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1 An 'apology' for the Liberal Arts Core
Peterson--Caitlin Anne (Student--2011)
Northern Iowan 110:13, p.4
10/11/2013 Explains why the Liberal Arts Core is important. Tells where the term came from and why UNI is referred to as a "Liberal Arts School."
2 Regrets after all these years . . .
Meinecke--Heather (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 102:1, p.7
8/26/2005 Urges students to stick with their harder classes and enjoy general education classes more.
3 Perspective: from General Education to Liberal Arts Core--What's in a name?
Podolefsky--Aaron Mayer (CSBS Dean; Provost)
Northern Iowa Today 86:2, p.32
7/1/2002 Provost Podolefsky offers his opinion on the renaming of the General Education program.
4 Liberal Arts Core name change reflects importance of program
Northern Iowa Today 30:2, p.2
4/1/2002 A two-year process has resulted in a name change of the General Education Program to the Liberal Arts Core.
5 Gen Ed classes necessary part of liberal education?
Northern Iowan 98:20, p.6
11/9/2001 Believes that a good general education program will offer students a wide variety of classes from which to choose.
6 Marilyn Drury and TyAnn Morehead
Campus News Network 12:2, p.Insert 1
9/11/2001 Presented at the National Syllabus Conference on UNI May Institute.
7 Cluster course sparks interest
Green--Nathan R. (Classes of 2002 and 2005)
Northern Iowan 97:27, p.12
12/5/2000 The General Education Cluster Course is composed of four independent classes.
8 Scheduling snafu haunts students
Northern Iowan 96:29, p.1
1/14/2000 More than two hundred had to enroll in new classes after their Africa Non-Western Cultures class was cancelled for the semester. The instructor for the class, Stan Okafor, could not secure a work visa.
9 Opportunities of cluster course revealed in article
Bozik--Mary E. (Communication Studies Faculty)
Northern Iowan 96:17, p.6
10/26/1999 Faculty members thank Northern Iowan for their article on their cluster course and acknowledge Karen Tracey's role in the project.
10 Cluster course restructures general education classes
Northern Iowan 96:14, p.1
10/15/1999 New General Education Cluster Course (010:059) integrates Humanities II, American Civilization, Oral Communication, and College Reading & Writing; photo.
11 Gen-ed requirements asking a bit much
Patocka--Jason (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 95:36, p.7
2/12/1999 Columnist questions UNI's general education requirements.
12 Humanities II goes to Europe
McCurley--Lynn A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 94:55, p.13
5/1/1998 Thirteen students will earn six credits each for studying Humanities II and the Holocaust in Cracow, Poland, this summer.
13 Faculty profile: Rick Stinchfield; why the environment matters
Yates--Carole Shelley (CEEE Coordinator & Program Assistant)
Northern Iowa Today 81:2, p.12
1/1/1998 Biographical sketch of Rick Stinchfield; photo.
14 "Personal Hellness" just another attempt at conformity
Northern Iowan 94:15, p.8
10/21/1997 Believes that students should not be required to take Personal Wellness course.
15 Why mathematics is humanities
Grimes--Vicki King (Public Relations Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 81:1, p.10
7/1/1997 Professor Joel Haack believes that mathematics is a communications skill necessary to daily living.
16 UNI Faculty Senate meeting; communications requirements currently under discussion
Northern Iowan 93:47, p.1
4/4/1997 General education requirements and UNI Strategic Plan were topics of discussion at Faculty Senate meeting.
17 Your choices are unlimited with capstone
Hicks--Benjamin H. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 93:47, p.10
4/4/1997 Although all students must take Environment Technology and Society course, each section is different.
18 Feminism: very important part of culture
Thomas--Calvin (English Faculty)
Northern Iowan 93:34, p.7
2/7/1997 Faculty member agrees with columnist that feminism should be discussed more in existing general education courses.
19 Should students be forced to take women's studies?
Northern Iowan 93:32, p.6
1/31/1997 Columnists comment on students being required to take general education course in women's studies.
20 A new president at the helm
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.103
7/1/1995 Biographical sketch of Malcolm Price; President Price's initial views and objectives; photo.
21 Curriculum and related matters, 1940-1950
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.132
7/1/1995 Detailed coverage of curriculum change, especially the movement to reformulate general education.
22 Other major administrative, service, and curricular changes
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.234
7/1/1995 The college adopts the semester plan to begin in summer, 1957; changes in student teaching supervision include resumption of work in Cedar Falls schools; institution of honors program and work with provisional students; photo.
23 Program, personnel, and other changes
Lang--William C. (Vice President; History Faculty)
A Century of Leadership and Service 2:0, p.50
7/1/1995 President Latham determines the appropriate role for extension and consultant service; alters and strengthens curriculum; considers graduate study; student voice anti-war sentiments; photo.
24 Oral communications no longer waived for incoming students
Mantsch--Jo Ann
Northern Iowan 90:61, p.1
6/24/1994 Course will be reinstated as general education requirement this fall.
25 Students should pick their general education classes
Northern Iowan 90:61, p.3
6/24/1994 Believes general education system is old enough that it needs to revised.
