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1051 State Board of Regents meeting today on campus
College Eye 56:1, p.1
1052 Manion appointed SCI Associate Physical Plant Director
Public Relations News Release 1960:568, p.1
8/11/1961 Melvin Manion is placed as the new Associate Director of the Physical Plant, as approved by the Board of Regents. Manion is to replace E. E. Cole as Director of the plant as Cole reaches Emeritus status on July 1, 1962.
1053 ISTC name changes July 4
Public Relations News Release 1960:481, p.1
6/29/1961 The name of the Iowa State Teachers College is changed to the State College of Iowa after a ruling by the General Assembly and Board of Regents that the institution could broaden its curriculum to include students seeking liberal arts degrees.
1054 Note to editors
Public Relations News Release 1960:480, p.1
6/29/1961 The name of the Iowa State Teachers College is changed to the State College of Iowa following a ruling by the legislature and Board of Regents to broaden the role of the institution.
1055 ISTC faculty promotions announced
Public Relations News Release 1960:472, p.1
6/23/1961 President J. W. Maucker announces faculty promotions after their approval by the board of Regents. Among those promoted are faculty from the departments of social science, education and psychology, mathematics, science, business education, and art.
1056 Regents act on ISTC request
Public Relations News Release 1960:471, p.1
6/23/1961 The Board of Regents approves the line budget for the 1961-62 school year, curriculum changes for students studying to teach in junior high schools, an increase in scholarships, and maintenance projects for the men's gym, library, and arts and industries.
1057 John Cowley appointed acting department head at ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:410, p.1
5/12/1961 The Board of Regents approves the appointment of Professor John P. Cowley as head of the department of languages, speech, and literature while Professor H. Willard Reninger serves as a Fulbright lecturer in India.
1058 Board of Regents April meeting
Public Relations News Release 1960:348, p.1
4/14/1961 The Board of Regents approves new contracts for natural gas, electricity, and boiler fuel. Plans for student accident and sickness medical insurance, as well as fire insurance are under way.
1059 Board of Regents approves remodeling contract
Public Relations News Release 1960:260, p.1
3/13/1961 The Board of Regents approves a remodeling project for the women's gymnasium, as well as research for low cost student housing. A married student housing project consisting of fifty trailers is proposed.
1060 President Maucker statement to press regarding approval of function change by governor
Public Relations News Release 1960:226, p.1
2/17/1961 President J. W. Maucker makes a public address regarding the approval of the broadening of the school's function by the Board of Regents, legislature, and governor.
1061 Regents approve ISTC summer program
Public Relations News Release 1960:171, p.1
1/11/1961 The Board of Regents approves the summer program and academic year budget. Summer institutes in mathematics, science, and counseling are offered under federal grants. Workshops in eastern studies, English, art, and education are approved.
1062 ISTC to sponsor European seminar
Public Relations News Release 1960:153, p.1
12/14/1960 The Board of Regents approves tuition fees for the Social Science Seminar in Europe. Professors Howard Jones and Louis Bultena co-direct the seminar, sponsored by the Iowa State Teachers College.
1063 Board of Regents approves remodeling of Women's Gymnasium
Public Relations News Release 1960:150, p.1
12/12/1960 The Board of Regents approves a remodeling project for the Women's Gymnasium, the purchase of the Robert H. Johnson property, new room and board rates, and new tuition fees for the Social Science Seminar.
1064 Pres. Maucker to discuss askings
Public Relations News Release 1960:132, p.1
11/22/1960 President J. W. Maucker discusses the Board of Regents' legislative askings through a KWWL program, followed by a presentation of a film prepared by the three state institutions of higher education.
1065 Board approves name change for ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:122, p.1
11/11/1960 The Board of Regents approve a change in name from Iowa State Teachers College to the State College of Iowa, as well as an increase in dormitory rates. A request for a liberal arts program free of education requirements is presented to the legislature.
1066 Notes from general session of Board of Regents -- 9:00 a. m., Sept. 9, 1960
Public Relations News Release 1960:21, p.1
9/9/1960 The Board of Regents approves the appointment of Russell Euchner and Patty Lake, who will be replacing Virginia Schnepf and Mary Mortell. Euchner will be an assistant professor of education, and Mortell will be assistant director of Lawther.
1067 President J. W. Maucker welcomes Board of Regents I. S. T. C.
Public Relations News Release 1960:20, p.1
9/8/1960 President Maucker meets the Board of Regents, where he presents findings from an enrollment study and discusses new electronic laboratory equipment, the Asian Institute program, remodeling, library expansion, and the elementary education program.
1068 State Board of Regents to meet at ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:17, p.1
9/7/1960 Members of the State Board of Regents and finance committee meet with presidents, provosts, and business managers of various state institutions. Board members and visiting officials are invited to a luncheon in the Commons with President Maucker.
1069 Contracts awarded for I. S. T. C. dormitory
Public Relations News Release 1960:8, p.1
8/17/1960 Construction contracts are awarded for a new dormitory after the confirmation of financial arrangements by the Board of Regents. The new building will be located south of the men's gymnasium, and will support up to four-hundred students.
1070 AWS Represents All TC Women
Old Gold 0:0, p.136
6/1/1960 The Association of Women Students is a national organization with a chapter at TC. The AWS represents all women students on campus; Photos. This year they had two events, implemented new structures in the organization, and emphasized Women's Day.
1071 Do you want a car ban?
Daman--James E. (Student--1959)
College Eye 51:7, p.8
10/30/1959 Disagrees with the proposed car ban for the three state-supported schools.
1072 Obiter Scripta
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 51:1, p.6
9/18/1959 Discusses the Board of Regents decision not to raise the standards of admission at TC.
1073 Long-time Regents member resigns from state board
Alumnus 44:1, p.14
2/1/1959 Richard H. Plock resigns; photo.
1074 Obiter Scripta
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 50:8, p.2
10/31/1958 Recommends establishing a college for those students who do not meet academic standards for current state colleges.
1075 State Board of Regents
Old Gold 0:0, p.41
6/1/1957 Photograph of the State Board of Regents.
1076 Dean M. J. Nelson on study group
College Eye 48:30, p.3
5/24/1957 Serves on Regents coordination group.
1077 Board of Regents
Old Gold 0:0, p.82
6/1/1956 Brief description of the group; photo.
1078 State Board of Regents; the bill will undoubtedly fail to become a law
Normal Eyte 14:28, p.433
4/9/1904 Bill would provide a single governing board for the three state schools; might be some advantages to such a system; bill will likely fail due to technical problems.


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