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151 New University of Northern Iowa job line gives fast, easy access to employment information
Public Relations News Release 1987:166, p.1
12/4/1987 Information on campus job opportunities is made available through recordings on the university "job line". Employment personnel are still available for specific questions regarding appointments and clerical testing.
152 Career-bound handicapped learn special skills through program designed by UNI profs
Public Relations News Release 1987:437, p.1
7/23/1987 Professor William Callahan discusses the goals of students of the special education training program. The program emphasizes the teaching of social skills to the handicapped to help them maintain healthy work relationships.
153 Radio News Network Broadcast Briefs
Public Relations News Release 1987:383, p.1
5/28/1987 Students consume seventy-five thousand gallons of milk annually. Robert Ross analyzes Robert Dole's chances of winning the Iowa Caucus. Paul Winter outlines the benefits of the Institute for Decision Making Science. Larry Routh predicts employment rates.
154 Radio News Network Broadcast Briefs
Public Relations News Release 1987:352, p.1
4/30/1987 Graduating Iowan teachers are faced with a lack of job opportunities. Ken Jacobsen explains the qualities that employers look for, and the importance of personal references. Larry Routh outlines career opportunities for business majors.
155 UNI seminar offers examples from experts on successful economic development programs
Public Relations News Release 1987:303, p.1
4/6/1987 The Management Development Center, Office of Continuing Education Visitor Services sponsored a seminar for professional developers to discuss strategies for creating jobs and attracting business to the community. Participants included faculty speakers.
156 UNI Spring Career Fair to acquaint students with job opportunities, options
Public Relations News Release 1987:293, p.1
3/31/1987 Representatives of twenty-six companies appeared at the Spring Career Fair. They spoke with students about internships, summer employment, and fulltime positions. The event was coordinated by the Department of Counseling, Placement and Career Services.
157 Iowa exports talented graduates
Northern Iowan 82:40, p.1
3/4/1986 Iowa Placement Association developed a plan to help graduates find jobs in Iowa.
158 Student job newsletter
Moss--Patty (Student--1984-1986)
Northern Iowan 82:35, p.7
2/14/1986 Four public relations are coordinating a jobs newsletter for liberal arts majors.
159 Kampus
Northern Iowan 82:31, p.2
1/31/1986 Police officers discuss working in Cedar Falls.
160 'Exceptional' students?
Northern Iowan 80:49, p.3
4/6/1984 William Querbach, President of Questron Corporation, seeks applicants for part-time employment and full-time summer jobs.
161 1983 graduates face stiff competition in job market
Spain--Helene Marie (Class of 1985)
Northern Iowan 79:51, p.6
4/22/1983 Larry Routh talks at length on their prospects.
162 What's up
Northern Iowan 79:31, p.7
2/1/1983 Meetings and acivities; Organization and Finance Committee.
163 Depressed economy--creates gloomy employment outlook
Northern Iowan 79:9, p.12
9/28/1982 National survey of job prospects.
164 Job market bleak for college grads
Watts--Jennifer S.
Northern Iowan 77:26, p.6
12/12/1980 Employment agencies talk about prospects.
165 Job prospects 'dismal;' students should apply as soon as possible
Northern Iowan 76:53, p.12
4/29/1980 Galen Cox with Job Services of Iowa in Waterloo, talks about the poor job outlook for graduates.
166 UNI to Offer 15 Jobs Through Federal Program
Public Relations News Release 1972:101, p.1
10/25/1971 Funding through the Emergency Employment Opportunity Act of 1971 will enable UNI to Offer 15 Jobs that might lead to permanent employment.
167 UNI Education Association to Sponsor Meeting for Public Employees
Public Relations News Release 1971:517, p.1
4/8/1971 The meeting is regarding the proposed Public Employment Negtiation Act (PENA) and will be held in Room 120 of Seerley Hall on April 13th.
168 New placement for future jobs?
College Eye 52:29, p.6
5/5/1961 Encourages individuals to evaluate their past experience to determine possible career choices.
169 Christmas sales training course to be offered by ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:79, p.1
10/18/1960 Edward Scannell instructs a course for students interested in employment for the holiday season. The course covers arithmetic, money handling, and attributes of a quality salesperson.
