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401 Art faculty critique
Northern Iowan 70:35, p.5
2/22/1974 Student work to be examined.
402 Objects that fly!
Northern Iowan 70:23, p.7
12/7/1973 Professor Harris will teach "Flying Forms"; photo.
403 Drawing nudes
Northern Iowan 70:19, p.8
11/16/1973 Students express opinions on nude models in art classes.
404 No comprehension?
Northern Iowan 70:7, p.2
10/5/1973 Believes Department of Art does not understand recent criticism of Towers Art Project.
405 Nuts to the nervous
Northern Iowan 70:4, p.1
9/25/1973 A visual world student offers a fellow student a "fortune-endowed" peanut; photo.
406 Visual world experiment
Northern Iowan 70:4, p.4
9/25/1973 Class conducts experiment by giving away what is generally considered to be junk.
407 Faculty art show combines the extraordinary and the inventive
Northern Iowan 69:54, p.7
5/11/1973 Brief review of faculty work.
408 Visual World symposium starts today
Northern Iowan 69:44, p.4
4/6/1973 Extensive schedule of programs, movies, and exhibits to be presented by Department of Art.
409 David Middlebrook appeared at UNI
Northern Iowan 69:35, p.8
2/23/1973 Demonstrated sculptural techniques and held discussions.
410 Art collection to be sold Wednesday
Northern Iowan 69:24, p.5
12/12/1972 Students and faculty will sell work.
411 Sculpture show opens Dec. 10
Northern Iowan 69:23, p.8
12/8/1972 Department of Art will feature work by faculty and students.
412 Untitled
Jensen--Paul W.
Northern Iowan 69:20, p.5
11/21/1972 UNI students supervised a children's papier-mâché workshop; photo.
413 Last session of children's workshop held Saturday
Northern Iowan 69:19, p.12
11/17/1972 Description of papier-mâché series.
414 Art students to conduct children's' workshops
Northern Iowan 69:14, p.5
10/31/1972 Will conduct Saturday morning workshops.
415 Regents approves plans for new buildings
Northern Iowan 69:12, p.1
10/24/1972 New facilities would house industrial arts, art, speech, and speech pathology.
416 Sunset Village will live no more; nostalgia come fall
Northern Iowan 68:57, p.7
6/23/1972 Scheduled to be vacated by August 15; history of the units; several units may be used for ceramics kiln; photo.
417 UNI Art Instructor Wins Award
Public Relations News Release 1972:48, p.1
10/1/1971 Dennis Jennings, an art instructor at UNI has been awarded a $100 ceramics award.
418 UNI art curriculum receives national recognition
Northern Iowan 68:4, p.4
9/28/1971 Professor Lash publishes paper.
419 UNI Arts Department to Show Films
Public Relations News Release 1972:32, p.1
9/24/1971 "Civilisation" will be presented by the art department and sponsored by the Iowa Arts Council.
420 Report by UNI Art Department Head Publichsed by New York Group
Public Relations News Release 1972:26, p.1
9/22/1971 "The Arts Process in a Democratic Society" has included a report on the basis for a new art curriculum being innovated at UNI this year.
421 Art Department to Show Films
Public Relations News Release 1972:23, p.1
9/17/1971 "Civilisation," a series of 13 films will be presented at UNI by the Iowa Arts Council.
422 UNI to Sponsor Arts Festival
Public Relations News Release 1971:479, p.1
3/24/1971 Academy award winner Ernest Intoff will be the guest artist on April 12 and 13 during a week-long art festival being held by the College of Humanities and Fine Arts; summary of programs
423 Art department offers new "films" course
Rondeau--Diane M.
Northern Iowan 67:36, p.8
3/5/1971 Will study the history and technique of the film.
424 Frje Echeverria Drawngs at UNI Art Gallery
Public Relations News Release 1970:244, p.1
12/10/1970 "Drawings", a collection of drawings done during the last six months by UNI art instructor Frje Echeverria opened Dec. 7 in the UNI gallery in the Arts and Industries Building.
425 African Art Works to be Exhibited at UNI Art Gallery
Public Relations News Release 1970:134, p.1
10/29/1970 "Contemporary African Printmakers" exhibit will be on display at UNI beginning Nov. 9.
