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101 Tight market may lead job seekers to alternate careers
Public Relations News Release 2002:584, p.1
6/30/2003 Strategies for job seekers in a declining job market are discussed.
102 UNI students seek out-of-state employment
Northern Iowan 99:56, p.1
6/13/2003 Due to lack of employment options in Iowa, students seek jobs outside the state.
103 University of Northern Iowa to host National Educator Expo Saturday
Public Relations News Release 2002:399, p.1
3/24/2003 Ninety-one school districts will be present at the national Educator Expo to recruit new teachers.
104 Dating in the workplace
Public Relations News Release 2002:373, p.1
3/10/2003 Restrictions and norms about dating co-workers will be explored.
105 Interviewing skills a must in job hunt
Wenthold--Rebecca L. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:37, p.9
2/18/2003 Marilyn Shaw offers suggestions for interviewing for a job.
106 Abandon Iowa? Think again
Northern Iowan 99:32, p.5
1/31/2003 Commends those graduates who choose to stay in Iowa after graduation.
107 Student voices
Northern Iowan 99:32, p.9
1/31/2003 Students respond to the question: Do you plan on staying in Iowa after you graduate?; photo.
108 Graduates face job market
Northern Iowan 99:27, p.7
12/10/2002 Encourages students to attend the job fair at Hawkeye Community College, since joblessness is increasing in today's economy.
109 Long hours may lower GPA
Public Relations News Release 2001:460, p.1
4/29/2002 The correlation between working long hours and academic performance will be discussed.
110 Summertime is the time to bring in the green; . . . how to search for and obtain that "perfect" summer job!
Weiskircher--Heidi B. (Classes of 2005 and 2006)
Northern Iowan 98:50, p.13
4/16/2002 Students talk about where they will be working this summer, and suggestions are offered about how to find a good summer job.
111 Graduates look for jobs in scarce market
Scudder--Jeffrey (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 98:46, p.1
4/2/2002 Students are encouraged to use more than just the Internet to do their job searches; human contact is just as important.
112 Serendipity Safari
Rogness--Jared C. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 98:20, p.6
11/9/2001 Comments on the job market available to students after graduation.
113 Job market crashes and burns
Walk--Christian P. (Student--1998-2002)
Northern Iowan 98:17, p.1
10/30/2001 Susan Schwieger, associate director of the Career Center, encourages students not to worry about finding a job after graduation.
114 Changing face of layoffs in the workplace
Public Relations News Release 2000:0, p.1
5/28/2001 Fred Abraham talks about how businesses face the problem of laying off workers.
115 Bear today, bull tomorrow
Northern Iowan 97:50, p.1
4/10/2001 A national recession could keep UNI graduates from finding jobs.
116 Student voices
Northern Iowan 97:50, p.10
4/10/2001 Students respond to the question, "Are you worried about the economic slow-down affecting your future job opportunities?"; photo.
117 Improving lives of employed Iowans
Public Relations News Release 2000:263, p.1
2/26/2001 Lowell Norland claims new training program is different because it focuses on current employees.
118 Improving lives of employed Iowans object of Iowa Training Opportunity Program at UNI
Public Relations News Release 2000:193, p.1
12/22/2000 The Iowa Training Opportunity Program is an eighteen month pilot project aimed at current employees.
119 McLeod comes to campus
Northern Iowan 97:18, p.1
10/27/2000 McLeodUSA Day will allow students to talk to representatives from McLeodUSA on possible employment.
120 This is not your father's resume
Public Relations News Release 1999:142, p.1
11/22/1999 Muriel Stone talks about the effects of the Internet on locating jobs; tells how job searchers can put it to use.
121 Chemistry majors move into diverse careers
Public Relations News Release 1999:0, p.1
11/1/1999 Professor Duane Bartak discusses the many jobs a chemistry major can find.
122 Help wanted
Public Relations News Release 1999:53, p.1
9/27/1999 Discussion with Professor Janet Rives about competition among employers for new employees.
123 University of Northern Iowa students take part in professional preview days in Des Moines
Public Relations News Release 1998:357, p.1
4/29/1999 UNI students took part in 'Professional Preview Days', a job-shadowing program held in Des Moines. A list of those participating is given.
124 Job satisfaction outranks salary in student's criteria; love outweighs money for '99 grads
Bingaman--Sarah Marie (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 95:48, p.1
4/6/1999 Survey reports 84% of Class of '99 said salary was at top of their employment considerations; average job search lasts four months.
125 CareerLink connects students with employment opportunities
Northern Iowan 95:32, p.1
1/29/1999 CareerLink replaces the DASIS disk and assists students in finding a job over the Internet; photo.
126 (Net) Work your way to success
Eischen--Megan M. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 95:31, p.12
1/26/1999 Students should begin building a network of contacts in their field.
