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301 The return of chaos
Trenkamp--Timothy D. (Class of 1994)
Northern Edition 2:21, p.14
9/28/1994 Critical of drinking and fighting on College Hill at Homecoming.
302 Celebrating crowd on Hill draws police
Northern Iowan 91:10, p.1
9/27/1994 Nine arrested when some of a crowd of 800-1000 people become unruly on College Hill after closing of bars.
303 Gettin' into the groove
Fanto--Morrie J. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 91:9, p.1
9/23/1994 Students decorate windows and T-shirts for Homecoming; photo.
304 Welcome to the 'Jungle'
Trenkamp--Timothy D. (Class of 1994)
Northern Edition 2:16, p.10
8/24/1994 Describes appropriate behavior on College Hill.
305 Hill has new atmosphere; College Hill provides students with new activities close to campus
Buchheit--Peggy K. (Class of 1995)
Northern Iowan 91:1, p.1
8/23/1994 Description of College Hill Neighborhood Resource Center, new businesses such as Kwik Star and Fabulous Fashions, and other changes on the Hill.
306 College Hill residents may pay to park
Mantsch--Jo Ann
Northern Iowan 90:64, p.1
7/15/1994 City considers plan to control parking in College Hill area; map.
307 Higher fines cure for illegal parking
Northern Iowan 90:64, p.3
7/15/1994 Prefers higher fines to parking permits on College Hill.
308 Hill Resource Center opens
Mills--Jeff (Student--1994)
Northern Iowan 90:64, p.1
7/15/1994 Center will attempt to address concerns of College Hill residents, businesses, and students; photo.
309 College Hill resource center opens
Campus News Network 4:21, p.4
7/11/1994 College Hill Neighborhood Resource Center opens today on the Hill as a home for the Association and an information center.
310 UNI is the place to be this weekend
Campus News Network 4:21, p.1
7/11/1994 Thousands of visitors will attend the College Hill Arts Festival and Iowa Games Qualifying Festival this weekend.
311 College Hill area target for vandalism . . . UNI student fined for possession of stop sign
Northern Iowan 90:56, p.1
4/29/1994 Many signs vandalized in College Hill neighborhood in recent years.
312 Behind the Bar; may I see an ID, please?
Trenkamp--Timothy D. (Class of 1994)
Northern Edition 2:8, p.2
3/9/1994 A look at the process of identification card checking.
313 Resource center planned for College Hill neighborhood
Northern Edition 2:7, p.4
3/2/1994 Plans to start information center in storefront on College Hill.
314 The College Hill Neighborhood Master Plan
Northern Edition 2:5, p.13
2/16/1994 Implementation of the plan; drawing.
315 Producing a long range land use plan: The College Hill Neighborhood
Northern Edition 2:4, p.1
2/9/1994 Outline of the plan; drawing.
316 The College Hill neighborhood
Public Relations News Release 2:3, p.1
2/2/1994 Cedar Falls city planners develop long range plan for College Hill.
317 New postal substation on the Hill
Campus News Network 4:11, p.4
1/31/1994 New postal substation is established at University Book and Supply.
318 Fake ID's: not as fool proof as students think
Koppes--Kelly L.
Northern Iowan 90:31, p.4
1/25/1994 Police and local bar owners talk about detecting false identification cards.
319 Mayor-elect views close relationship with UNI
Northern Edition 1:7, p.2
12/8/1993 Ed Stachovic notes problems faced by city and UNI community.
320 Zoning changes may mean headaches for residence, business owners
Muether--Anthony J. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 90:21, p.1
11/9/1993 Would restrict parking and review additions or improvements.
321 Fraternity plans to build mansion
Potter--James Erik (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 90:14, p.2
10/15/1993 Sigma Alpha Epsilon will tear down two houses to build new house on 23rd Street.
322 College Hill hopes for quieter Homecoming
Hogan--John M. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 90:12, p.1
10/8/1993 Bar owners and police plan to keep situation under control.
323 Homecoming draws people, money
Northern Iowan 90:12, p.2
10/8/1993 Many business owners say that their businesses do well at Homecoming.
324 Parking violators beware; neighborhood association wants city to crack down on parking violators
Northern Iowan 90:2, p.1
8/31/1993 Plan underway for future of College Hill neighborhood; parking is central issue.
325 Cedar Falls residents crack down on student neighbors
Lovick--Kelli R.
Northern Iowan 89:64, p.1
7/23/1993 Homeowners attempt to maintain appearance of neighborhood and common courtesy among all residents.
