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251 Unemployment question first to be answered by Fitzgerald
Norris--Georgia (Classes of 1982--1993--and 1999)
Northern Iowan 78:53, p.1
4/30/1982 Jerry Fitzgerald offers views; photo.
252 Campbell offers leadership as candidate for governor
Meek--Lori L. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 78:49, p.1
4/16/1982 Ed Campbell offers views.
253 UNI student runs for Iowa House seat
Meek--Lori L. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 78:44, p.1
3/30/1982 Ray Johnson will run in Iowa House District 23 against Marv Diemer; photo.
254 Senate candidate is optimistic about Iowa's future
Northern Iowan 77:16, p.6
10/31/1980 Jerry Jorgensen expresses his views; photo.
255 Ted Anderson says he is not a single issue candidate
Northern Iowan 77:16, p.7
10/31/1980 Ted Anderson expresses his views; photo.
256 Larsen cares about us
Northern Iowan 77:15, p.2
10/28/1980 Feels Leonard Larsen is the best candidate for Iowa House District 36.
257 Deal with, or avoid reality
Northern Iowan 77:14, p.2
10/24/1980 Urges students to vote for Leonard Larsen.
258 Presto, chango! Instant clout!
Jacobs--John L. (Classes of 1968 and 1974)
Northern Iowan 77:14, p.2
10/24/1980 Urges students to register to vote in the Iowa House District 36 and Iowa Senate District 18 to gain some "clout."
259 Warns of threat to education
Northern Iowan 77:11, p.2
10/7/1980 Urges voters to vote no on a bill that would allow conventions to be held to propose revisions to the Iowa constitution.
260 Debates broadcast
Public Relations News Release 77:6, p.1
9/19/1980 Debates between John Culver and Charles Grassley and also Lynn Cutler and Cooper Evans will be broadcast live by KUNI.
261 Iowa House district #36 race
Northern Iowan 75:19, p.6
11/7/1978 Marvin Diemer and Sandy Glenn state their viewpoints; photo.
262 The major contests
Northern Iowan 75:19, p.7
11/7/1978 Profiles of candidates for US Senate, Governor, and US House; photo.
263 Clark: from basketball to lobbyists' funds
Northern Iowan 75:18, p.9
11/3/1978 Senator Clark gives his viewpoints; photo.
264 Jepsen: major issue is Clark's voting record
Meek--Lori L. (Class of 1982)
Northern Iowan 75:18, p.9
11/3/1978 Roger Jepsen criticizes Senator Clark.
265 House candidates Glenn, Diemer at UNI
Northern Iowan 75:15, p.10
10/24/1978 Sandy Glenn and Marv Diemer state their positions on the issues; photo.
266 Candidates
Northern Iowan 75:14, p.7
10/17/1978 Sandy Glenn and Marv Diemer will speak.
267 If it's September, it must be campaign time
Northern Iowan 75:8, p.1
9/26/1978 Jerry Fitzgerald and Sandy Glenn speak on campus; photo.
268 Governor candidate Whitney says education concern of his
Northern Iowan 74:52, p.12
4/21/1978 Tom Whitney presents views.
269 Baker's name absent
Northern Iowan 73:20, p.5
11/9/1976 Gerald Baker's name was left off two of the voting machines in Ward 4 Precinct 4 of Cedar Falls.
270 Mary, NI are praised
Brenden--Ann E. (Class of 1978)
Northern Iowan 73:17, p.3
10/29/1976 Student is in favor of Mary O'Halloran being elected and urges others to vote for her.
271 Northern Iowan guide to local, county, and district candidates
Northern Iowan 73:17, p.6
10/29/1976 Profile of local, county, and district candidates .
272 Another vote for Mary
Northern Iowan 73:16, p.2
10/26/1976 Gives reasons to vote to Mary O'Halloran.
273 Ford over Carter in Iowan poll; UNI students say; Rapp leads Grassley
Northern Iowan 73:16, p.12
10/26/1976 Polls were taken at UNI for state and national elections.
274 O'Halloran best for UNI
Northern Iowan 73:16, p.2
10/26/1976 Feels Mary O'Halloran a better candidate for state legislator than opponent Dick Robert.