26 A decade of leadership
Chilcott--Susan Metz (Public Relations Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 77:2, p.15
1/1/1994 Interview with President Curris on the development under his leadership; photo.
27 We are the world . . . But who are we?
Northern Iowa Today 76:1, p.6
7/1/1992 UNI's response to the development of a "multicultural, non-sexist" curriculum.
28 Announcement!
Northern Iowan 88:55, p.5
4/24/1992 Several sections of research writing to be offered to fulfill general education requirement.
29 Leading the new concept of personal wellness
Yates--Carole Shelley (CEEE Coordinator & Program Assistant)
Northern Iowa Today 75:2, p.7
1/1/1992 Development of wellness concept at UNI; plans for future include new wellness center.
30 Mission not impossible
Chilcott--Susan Metz (Public Relations Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 74:1, p.16
7/1/1990 Interview with Dean Byers-Pevitts on role of College of Humanities and Fine Arts; photo.
31 Curris outlines path to excellence at UNI
Miller--Jennifer C. (Student--1989-1990)
Northern Iowan 86:30, p.1
1/19/1990 President Curris describes areas in which the university should make special efforts including fully implementing general education, enhancing diversity, stabilizing tuition, and improving graduate programs.
32 The knowledge explosion; preparing teachers for the '90s and beyond
Waack--William Lee (Class of 1949; Education Faculty)
Northern Iowa Today 73:2, p.12
1/1/1990 Director of Teacher Education discusses ways that UNI is training teachers to meet future challenges including culture, communication, and curriculum.
33 Report suggests more gen ed
Armstrong--Holly (Student--1989)
Northern Iowan 86:22, p.5
11/17/1989 Faculty believe UNI comes close to meeting the Cheney Reports recommendations of fifty gen ed hours.
34 Section number means difference for students
Northern Iowan 86:11, p.1
10/10/1989 Standards seem to differ across different sections of humanities.
35 Can the American mind be reopened?; rethinking undergraduate education
Northern Iowa Today 73:1, p.6
7/1/1989 Survey of recent efforts by UNI to enhance quality of undergraduate education; photo.
36 The three languages
Hovet--Grace Ann (English Faculty)
Northern Iowa Today 73:1, p.3
7/1/1989 Analyzes intent of UNI general education program.
37 Gen. Ed. program debated; faculty concerned as
White--Ryan A. (Class of 1989)
Northern Iowan 85:14, p.1
10/14/1988 Faculty Senate considers General Education report; attempts to understand implications for students and faculty.
38 Marrying liberal education and vocations; a case for the liberal education of the dental hygienist
Hamer--Melanie R. (Classes of 1970 and 1992)
Nonpareil 72:3, p.7
7/1/1988 Instructor of dental hygiene offers views of value of general education; photo.
39 Overcoming subject turf tending
Davis--Darrel Wilber (Accounting Faculty)
Nonpareil 72:3, p.31
7/1/1988 Professor Davis outlines philosophy and achievements of recent general education revision; photo.
40 The long view: general education for life
Blake--Debra J. (Class of 1977; Public Relations Staff)
Nonpareil 72:3, p.2
7/1/1988 Background for recent changes in general education at UNI; photo.
41 Why study humanities?
Nonpareil 72:3, p.4
7/1/1988 Student Jean Hedrington outlines what she is getting from her general education course; photo.
42 Class to replace writing competency exam
Northern Iowan 84:38, p.1
2/16/1988 Composition class will be offered in fall.
43 Double-counting for courses changed
Iwerks--Daniel H. (Classes of 1991 and 1994)
Northern Iowan 84:37, p.5
2/12/1988 In certain cases students may double count six hours; new general education program will be fully phased in by 1990.
44 Faculty Senate looks at double-counting
Northern Iowan 84:33, p.3
1/29/1988 Some question about whether or not the Senate can change something already approved by the entire faculty; also establish committee that will look at use of part-time and temporary faculty.
45 Faculty debate arises over course request
Northern Iowan 84:28, p.1
12/8/1987 Opposition to request of College of Education to add human relations course to General Education sequence; would allow teacher education majors to double count the course for both general education and their major course of study.
46 New requirements cost students
Hawley--Michael C.
Northern Iowan 84:9, p.2
9/25/1987 Believes that new professional sequence and general education will keep students in school an extra year.
47 The Human Element
McKinlay--Michael John (Classes of 1986 and 1990;
Northern Iowan 84:5, p.2
9/11/1987 Believes compromise can be met between professional sequence and general education.
48 Ward to be acting English head
Moore--Lisa E. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 83:58, p.5
5/5/1987 Robert Ward talks about what he thinks he needs to do to guide the department.
49 UNI sticks with number system for course ID's
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 83:53, p.4
4/17/1987 Faculty Senate approves maintaining course numbering system; accept general education report calling for improved staffing and changes in numbering for interdisciplinary courses.
50 Writing competency examination to be eliminated
Northern Iowa Today 15:2, p.8
3/1/1987 Students will take writing course instead under new general education program.


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