326 Changes in store for the Hill
Northern Iowan 89:59, p.1
6/18/1993 Cedar Falls employs consultant to consider zoning, parking, nuisances, and transportation on College Hill; Berg's Drugstore undergoes remodeling in preparing to open as copy service; photo.
327 If they tell you to expect the unexpected. . .
Strauss--Chad (Class of 1995)
Old Gold 0:0, p.2
6/1/1993 International Food Fair guests are served cultural dishes; photo. UNI Flag Girls support drummer; photo. Students play table games, Jenga; photo. Updates to halls, plans for campus expansion. Students celebrate football victory over Iowa State.
328 The Hill expecting a face lift; will affect student housing and property maintenance
Northern Iowan 89:57, p.1
4/30/1993 Cedar Falls and consultants hold workshop to discuss planning for Hill development.
329 Student government promotes SAFE Alternative taxi program
Northern Iowan 89:40, p.4
2/19/1993 NISG supports taxi service for drunken students; hears report on new residence hall.
330 And all that jazz . . . .
Northern Iowan 89:30, p.1
1/15/1993 Charles Means plays at Garden; photo.
331 Rednecks of money machine
Bresland--John (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 89:25, p.7
11/24/1992 Recounts experiences at ATM late on a Friday night.
332 Courier defends coverage
Northern Iowan 89:14, p.3
10/16/1992 Courier editor refutes NI editor's charge on coverage of College Hill weekend events.
333 Gunshots fired at Bo's Friday; Waterloo man charged with terrorism
Northern Iowan 89:13, p.1
10/13/1992 Man fires shots into ceiling during argument; captured and charged by police.
334 Untitled
Northern Iowan 89:13, p.3
10/13/1992 Considers media coverage of recent activities and violence on College Hill.
335 Concern with CFPD techniques
Hill--Marie L.
Northern Iowan 89:12, p.2
10/9/1992 Believes Cedar Falls Police used confrontational tactics and poor communication skills.
336 Hill merchants and police meet to discuss problems
Northern Iowan 89:12, p.5
10/9/1992 Meeting held to discuss recent violence and disturbance on College Hill; police outline actions.
337 Police disperse crowd on College Hill; streets blocked off to protect Homecoming crowd
Northern Iowan 89:12, p.1
10/9/1992 Police disperse crowds outside bars at 2:30 AM without significant incident.
338 Anonymous letter: a new kind of drinking game
Northern Iowan 89:4, p.2
9/11/1992 Ironic reply to earlier letter.
339 Authority of Public Safety questioned
Fleischman--Joseph Anthony
Northern Iowan 89:1, p.2
8/28/1992 Student recounts experiences with Public Safety officers after he is stopped on way home from drinking on College Hill.
340 Welcome to the machine
Northern Iowan 89:1, p.14
8/28/1992 Guide to College Hill bars and restaurants.
341 Warm temps don't help warm up sales on the Hill
Northern Iowan 88:62, p.6
7/17/1992 Summer means slower business on College Hill.
342 Students flock together in great weather
Northern Iowan 88:42, p.11
3/3/1992 Students wait outside College Hill bar; photo.
343 Bars are a popular hangout for college students; which way to the Hill?
Northern Iowan 88:23, p.9
11/19/1991 Students tell why they go to bars.
344 Greeks spend day cleaning up College Hill
Goodlove--Sara A. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 87:50, p.1
345 Clean-up beautifies the Hill
Heater--Rob (Student--1989-1990)
Northern Iowan 87:14, p.9
10/19/1990 College Hill residents participated in Fall Neighborhood Pride Day and cleaned the area.
346 The Hill and Thursday nights; for those of you who want three day weekends
Johnston--Krista L. (Class of 1992)
Northern Iowan 87:13, p.10
10/16/1990 Students search for entertainment and relaxation on Thursday nights; photo.
347 Back from the future
Fisher--Carrie A. (Classes of 1993 and 1996)
Northern Iowan 87:9, p.7B
10/2/1990 View of UNI campus and College Hill in 1999.
348 Poor judgement?
Byrne--Carol K.
Northern Iowan 87:2, p.3
9/7/1990 Students comment on sign on College Hill business "Study Guides Available in 6pk or 12pk".
349 Life in the Normal School community
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 1:0, p.175
7/1/1990 The beginnings of extracurricular activities and groups at UNI including athletics and sports, oratory and debate, music, literary societies, and the Alumni Association; photo.
350 Following alcohol-related incidents, police increase patrol on Hill
Northern Iowan 86:41, p.1
2/27/1990 Increased patrols attempt to control large closing time crowds on the Hill.


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