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801 Talks await recommendation
Northern Iowan 77:33, p.3
2/13/1981 Binding arbitration would be next.
802 Regents approve head, acting head, associate dean for UNI
Public Relations News Release 1980:346, p.1
1/30/1981 The State Board of Regents approved three acting department heads, an accounting department head, and an associate dean.
803 UNI 1981 summer session fees, miscellaneous fees for 1981-83 approved by regents
Public Relations News Release 1980:345, p.1
1/30/1981 The new rates for tuition and micellaneous fees have been approved by the board of regents.
804 UNI business transactions receive approval
Public Relations News Release 1980:347, p.1
1/30/1981 Two large projects have been approved by the Board of Regents. The projects consist of expansion of the Industrial Technology parking lot and the steam line that runs to Shull Hall.
805 UNI road project, business departments receive regents' approval
Public Relations News Release 1980:279, p.1
12/17/1980 The State Board of Regents approved Uni's request to extend Campus Street to Jennings Drive. UNI must now get approval from the Department of Transportation. UNI looks to approve separate departments in the school of business.
806 Alumni meet with Regents
Northern Iowan 77:23, p.6
11/25/1980 Will tell alumni about critical problems.
807 Board of Regents airs counterproposal
Northern Iowan 77:14, p.1
10/24/1980 Regents counter UF proposal with 8% increase in salary over two years.
808 Notice to editors
Public Relations News Release 1980:150, p.1
10/17/1980 The second session of collective bargaining negotiations between the UNI United Faculty and the State Board of Regents is scheduled for Monday, October 20.
809 UNI business transactions approved by regents
Public Relations News Release 1980:141, p.1
10/15/1980 The Board of Regents approves contracts to help married housing and UNI utilities.
810 Regents approve tuition increases
Northern Iowan 77:7, p.1
9/23/1980 Table showing rates at all three Regents institutions; UNI undergraduate tuition will be $900 for fall 1981.
811 Regents approve new major, negotiating team, other UNI business
Public Relations News Release 1980:78, p.1
9/19/1980 The Board of Regents approve the major in Therapeutic Recreation, and several other appointees.
812 Regents propose tuition increase
Public Relations News Release 77:5, p.1
9/16/1980 A sixteen percent tuition increase is proposed for the three state universities.
813 A&I building renamed Latham Hall
Public Relations News Release 1980:31, p.1
8/22/1980 The Board of Regents approved the renaming of the Arts and Industries Building as Latham Hall.
814 Regents approve change of status for five UNI faculty
Public Relations News Release 1980:29, p.1
8/22/1980 The Board of Regents approved an appointment of a director of teaching education, two acting deans, and two acting department heads.
815 Regents approve final budget, other business for UNI
Public Relations News Release 1980:28, p.1
8/22/1980 The Board of Regents approves budgets for the 1980-81 school year and other projects related to campus.
816 Regents approve UNI standards, procedures policy
Public Relations News Release 1980:30, p.1
8/22/1980 The new "Principles, Standards and Procedures for faculty Appointments, Promotions and Tenure" was approved by the Board of regents.
817 Budget proposals approved by regents
Northern Iowan 76:59, p.3
6/27/1980 Robert Stansbury talks about some of the budget changes approved by the Board of Regents.
818 Regents discuss UNI matters
Northern Iowan 76:59, p.1
6/27/1980 Board of Regents met to discuss university matters, including the resignation of four administrators, appointment of a new department head, and a pay plan for employees; defers Ed. D; receives tenure report.
819 Board of Regents passes skyway remodeling plan
Northern Iowan 76:57, p.1
6/13/1980 The Board of Regents voted on renovations to residence complexes and allocated funds to continue work recommended by the State Fire Marshall.
820 Regents approve academic calendars; give OK to department name change
Northern Iowan 76:51, p.1
4/22/1980 The Board of Regents approved the academic calendars for the 1981-82 and the 1982-83 years.
821 Your future planned
Northern Iowan 76:49, p.8
4/15/1980 Members of the State Board of Regents will meet with UNI officials for a biennial planning seminar.
822 Regents approve safety funds; reword student teacher contract
Northern Iowan 76:44, p.1
3/18/1980 Regents held meeting. They approved funding for fire safety improvements, reworded teacher contracts, and renamed a UNI department.
823 Regents grant tenure status . . .
Northern Iowan 76:44, p.1
3/18/1980 The Board of Regents approved tenure for fourteen faculty members at UNI. Twenty-two faculty members were promoted.
824 Gov. Ray denies UNI capital improvements
Armstrong--Kathryn R. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 76:41, p.3
3/7/1980 UNI's requests for more state funding have been turned down. The University will receive money for fire safety improvements, but little beyond that; list of requests and governor's recommendations.