170 Prejudices Hinder Peace, Says Negro Leader
Public Relations News Release 1950:126, p.1
11/13/1950 Whitney M. Young of Omaha, Nebraska was the main speaker at the annual Race Relations conference which started Sunday at the college. She said that Negroes of this nation are anti-communistic, despite the tremendous prejudices against them.
171 Let's face employment facts
College Eye 41:28, p.2
4/28/1950 Students are encouraged to look to other professions for employment, as the need for teachers in high school is dropping.
172 Goetch announces civil examinations
College Eye 41:5, p.6
10/14/1949 Examination allows for the recruitment of qualified seniors for federal positions.
173 Jobs in civil service available says Goetch
College Eye 40:22, p.6
174 Civil Service jobs open says Goetch
College Eye 40:12, p.8
175 Post office positions open in Cedar Falls
College Eye 39:19, p.3
176 Which road?
Ray--Jean (Class of 1950))
College Eye 38:21, p.2
2/21/1947 Students believe that they must choose between a high wage business career or a low wage teaching career.
177 Neatness and jobs run hand-in-hand
College Eye 32:42, p.3
8/8/1941 Advice on looking good for job interviews.
178 Urge chemists to try for government jobs
College Eye 31:36, p.1
6/21/1940 Explosive chemists sought.
179 Collegians earn $100-$125 at first
College Eye 31:20, p.1
2/16/1940 Expect to earn from $100-$125 per month.
180 Employment factories
College Eye 30:41, p.2
8/4/1939 Believes school boards are investigating possibilities of vocational education for their communities; training citizens for life in a community is the purpose of education.
181 "My Job" subject of forum speech
College Eye 27:38, p.2
4/10/1936 Mrs. William Hey talks about opportunities for women.
182 "Unemployed youth in college"--Charles
College Eye 26:29, p.3
2/1/1935 Professor Charles believes that young people who were formerly in the workforce are now in school.
183 Too many of us
College Eye 26:8, p.2
7/27/1934 Stop oversupply of teachers.
184 Business men list job hints for graduates
College Eye 26:4, p.4
6/29/1934 At New Jersey conference.
185 Untitled
College Eye 23:44, p.7
6/1/1932 Many fewer teaching positions in Iowa.
186 Rocky Mountain Lodge asks for college "help"
College Eye 22:16, p.6
1/23/1931 Will need summer help.
187 Students in elementary and secondary schools of seven states
Public Relations News Release 1929:499, p.1
5/14/1930 About 500 ISTC graduates find jobs in seven different states.
188 A good idea
College Eye 20:5, p.2
10/11/1928 Advice on finding a job.
189 Who wants a position for the Summer?
College Eye 19:17, p.5
1/11/1928 Students urged to watch bulletin board for summer job openings in Estes Park.
190 Students in England barred from business
College Eye 18:27, p.2
1/26/1927 Prejudice against business keeps some English graduates from finding a job.
191 Pedagogical tremors
College Eye 17:46, p.4
5/26/1926 Trying to imagine what seniors are thinking about their first jobs.
192 The inquiring reporter
College Eye 17:37, p.5
3/24/1926 Asks students what they would really like to do for a living.
193 Elinor Schroeder
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.8
7/1/1922 Elinor Schroeder resigns from her position in the physical education staff to seek employment elsewhere.
194 The place of the American student
Armstrong--Margaret Celeste (Class of 1924)
College Eye 13:33, p.4
5/3/1922 Facts students need to consider as they get ready to enter the work force.
195 Should men and women receive the same wages?
College Eye 11:15, p.1
1/14/1920 Mary Hunter and Ivan Pollock discussed Industrial Standards for wages and hours worked per week.
196 Employment of returned soldiers
College Eye 10:10, p.2
1/15/1919 Gives information on the way the U.S. Employment Service is finding jobs for returning soldiers.
197 Untitled
College Eye 4:12, p.1
12/10/1914 Quote from "Dad" Elliott concerning where professionals should locate themselves.
198 Fall 2014 Career Fair guide
Northern Iowan 111:6, p.Supp
The career fair will take place in the McLeod Center September 25, 2014. There are a collection of articles related to the career fair; photo.


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