275 The Northern Iowan interviews: Dick Robert and Mary O'Halloran
Moravec--Jeff (Class of 1977)
Northern Iowan 73:16, p.6
10/26/1976 Interview held with Dick Robert and Mary O'Halloran both candidates for the Iowa's 36th district seat in the State House of Representatives.
276 3rd time for Mary
Northern Iowan 73:15, p.2
10/22/1976 Believes candidate Mary O'Halloran represents UNI well.
277 For education . . .
Northern Iowan 73:15, p.2
10/22/1976 Believes Mary O'Halloran supports education.
278 For energy . . .
Northern Iowan 73:15, p.2
10/22/1976 Believes Mary O'Halloron supports energy issues in her bid for state legislature.
279 More on Robert
Northern Iowan 73:15, p.2
10/22/1976 Believes Dick Robert will work for UNI if elected.
280 Support for Dick Robert
Northern Iowan 73:15, p.2
10/22/1976 Letter of support for Dick Robert running for state legislature.
281 Support for Dick Robert
Northern Iowan 73:15, p.2
10/22/1976 Another letter of support for Dick Robert running for state legislature.
282 Democrat dance
Northern Iowan 73:14, p.4
10/19/1976 Young Democrats to sponsor dance to meet candidates running for office. Steven Rapp, Ted Anderson, Mary O'Halloran to be in attendance.
283 More on O'Halloran
Adams--Debbie (Student--1995)
Northern Iowan 73:14, p.2
10/19/1976 Gives support to Mary O'Halloran, candidate for state representative.
284 O'Halloran support
Gallagher--James (Student 1976; General Assembly)
Northern Iowan 73:14, p.2
10/19/1976 Support for Mary O'Halloran, candidate for state representative.
285 More on O'Halloran
Northern Iowan 73:13, p.3
10/15/1976 Gives support to Mary O'Halloran who is running for representative of the 36th District.
286 Reps here
Northern Iowan 73:12, p.1
10/12/1976 Diane Brandt, Mary O'Halloran, Maureen Kheld, Dick Robert, Al Garrison, and John Rude hold forum at the Union.
287 Anderson coffee
Northern Iowan 73:10, p.4
10/5/1976 Ted Anderson's campaign committee will serve free coffee and cookies in the Georgian Lounge.
288 A conservative offering
Northern Iowan 71:16, p.5
10/25/1974 Interview with Professor Scott, who is running for governor on the American Party slate.
289 Schaben to speak Monday
Northern Iowan 71:14, p.5
10/18/1974 Gubernatorial candidate Jim Schaben will speak; photo.
290 Stanley: "Promises are cheap"
Northern Iowan 71:14, p.10
10/18/1974 Excerpts from speech by David Stanley.
291 Candidates session
Northern Iowan 71:13, p.12
10/15/1974 John Culver, Mary O'Halloran, Steve Rapp, and Lynn Cutler will appear.
292 Stanley next in series
Northern Iowan 71:13, p.5
10/15/1974 Senatorial candidate David Stanley will speak; photo.
293 Candidates name key issues
Alden--Chris (Student--1976)
Northern Iowan 71:3, p.5
9/10/1974 Representatives Grassley and Rapp outline positions; photo.
294 Meet the candidates
Northern Iowan 70:45, p.9
4/9/1974 Third District Republican candidates will be on campus.
295 Hansen and Uban respond
Northern Iowan 69:16, p.4
11/7/1972 UNISA sends out questions.
296 Gannon and Neu face issues
Northern Iowan 69:15, p.9
11/3/1972 Candidate Art Neu and Bill Gannon's representative Robert Fulton speak with students.
297 Miller versus Clark
Northern Iowan 69:14, p.1
10/31/1972 Senator Miller and Dick Clark present their views; photo.
298 Lt. Governor candidates campaign on campus
Northern Iowan 69:13, p.1
10/27/1972 Art Neu and a representative for Bill Gannon will appear.
299 Franzenburg and Ray visit UNI; discussing the issues . . .
Bodnar--Edward W. (Class of 1974)
Northern Iowan 69:10, p.7
10/17/1972 Candidates outline positions; photo.
300 UNI polls election vote
Northern Iowan 69:9, p.8
10/13/1972 Report on polls of UNI students about upcoming elections.


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