825 Seven buildings to be remodeled for better energy efficiency
Northern Iowan 76:41, p.6
3/7/1980 Seven UNI buildings will be remodeled as part of an energy conservation project. The buildings included in this project are the Commons, the Education Center, Gilchrist Hall, the Library, Russell Hall, Sabin Hall, and Seerley Hall; will cost $450,000.
826 Regents approve room and board increase
Northern Iowan 76:38, p.1
2/26/1980 The rate for full board in a double occupancy room will increase to $1420 beginning the fall of 1980.
827 Regents assures UNI inclusion in any state faculty pay raise
Northern Iowan 76:37, p.1
2/22/1980 Wayne Richey met with Elaine Kalmar of the United Faculty.
828 Inflation spurs room/board hike proposal; administration seeks 6% increase
Northern Iowan 76:36, p.1
2/19/1980 Because of inflation costs, the Board of Regents is seeking to increase room and board rates by 6%.
829 Contracts approved
Northern Iowan 76:32, p.9
2/5/1980 Contracts for handicapped accessibility improvements were accepted at the recent Board of Regents meeting.
830 Regents are punishing UF
Northern Iowan 76:32, p.2
2/5/1980 Stands behind the United Faculty in its attempt for faculty salary increases similar to those at Iowa and Iowa State.
831 Regents request pay increase for ISU, U of I, leave out UNI faculty
Northern Iowan 76:32, p.1
2/5/1980 UNI faculty feel they are being punished by the Board of Regents for having formed their own bargaining unit.
832 Lobbyists update
Northern Iowan 76:30, p.4
1/29/1980 Lobbyists from the Iowa Higher Education Association and American Association of University Professors will update everyone on the events at the Iowa capitol.
833 Regents ignore UF requests
Northern Iowan 76:25, p.1
12/11/1979 The Board of Regents ignores a request from the United Faculty to be placed on their agenda for two consecutive months.
834 Handbook geared toward general ed
Northern Iowan 76:20, p.1
11/16/1979 A presentation on the Course and Teacher Evaluation handbook was part of the business at the Faculty Senate meeting.
835 UF seeks salary increase amendment
Northern Iowan 76:15, p.1
10/30/1979 With the university unable to attract new faculty because of current salary levels, United Faculty is proposing a salary amendment.
836 Sexist gyms given new direction
Northern Iowan 76:14, p.17
10/26/1979 Approval of name changes for two buildings and the funding of new projects on campus were part of the Board of Regents' agenda last week.
837 Doctoral program
Northern Iowan 76:11, p.3
10/9/1979 UNI's proposed Doctor of Education was voted down at the Board of Regents meeting in June.
838 $1.7 million approved in contracts
Northern Iowan 76:9, p.5
10/2/1979 Various heating and building contracts were approved by the Board of Regents.
839 Board of Regents eliminates parietal rule for sophomores
Northern Iowan 76:1, p.12
8/31/1979 The Board of Regents decides to end parietal rule for two-year trial basis.
840 Regents approve academic changes
Northern Iowan 75:62, p.1
7/20/1979 The Board of Regents approved many academic changes for UNI, including the establishment of the Educational Research and Development Center.
841 Richey denies politics involved in delay of KUNI service to Clinton
Northern Iowan 75:62, p.1
7/20/1979 The Board of Regents deferred approval of a 10-watt radio translator in Clinton for KUNI.
842 Regents hear UNI tenure report, personnel actions
Northern Iowan 75:60, p.1
7/6/1979 54% of faculty tenured; 74% on tenure track; parietal rule for sophomores suspended for two years; Norris Durham named department head.
843 Regents review academic advising program at UNI
Northern Iowan 75:60, p.1
7/6/1979 The Board of Regents recently reviewed the academic advising program at UNI; excerpts from report.
844 Contracts for UNI approved
Northern Iowan 75:59, p.4
6/29/1979 The Board of Regents approved $364,000 of UNI's budget for construction projects.
845 Parietal rule lifted for sophs
Northern Iowan 75:59, p.1
6/29/1979 The Board of Regents lifted the parietal rule for sophomores at UNI.
846 Regents approve final 1979-80 UNI budget
Northern Iowan 75:59, p.1
6/29/1979 The Board of Regents approved the final budget for the 1979-80 year.
847 Regents turn down UNI request for Ed. D. degree
Northern Iowan 75:59, p.1
6/29/1979 The Board of Regents denied UNI's request for a doctorate in education; reasons for denial; will be submitted again in the future.
848 Regents approve $200,000 for UNI projects at May meeting
Northern Iowan 75:58, p.1
6/22/1979 The Board of Regents approved a preliminary budget for UNI. The budget included $200,000 for construction projects.
849 Kamerick supports rule change
Northern Iowan 75:55, p.1
5/11/1979 President Kamerick supports a proposal by the RHA to change the parietal rule for sophomores. Under the proposed change, freshmen would still be required to live on campus.
850 Rise on fines
Northern Iowan 75:54, p.1
5/8/1979 A proposal for parking fine increase is being sent to the Board of Regents.


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