21, p.332
2/22/1902 Enjoying new hall.
591 One of the pleasant features
Normal Eyte 12:20, p.313
2/15/1902 Philo alumni present group with gift of $40.
592 The following are the rooms which have been assigned
Normal Eyte 12:20, p.316
2/15/1902 Classrooms assigned to literary societies.
593 The furniture for three of the new society halls
Normal Eyte 12:16, p.241
1/18/1902 When society halls are officially opened, students should make an effort to observe the spectacle.
594 The societies will hand in their reports
Normal Eyte 12:12, p.177
12/7/1901 Society reports to be handed in and published in the Normal Eyte.
595 Alpha and Philo
Normal Eyte 12:10, p.157
11/16/1901 Enjoyed social gathering at home of Catherine Murphy.
596 The society reporters
Normal Eyte 12:8, p.123
11/2/1901 Schedule of society reports.
597 Directory
Normal Eyte 12:7, p.111
10/26/1901 Roster of student organization officers.
598 Alpha
Wilson--Ida May (Class of 1900)
Normal Eyte 12:6, p.82
10/19/1901 Presented program on Will Carleton.
599 Directory
Normal Eyte 12:6, p.95
10/19/1901 Roster of student organization officers.
600 Directory
Normal Eyte 12:5, p.79
10/12/1901 Roster of student organization officers.


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