426 Ken Lash--Art Dept. head likes what he sees
Northern Iowan 67:4, p.6
9/29/1970 Professor Lash talks about his first few weeks at UNI; aims for program; biographical sketch.
427 Administrators assume duties; new at UNI
Public Relations News Release 67:1, p.7
9/18/1970 Short sketches of new personnel.
428 Regents appoint Lash head of art dept.
Northern Iowan 66:63, p.2
7/17/1970 Biographical profile of Professor Ken Lash.
429 UNI Schedules Graduate Student Art Exhibits
Public Relations News Release 1969:672, p.1
6/30/1970 Nine graduate students will display samples of their artwork on campus during the month of July.
430 Conference in contemporary art at UNI Friday
Public Relations News Release 1969:549, p.1
4/30/1970 Sponsored by the Department of Art.
431 Grad students to present film program
Northern Iowan 66:47, p.7
4/10/1970 Art students present series.
432 Dept. heads resume teaching
Northern Iowan 66:30, p.4
1/30/1970 Professors Guillaume and Bishop step down from administrative duties.
433 Regents Approve Requests by Two UNI Department Heads to be Relieved of Adminstrative Duties
Public Relations News Release 1969:282, p.1
1/16/1970 Regents approve resignation of Dr. Clifford Bishop and Dr. Harry Guillaume; biographies of both men
434 Speakers Named for UNI Art Teachers Seminar on Curriculum
Public Relations News Release 1969:141, p.1
11/5/1969 Seminar on Nov. 7 and 8.
435 Seminar for Art Teachers Planned at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:127, p.1
10/31/1969 Art Teachers Seminar on Curriculum. Possibility for computers and their possible iimplications for art and art education.
436 Seminar for Iowa Art Teachers Planned at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:128, p.1
10/31/1969 Art Teachers Seminar.
437 Arizona Artists to Appear at UNI
Public Relations News Release 1969:83, p.1
10/17/1969 Lecture-demo sponsored by UNI Art Dept. and College of Humanities and Fine Arts.
438 Erickson property leased
Northern Iowan 66:2, p.1
9/12/1969 Erickson building at corner of Hudson and 27th Street will be used by Art Department.
439 Display honor art
Northern Iowan 65:43, p.1
3/11/1969 Exhibit work of thirteen honor students.
440 Dr. Guillaume explains art curriculum
Northern Iowan 65:22, p.12
11/22/1968 All art majors invited.
441 Art Department hosts John Wally
Northern Iowan 65:21, p.5
442 Man and materials gives artist's insight
Northern Iowan 65:14, p.8
10/25/1968 Overview of art appreciation course Man and Materials; drawing.
443 Preliminary study underway may bring new art building
Northern Iowan 65:9, p.4
10/8/1968 Committee will develop a need and scope study for a new art building; members are Ralph Haskell, Donald Finegan, and Ralph Koppell; series of lectures will help define philosophy and objectives of Art Department before planning the building.
444 Art Department sponsors fall semester film series
Northern Iowan 65:7, p.8
10/1/1968 Schedule announced for Art Department film series.
445 Dr. Alan Shields explores art, its appropriate goals
Northern Iowan 65:4, p.4
9/20/1968 Allan Shields, new Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, is first speaker in lecture series sponsored by the Art Department.
446 Czech painter Kadlec opens artist exhibits
Northern Iowan 65:3, p.4
9/17/1968 Exhibition of oil paintings by Eustach Kadlec and Otakar Stryhal will open Department of Art's annual series.
447 Dr. Shields to discuss the future of education
Northern Iowan 65:3, p.5
9/17/1968 New Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts will speak about art education; Department of Art considers need for a new art building on campus.
448 Art department displays Czech painting exhibit
Northern Iowan 65:1, p.4
9/10/1968 Exhibition of oil paintings by Eustach Kadlec and Otakar Stryhal announced.
449 'Topferkunst I' Saturday behind ceramic studio
Northern Iowan 64:57, p.6
5/17/1968 Ceramics sale.
450 14 art professors show works in exhibit
Northern Iowan 64:38, p.7
3/5/1968 Three new faculty will be featured.


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