127 Closed minds run rampant on UNI campus
Patocka--Jason (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 95:28, p.7
12/11/1998 Students choose majors and careers depending on their interests; society also benefits from fine arts majors.
128 Future promising for class of '99, study reports
Northern Iowan 95:28, p.1
12/11/1998 Job market is predicted to be good for those graduating next year.
129 Area teachers learn about local labor market at UNI workshop
Public Relations News Release 1997:400, p.1
7/14/1998 Summer workshop being held for area teachers, called "The Local Labor Market", will focus on qualifications potential employers look for in the hiring process.
130 They're getting a diploma--but will they get a job?
Public Relations News Release 1997:333, p.1
4/30/1998 1460 seniors graduate on Saturday, but it is uncertain if all will be able to locate a job.
131 National trends create greater demand for education majors
Bingaman--Sarah Marie (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 94:33, p.4
2/3/1998 Growing school enrollments outside Iowa and reduced class sizes mean more open positions for UNI graduates.
132 Survive and succeed in the 90's
Public Relations News Release 1997:189, p.1
1/22/1998 Former "Omni" magazine editor Gurney Williams will speak at UNI regarding the job market.
133 Employers screening job applicants with pre-employment tests
Public Relations News Release 1997:29, p.1
9/11/1997 Michael Gasser, UNI assistant professor of pschology, reports that some employment tests gauging honesty or skills are accurate, while others are not.
134 Many summer job opportunities
Northern Iowan 93:52, p.9
4/22/1997 Tips for preparing to find summer employment.
135 Spring: sittin' on the couch, veggin' out, wonderin' why
Northern Iowan 93:44, p.6
3/14/1997 Comments on spring break and finding a job after graduation.
136 How about a career in parade float design, saddle making?
Northern Iowan 93:24, p.5
11/22/1996 Columnist explores interesting careers.
137 Web site lists job opportunities geared toward college students
Northern Iowan 93:2, p.6
9/6/1996 StudentCenter web site provides tips on resumes, interviewing, and finding a job.
138 Help for student entrepreneurs
Campus News Network 6:21, p.5
7/29/1996 Entrepreneurial Advisory Resource Network met at UNI this spring to assist those interested in becoming entrepreneurs.
139 Jobs where being anal retentive pays
Northern Iowan 92:43, p.7
3/12/1996 Humorous look at various occupations.
140 Hiring minorities
Public Relations News Release 1994:504, p.1
6/12/1995 Minorities have a good chance to enter the job force.
141 Pepsi driver causes flashback to time spent in trenches; more to driving distribution truck than pulling through in clutch
Northern Iowan 91:41, p.5
2/24/1995 Recounts experiences of driving a Pepsi truck.
142 Red, white and-green; what people do for money
Northern Iowan 91:31, p.13
1/20/1995 Considers ways to make money, including selling plasma.
143 The joy of bartending
Trenkamp--Timothy D. (Class of 1994)
Northern Edition 2:13, p.2
4/20/1994 Why he enjoys his job.
144 New job trends reshape career choices
Goodlove--Sara A. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 90:42, p.8
3/4/1994 Notes promising jobs of future.
145 Behind the Bar; the price that should be paid
Trenkamp--Timothy D. (Class of 1994)
Northern Edition 2:6, p.2
2/23/1994 Says that people in service businesses deserve tips.
146 University of Northern Iowa student radio station KCRS accepting applications for management positions for next year
Public Relations News Release 1987:304, p.1
3/10/1988 Professor Jonathan Hall announces that KCRS is accepting applications for several positions, including program director, general manager, production supervisor, and chief engineer. Applications are available in Maucker Union, CAC, and the Auditorium.
147 Radio News Network Broadcast Briefs
Public Relations News Release 1987:180, p.1
12/17/1987 James Albrecht explains how school districts are avoiding consolidation. Doctor Bruce Plakke speaks on hearing aids. The Offices of Financial Aid and Cooperative Education create one-hundred community jobs. Jane Asimus gives winter weather precautions.
148 Professional masks can cause 'numbness' in work, personal relationships, says Northern Iowa professor
Public Relations News Release 1987:175, p.1
12/11/1987 Professor Pamela Jones-Edwards speaks on individuals masking their thoughts and feelings in the workplace, leading them to lose touch with their emotions both at work and in personal relationships.
149 New University of Northern Iowa job line gives fast, easy access to employment information
Public Relations News Release 1987:166, p.1
12/4/1987 Information on campus job opportunities is made available through recordings on the university "job line". Employment personnel are still available for specific questions regarding appointments and clerical testing.
150 Career-bound handicapped learn special skills through program designed by UNI profs
Public Relations News Release 1987:437, p.1
7/23/1987 Professor William Callahan discusses the goals of students of the special education training program. The program emphasizes the teaching of social skills to the handicapped to help them maintain healthy work relationships.


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