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201 The following members of the faculty
College Eye 2:29, p.6
5/1/1913 Roster of those who attended Iowa Academy of Science meeting.
202 The Science Club
College Eye 2:22, p.6
3/6/1913 Professors Begeman, Davis, and Bond spoke at the Science Club meeting.
203 Professor Louis Begeman
College Eye 2:18, p.5
2/6/1913 Attended a meeting of scientists in Iowa City in the new physical laboratory.
204 Myron Begeman
College Eye 2:15, p.5
1/16/1913 Visited his father during vacation.
205 Science teachers visit college
Hersey--S. Freeman
College Eye 2:13, p.5
12/12/1912 Attended meetings at Northwestern University.
206 The faculty college reading circle
College Eye 2:7, p.6
10/17/1912 Met at the home of Professor and Mrs. R. McKitrick; led by Professor Davis.
207 Official notes
College Eye 2:3, p.2
9/19/1912 Freshman home economics class enrolls about one hundred students; James Robinson busy supervising construction of organ loft, college hospital, and Training School Building.
208 Prof. Begeman
College Eye 2:2, p.7
9/12/1912 Took a trip through the West over summer vacation.
209 Department of Physical Science
Old Gold 0:0, p.25
6/1/1912 Photos of faculty members.
210 Schillerverein
Old Gold 0:0, p.232
6/1/1912 Roster of officers and members.
211 Official notes
College Eye 1:29, p.5
5/15/1912 Roster of faculty promotions, appointments, leaves, and resignations; Departments of Physics and Chemistry consolidated with Professor Begeman as head.
212 Official notes
College Eye 1:28, p.5
5/8/1912 Louis Begeman attended annual Iowa Academy of Sciences convention, Professors Meyerholz, Merchant, and Begeman noted for good work organizing lectures and entertainment this year.
213 The following members of the faculty
College Eye 1:27, p.3
5/1/1912 Faculty members attended the meeting of the Iowa Academy of Science in Des Moines.
214 Mr. Begeman
College Eye 1:24, p.3
4/10/1912 Went to Des Moines to make arrangements for the meeting of the Iowa Academy of Science.
215 Louis Begeman
College Eye 1:23, p.7
4/3/1912 Elected leader of the college section of the N. E. I. T. A.
216 The following of our faculty
College Eye 1:23, p.7
4/3/1912 Members of the faculty appeared in connection with the N. E. I. T. A. in Waterloo.
217 Prof. L. Begeman
College Eye 1:22, p.5
3/27/1912 Visited Cedar Rapids during his vacation.
218 The Waterloo Normal Club
College Eye 1:22, p.5
3/27/1912 Held an elaborate banquet.
219 The Science Club
College Eye 1:20, p.1
2/28/1912 Professor Begeman will speak on trip to Paris.
220 Mr. Begeman, Mr. Kadesch and Mr. Peterson
College Eye 1:15, p.2
1/24/1912 Entertained guests at a dinner at the Burr Hotel.
221 The Cottage Reading Circle
College Eye 1:15, p.2
1/24/1912 The group met at the home of Professor and Mrs. George Dick.
222 Official Notes
College Eye 1:13, p.2
1/10/1912 State and nationwide education news.
223 Faculty entertains seniors; annual reception given in Gymnasium Friday evening
College Eye 1:9, p.8
11/8/1911 Faculty receives seniors; enjoys musical presentation.
224 Cliorio banquet
College Eye 1:7, p.6
10/25/1911 Annual joint banquet celebrated twenty-fifth anniversary of Cliosophic Society.
225 Untitled
College Eye 1:3, p.7
9/27/1911 Student, faculty, and alumni news.
226 How the faculty spent vacation
College Eye 1:1, p.5
9/13/1911 News of how various faculty members spent their time during summer interim.
227 The college lecture course 1911-1912; brilliant talent throughout
College Eye 1:1, p.1
9/13/1911 Summary of events to take place in this year's lecture course.
228 Physics Department
Old Gold 0:0, p.29
6/1/1911 Photo.
229 The Science Club of I. S. T. C.
Getchell--Robert Ward (Science Faculty)
Old Gold 0:0, p.170
6/1/1911 Roster of officers and brief overview of the creation of the club in 1909.
230 Given another year's leave of absence
College Eye 1:11, p.189
5/31/1911 Professor Page has been granted an extension on his leave of absence. Professor Begeman will be acting head of the chemistry department.
231 Prof. Begeman
College Eye 1:9, p.161
5/17/1911 Returned from Des Moines and Iowa City.
232 Home track meet is a good one
College Eye 1:8, p.137
5/10/1911 Results of each event.
233 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 1:8, p.129
5/10/1911 Professor Begeman has been elected president of the Iowa Academy of Science; Minnesota has authorized their normal schools to become teachers colleges.
234 Prof. Louis Begeman
College Eye 1:7, p.125
5/3/1911 Introduced to students as the president of the Iowa Academy of Science.
235 Athletic Notes
College Eye 1:1, p.5
3/22/1911 The baseball and track teams are getting ready for a successful new season. Season tickets for the sports can be purchased for one dollar.
236 Last Tuesday evening
College Eye 1:1, p.16
3/22/1911 Professor Begeman entertained guests at a dinner party.
237 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:21, p.359
2/22/1911 The faculty is now authorized to appoint one ISTC student to take graduate study at the State University of Iowa; faculty hold many receptions; summer session bulletin prepared.
238 Profs. Colegrove and Begeman
Normal Eyte 21:14, p.248
1/4/1911 Attended the Scientific Association in Minneapolis.
239 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 21:11, p.180
11/16/1910 Professor Call will resume work in the winter term; Professor Begeman will have charge of both chemistry and physics.
240 How the faculty spent vacation
Normal Eyte 21:1, p.2
9/7/1910 Describes what various faculty members did during the summer of 1910.
241 Department of Physical Science
Old Gold 0:0, p.20
6/1/1910 Photos of the faculty.
242 Science Club of Iowa State Teachers College
Old Gold 0:0, p.243
6/1/1910 History of the science club, gives officers and programs for year 1910.
243 The Teachers Almanac
Willson--Dixie (Class of 1910)
Old Gold 0:0, p.317
6/1/1910 Creative works and photos of the happenings of Iowa State Teachers College
244 Professor Begeman
Normal Eyte 20:32, p.532
5/11/1910 Gave a speech in Iowa City.
245 Comets a popular theme; Professors Cable and Begeman give interesting talk before Science Club
Normal Eyte 20:30, p.496
4/27/1910 With approach of Halley's Comet, people are interested in comets in general.
246 The next meeting
Normal Eyte 20:27, p.454
4/6/1910 Science Club will discuss comets.
247 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
Normal Eyte 20:26, p.428
3/30/1910 Brief Commencement week schedule; contractor putting roof on new Library; Lecture Committee has done fine work; committee assignments for Parish funeral; literary society work must be protected..
248 Awful wreck occurs; Professor L. W. Parish loses life in recent railroad catastrophe at Gladbrook
Normal Eyte 20:25, p.412
3/23/1910 Description of the wreck; Professor Parish survived the wreck, but died shortly after being removed.
249 Faculty members meet; teachers from three state schools confer on uniform entrance requirements
Normal Eyte 20:25, p.419
3/23/1910 Considering standards for admission from high school.
250 Last Monday evening
Normal Eyte 20:19, p.320
2/2/1910 Cottage Reading Circle met.


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