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951 UNI Gets Regent Permission to Request More Power for FM Station
Public Relations News Release 1971:452, p.1
3/12/1971 The desire is to increase the toward power output of the KTCF station from 10 watts to 3000 watts.
952 Regents Approve Fire Protection Contract Between UNI and City of Cedar Falls
Public Relations News Release 1971:445, p.1
3/11/1971 Under the contract, UNI will pay 18 percent of the annual fire department budget; contract for Biological Research Building; contract for Phrase II of the Library; Student Union Building fee reduction
953 Student leaders didn't like Regents cartoon
Patton--Philip Lee (Class of 1970; Registrar)
Northern Iowan 67:32, p.2
2/19/1971 Believes Regents did listen to students.
954 Bad Guy No.1 The Board of Regents
Northern Iowan 67:31, p.2
2/16/1971 Regents accused of playing God.
955 Regents Approve Leave of Absence for UNI Faculty Members
Public Relations News Release 1971:385, p.1
2/12/1971 15 UNI faculty members have been approved for leave of absence; list
956 Regents Approve Steps to Meet UNI Residence Hall Debt Service Deficit
Public Relations News Release 1971:381, p.1
2/12/1971 A shortfall of $180,000 will be addressed by increasing charges by $90,000 and by reducing expenditures by $90,000.
957 UNI Appoints Two Vice-Presidents in Administrative Restructuring Move
Public Relations News Release 1971:378, p.1
2/12/1971 Dr. Voldseth becomes vice president for university relations and development, while Dr. Hansmeier will act as vice president for student services and special assisant to the president. Both appointment become effective Sept. 1.
958 Regents Approve Leaves of Absence for UNI Faculty Members
Public Relations News Release 1971:377, p.1
2/11/1971 15 UNI profs will be granted leaves of absence; list
959 UNI to Begin Student Exchange Program with South Carolina School
Public Relations News Release 1970:324, p.1
1/22/1971 UNI and South Carolina State College will be arranging student exchanges.
960 Regents Approve Reduction in Budget for Penovation at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1970:308, p.1
1/15/1971 A reduction of $35,000 in the project budget for the renovation of the campus home of the president was approved by the Board of Regents; other news
961 Regents Accept UNI Construction Contracts
Public Relations News Release 1970:307, p.1
1/14/1971 Four general construction contracts totaling over $143,000 for work done at UNI was accepted today by the Board of Regents. Other new projects were also approved.
962 Regents Approve New Academic Programs at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1970:302, p.1
1/14/1971 The Board of Regents approved three new undergraduate majors, a new masters program and a new program at the specialists level at UNI.
963 Statement of President Kamerick regarding the Outlook for 1971
Public Relations News Release 1970:273, p.1
12/31/1970 President Kamerick discuss UNI's needs for the future through funding by the Board of Regents.
964 UNI 1970 Year-End Story
Public Relations News Release 1970:274, p.1
12/31/1970 Summary of 1970: faculty, budget, course and curriculum changes, students and fees, special academic programs, visiting artists and lecturers, general events and projects, minority group education, and building programs.
965 UNI Initiates Environmental Studies Office
Public Relations News Release 1970:262, p.1
12/16/1970 The office has been approved for the current year in the College of Natural Sciences under the guidance of Dean Clifford McCollum, John Volker, and a steering committee composed of faculty and students.
966 Students granted recognition from Board of Regents
Northern Iowan 67:24, p.1
12/15/1970 Regents will recognize students to speak; approve Phase 2 of library building.
967 Regents Approve Two UNI Building Projects
Public Relations News Release 1970:246, p.1
12/10/1970 Both the Biological Research and Small Animal Building-Phase I and Library-Phase II projects have been authorized for funding.
968 Regents Universities Sponsor Fourth Summer Abroad in Austria-Germany
Public Relations News Release 1970:243, p.1
12/10/1970 A ten-week intensive study program of German language and culture in Germany and Austria will be available to students next summer from June 6 to August 12, 1971.
969 Regents Approve UNI Summer Session Budget
Public Relations News Release 1970:242, p.1
12/9/1970 The Board of Regents approved a $850,000 budget for UNI's 1971 summer session. This represents an 8 percent increase over last year's summer session.
970 Conlee bill submitted to board; student representation on Regents
Northern Iowan 67:17, p.1
11/13/1970 Asks for student representation on Board of Regents.
971 Regens Approve Change of Assignment for UNI's Pendergraft
Public Relations News Release 1970:192, p.1
11/13/1970 Pendergraft will return to teaching history, effective Sept. 1, 1971; biography
972 Regents Approve UNI Student Teaching Contracts
Public Relations News Release 1970:194, p.1
11/13/1970 Approved between Uni and Clinton Community Schools and the mental Health Institute at Independence.
973 Regents Approve UNI's Capital Improvements Business Transactions
Public Relations News Release 1970:193, p.1
11/13/1970 Budget for repairs at Heating Plant #1, remodeling of the leased Ericson Building and parklot lot expansion and repairs project.
974 Regents meeting here again today; convened yesterday
Northern Iowan 67:17, p.1
11/13/1970 Meeting docket.
975 Regents to Hold November Meeting This Week at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1970:173, p.1
11/10/1970 The Board of Regents meeting will be held in the Board Room of the New Administration Building on Thursday and Friday.
