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151 The Old Gold
Alumni News Letter 2:2, p.4
4/1/1918 Three new assistant editors with Old Gold; military section added.
152 The Pennsylvania State College
Perrine--James Owen (Science Faculty)
College Eye 9:19, p.5
2/20/1918 Former Professor Perrine sends news of his radio school.
153 The traditions of I. S. T. C.
College Eye 9:15, p.5
1/23/1918 Praises teachers at T. C.
154 Old Gold staff ask cooperation
College Eye 9:14, p.1
1/16/1918 Job of putting out the yearbook will be handled by four people instead of just two.
155 Faculty frolic; professors indulge in real merriment; curtain rises at 5:30 Wed. evening
Daugherty--Robert D. (Mathematics Faculty
College Eye 9:11, p.1
12/12/1917 Program schedule.
156 Prof. Begeman makes effective four minute address at movies Saturday night
College Eye 9:11, p.2
12/12/1917 Encourages students to listen to presidential addresses about the war.
157 Study Centers
College Eye 9:6, p.2
10/24/1917 Roster of faculty.
158 Clio
Old Gold 0:0, p.238
6/1/1917 Group photos and information about the Cliosophic Literary Society.
159 Department of Physics and Chemistry
Old Gold 0:0, p.48
6/1/1917 Profile of the head of the Department of Physics and Chemistry, includes creative work about a professor; photo.
160 Prof. Begeman and Prof. S. F. Hersey
College Eye 8:28, p.8
5/9/1917 Attended a meeting in Grinnell.
161 Books by members and ex-members of the faculty
College Eye 8:25, p.2
4/18/1917 Bibliography of the work of past and current faculty members.
162 The Graduate School of the University of Michigan
College Eye 8:11, p.6
11/29/1916 Agreement made between the University of Michigan and Iowa State Teachers College to admit T. C. students if they meet certain requirements.
163 Cliosophic
Old Gold 0:0, p.176
6/1/1916 Flower, colors, roll, honorary members, presidents of Cliosophic Literary Society.
164 Heads of departments
Old Gold 0:0, p.13
6/1/1916 Photos.
165 Professors Begeman, Hussey, Bond, and Read
College Eye 7:28, p.8
5/3/1916 Attended Iowa Academy of Science meeting last weekend.
166 College section dinner
College Eye 7:24, p.1
4/5/1916 Julian Gist of Coe College spoke about the Honor System and Louis Begeman spoke about practical uses of physics and chemistry.
167 Mr. Myron Begeman
College Eye 7:23, p.8
3/29/1916 Is visiting his father.
168 B. A. party
College Eye 7:13, p.2
1/12/1916 Inez Radell held a Christmas party at her house.
169 B. A.s banquet at Blackhawk; seniors enjoy first formal
College Eye 7:12, p.1
12/15/1915 President and Mrs. Seerley, Professor and Mrs. Begeman, and Mrs. Walker attend as guests of honor.
170 The Zayin Chapter of Achoth
College Eye 7:11, p.7
12/1/1915 Initiations were held at the Masonic Temple in Waterloo.
171 Begeman's entertain B. A.'s; seniors have a jolly time at house of sponsors.
College Eye 7:10, p.1
11/24/1915 Played games and socialized.
172 Official organization of students for college year 1915-16; class officers- fall term
College Eye 7:4, p.3
10/13/1915 Roster of class officers and sponsors.
173 The following marriages of members of the Faculty
College Eye 7:3, p.8
10/6/1915 Louis Begeman married Mary Alice Whitworth.
174 Local tin-shower at Begemans
College Eye 7:2, p.5
9/29/1915 Noisy charivari greets newly wedded Begemans.
175 Assistant Professors--The Faculty Club
Old Gold 0:0, p.63
6/1/1915 Overview of the faculty club and their activities; photo.
176 Chemistry
Old Gold 0:0, p.164
6/1/1915 Roster of faculty and lists of courses; photo.
177 Heads of Departments
Old Gold 0:0, p.52
6/1/1915 Photo.
178 The Science Club of Iowa State Teachers' College
Old Gold 0:0, p.122
6/1/1915 Overview of the club; roster of speakers and their topics.
179 Professors L. Begeman, S. F. Hersey
College Eye 4:28, p.7
4/29/1915 Attended the meeting of the Academy of Science and Mathematics.
180 Prof. L. Begeman
College Eye 4:27, p.6
4/22/1915 Gave a speech to the Science Club.
181 Professors J. O. Perrine
College Eye 4:27, p.7
4/22/1915 Will attend Iowa Academy of Science and Mathematics.
182 T. C. minstrels bring down house; lettermen present excellent program of stunts; seven hundred students present; may become annual event
College Eye 4:27, p.1
4/22/1915 College Club hosted minstrel show that was well received by students and faculty.
183 Science Club
College Eye 4:24, p.3
4/1/1915 Professor Begeman will address students on structure of atom at next meeting.
184 We wonder if on the first of January that--
College Eye 4:14, p.5
1/7/1915 Makes predictions about what people's New Year's resolutions will be.
185 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 4:10, p.3
11/12/1914 Announces November 1914 graduates and the faculty attendees of the Iowa State Teachers Association meeting.
186 Golf tournament under way; qualifying round has been completed; participants will compete for cup
College Eye 4:7, p.3
10/22/1914 Participants have been narrowed to sixteen men.
187 On last Tuesday
College Eye 4:6, p.8
10/15/1914 The Reading Circle met with Professor G. W. Newton. Professor M. F. Arey and Professor L. Begeman participated in the discussion of the European War.
188 Physics and Chemistry
Old Gold 0:0, p.38
6/1/1914 Photos of faculty members.
189 The Mill
Daugherty--Robert D. (Mathematics Faculty
Old Gold 0:0, p.331
6/1/1914 Cartoons, jokes, and poems about I. S. T. C. students, faculty, and staff; photos.
190 Last Tuesday evening
College Eye 3:29, p.488
5/7/1914 The faculty showed off their acting skills with the play "Triphammer School"; cast list provided.
191 Prof. Begeman
College Eye 3:28, p.472
4/30/1914 Entertained the physics instructors at college.
192 On last Thursday evening
College Eye 3:26, p.440
4/16/1914 Dinner was held for the faculty members in honor of Miss Katherine W. Constant.
193 Four professors discuss question of the evolution of man in public debate
College Eye 3:24, p.397
4/2/1914 Sponsored by the True Blue Club.
194 Prof. Begeman
College Eye 3:22, p.374
3/19/1914 Entertained the students of his electricity class at a luncheon.
195 Lecture Course
Begeman--Louis (Science Faculty)
College Eye 3:3, p.54
9/17/1913 Gives schedule of lectures for remainder of the school year; Professor Begeman is chair.
196 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 3:3, p.53
9/17/1913 Faculty added; power plant will be improved; looking forward to alumni meeting at ISTA convention.
197 Dr. Begeman
Old Gold 0:0, p.338
6/1/1913 Humorous quotes and stories.
198 Physics and Chemistry
Old Gold 0:0, p.97
6/1/1913 Roster of faculty; photo.
199 The Science Club of Iowa State Teachers College
Old Gold 0:0, p.99
6/1/1913 Brief history and schedule of lectures.
200 Members of Teachers College faculty attended science meeting
College Eye 2:29, p.2
5/1/1913 Roster of faculty members attending Iowa Academy of Science meeting.


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