976 Senate to discuss Regents representative
Northern Iowan 67:16, p.4
11/10/1970 Continuing discussion on student representative to Board of Regents.
977 President asks response of Senate
Kamerick--John Joseph (President of UNI)
Northern Iowan 67:15, p.2
11/6/1970 President Kamerick wishes to know position on addition of students to Board of Regents.
978 UNI Access Road Receives Preliminary Approval
Public Relations News Release 1970:165, p.1
11/6/1970 The Iowa State Highway Commission accepted a bid of $129,233 for the grading and paving of a new access road on campus that would connect S. Main St to the new married student housing complex (Jennings Drive).
979 Board of Regents Awards UNI Contract to Waterloo Firm
Public Relations News Release 1970:84, p.1
10/9/1970 Approval of $211,280.54 contract for the construction of a driver training range to Mepco, Inc. of Waterloo; contract for food service study
980 Regents follows hard line on disorders
Ogden--James Herbert (Class of 1971)
Public Relations News Release 67:1, p.20
9/18/1970 Outline of rules and procedures.
981 Regents Approve $171,927 Biennial Budget Increase for UNI
Public Relations News Release 1970:10, p.1
9/11/1970 The money will be used for unmet needs for general expenses, equipment, and repairs, replacement and alterations items.
982 "Catch-up" only a façade
Ogden--James Herbert (Class of 1971)
Northern Iowan 66:63, p.2
7/17/1970 Believes Regents are not serious about giving UNI true university status.
983 Regents adopt "get tough" policy
Ogden--James Herbert (Class of 1971)
Northern Iowan 66:63, p.1
7/17/1970 Summary of new policy relating to campus disorder.
984 Regents Appoint Lash to Head Art Department at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:691, p.1
7/10/1970 Effective Sept. 1, 1970; biography of Lash.
985 Regents Approve UNI Environmental Studies Office
Public Relations News Release 1969:690, p.1
7/10/1970 The office will serve as an agency of communication between UNI and other institutions involved in environmental studies.
986 Regents Authorize UNI to Lease Land for Coal Stockpiling
Public Relations News Release 1969:689, p.1
7/10/1970 UNI has authority to lease land in downtown Cedar Falls from the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Co. for stockpiling coal. Additionally, student teaching contracts between UNI and two area community colleges has been approved.
987 Regents hold public hearings on controlling campus disturbances
Northern Iowan 66:60, p.1
6/26/1970 Thirty-five speak on topic.
988 Regents Approve UNI Student Teaching Contracts
Public Relations News Release 1969:637, p.1
6/10/1970 1525 student teachers expected, an increase from the previous academic year.
989 Regents Award Contract for UNI Married Student Housing Project
Public Relations News Release 1969:639, p.1
6/10/1970 The project will consist of 278 units and will be constructed on the south part of campus; approval of the construction of a driver training range; renovation of presiden't residence
990 Regents to Hold June Meeting This Week at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:640, p.1
6/10/1970 Board to meet in the Board Room of the New Admin Building on the UNI campus; members of the Board
991 For Immediate Release
Public Relations News Release 1969:623, p.1
5/26/1970 The Board of Regents has selected Dr. John J. Kamerick as the sixth president of UNI; biography of Kamerick
992 Regents award UNI contract totaling $2,368,485
Public Relations News Release 1969:614, p.1
5/18/1970 Construction contracts were approved for construction of unit 1 of the Educational Center, remodeling of the Old Laundry Building, addition to the Physical Plant Shops Building, and revisions in Rider Hall.
993 Regents approve 'closed door' visitation policy at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:607, p.1
5/15/1970 Students will be allowed to entertain persons of the opposite sex in their rooms with the doors closed. Each hall's student governing body will determine the hours of the "closed door" policy.
994 Regents approve Minorities Center plan for UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:602, p.1
5/15/1970 Board of Regents approved a plan for the development of an Ethnic Minorities Cultural and Educational Center.
995 Regents approve UNI exchange program with South Carolina State
Public Relations News Release 1969:605, p.1
5/15/1970 A faculty-student exchange program with the primarily black South Carolina State will occur in September.
996 Regents approve UNI operating budget for 1970-71
Public Relations News Release 1969:604, p.1
5/15/1970 A largely "hold the line budget" of a little over sixteen million dollars has been approved.
997 Board of Regents approves promotions, tenure for UNI faculty members
Public Relations News Release 1969:502, p.1
4/13/1970 Fifty-five faculty members were promoted and/or tenured; list of those who were promoted or tenured.
998 Regents approve preliminary estimates on 1970-71 UNI budget
Public Relations News Release 1969:489, p.1
4/9/1970 The budget is 9.2 percent above the originial 1969-1970 budget of $14,730,000.
999 Maucker explains disciplinary policy
Public Relations News Release 1969:461, p.1
4/3/1970 Requests for information came from several sources follwing the student sit-in in President Maucker's home.
1000 Two Board of Regents members at UNI Today
Public Relations News Release 1969:451, p.1
3/31/1970 Members of the Board of Regents will be meeting with members of the UNI presidential evaluation committee to continue discussions regarding the selection of a new UNI president.


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