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201 Local women students asked to live in own homes
Alumnus 47:1, p.9
2/1/1962 Women's dorms are seriously over-crowded.
202 Greek off-campus housing necessity
College Eye 56:7, p.2
10/27/1961 Discusses the need for fraternities to get off-campus housing due to overcrowded dorms.
203 Frat housing status unchanged says Bender
College Eye 56:6, p.8
10/20/1961 Dean Bender says that fraternities must first show financial stability before they will be allowed to have houses off campus.
204 SLB confers on food and housing
College Eye 56:5, p.3
10/13/1961 Kitchen is not large enough to accommodate meal preparation for two thousand students; considering possibility of off-campus housing for fraternities.
205 Why not use off-campus housing?
Mayes--Jerry Ray (Student--1961-1964)
College Eye 56:2, p.2
9/22/1961 Student is not satisfied with current capacity of dormitories at SCI.
206 ISTC states non-discriminatory policy
Public Relations News Release 1960:354, p.1
4/17/1961 President James William Maucker announces a non-discriminatory rental policy for off-campus student housing. The policy was endorsed by the Faculty Senate and Student League Board.
207 Off-campus clause added
College Eye 52:26, p.1
4/14/1961 Landlords who wish to be on the college approved housing list must agree to non-discrimination clause.
208 ISTC proposes non-discrimination housing policy
Public Relations News Release 1960:321, p.1
4/5/1961 President Maucker proposes a non-discriminatory off-campus renting policy to householders. The policy is endorsed by the Faculty Senate and student government, and would restrict home owners from refusing renters based on race, creed, or nationality.
209 Board of Regents approves remodeling contract
Public Relations News Release 1960:260, p.1
3/13/1961 The Board of Regents approves a remodeling project for the women's gymnasium, as well as research for low cost student housing. A married student housing project consisting of fifty trailers is proposed.
210 Cat-Snip T
Odegard--Gordon A. (Classes of 1960 and 1972)
College Eye 50:20, p.2
2/20/1959 Discusses the shortcomings of campus housing.
211 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 50:6, p.2
10/17/1958 Students find clever ways to get around dormitory alcohol policy.
212 Untitled
College Eye 50:1, p.1
9/12/1958 Shows people moving things into the dorms; photo.
213 SLB
Old Gold 0:0, p.106
6/1/1957 Presidents of the Men's Union, Associated Women Students, housing units, and the chairman of the standing committees are included in Student League Board; they are: Marilyn Loman, Victor Dierksen, Marilyn Turnquist, Arden Sollien, and Carol Gaunt; photo.
214 New housing project approved
Alumnus 40:1, p.3
2/1/1956 $180,000 approved for twelve duplex apartments to house twenty-four families; will be built south of stadium.
215 $385,000 addition to men's dorms to be built; unit to be completed next year; will be self-financing
Alumnus 39:2, p.14
5/1/1955 Will link and extend south of Baker and Seerley Halls; will accommodate increased enrollment; new unit will house 112 men; other dormitory space also in planning stages; photo.
216 Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unit
Old Gold 0:0, p.116
6/1/1953 Robert Pierce serves as president of the Cedar Falls Men's Housing Unit. Unit officers include Jean McGrew and James Haskett. Professor Paul Bender acts as advisor to the organization.
217 Cedar Falls Women's Housing Unit
Old Gold 0:0, p.117
6/1/1953 Joan Arthur acts as president of the Women's Housing Unit, with Joanne Gamet and Jane Haffner serving as officers. Associate Dean Anita Smith is the group advisor.
218 Sunset Village Council
Old Gold 0:0, p.120
6/1/1953 William Eckstein serves as president of the Sunset Village Council, with Bernard Kelly and Mrs. Richard Garms acting as officers. The Sunset Village provides housing for married students and faculty.
219 Waterloo Men's Housing Unit
Old Gold 0:0, p.118
6/1/1953 Larry Mattox presides over the Waterloo Men's Housing Unit, with Lyle Natvic and Richard Ransom serving as officers. Professor Paul Bender acts as advisor to the group.
220 Waterloo Women's Housing Unit
Old Gold 0:0, p.119
6/1/1953 Darlene Adams serves as housing president of the Waterloo Women's Housing Unit, with Sheila Flinn and Marilyn Sheeley acting as officers. Anita Smith serves as advisor for the unit.
221 Eighty-five qualified teachers have applied for teaching positions with the American Dependents Schools Overseas
Public Relations News Release 1952:515, p.1
3/14/1952 Because housing is inadequate to meet the needs of the occupation forces, said E. W. Goetch, eligibility for dependents is limited to employees who are hired for positions with a minimum two-year tour of duty.
222 Enforce dorm quiet hours
College Eye 43:11, p.2
12/7/1951 Complains about people not using quiet hours in their intended fashion.
223 Special to: Cedar Falls Daily Record
Public Relations News Release 1951:142, p.1
11/14/1951 Arno Jensen, George Holmes, and Bill York were accepted for recognition in the 1951-52 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges."
224 Food and housing fees for the summer session are higher than last year's, according to Business Manager Philip C. Jennings
Public Relations News Release 1950:392, p.1
6/11/1951 Room rates for the 10-week session are $40 and meals cost $99. Last summer's fees were $30 and $95 respectively. The student fee is $36.
225 State owns dorms and Commons; supervision by Board of Education
College Eye 42:13, p.3
12/14/1950 A look at the administration and finances of dorms and the Commons.
226 Prejudices Hinder Peace, Says Negro Leader
Public Relations News Release 1950:126, p.1
11/13/1950 Whitney M. Young of Omaha, Nebraska was the main speaker at the annual Race Relations conference which started Sunday at the college. She said that Negroes of this nation are anti-communistic, despite the tremendous prejudices against them.
227 City council OK's faculty dwelling
College Eye 41:30, p.3
5/12/1950 Faculty Homes receives approval for construction of apartment building to be located in area bounded by 26th, 27th, Iowa, and Tremont Streets.
228 Why a new women's dorm?
College Eye 41:27, p.2
4/21/1950 Reasons for building a new dormitory for women.
229 Faculty Homes, Inc.
Alumnus 34:2, p.1
4/1/1950 Staff members purchased land between Iowa and Tremont and 26th and 27th Streets for multi-family home.
230 Housing project stock being sold
College Eye 41:22, p.1
3/17/1950 Officers of the Faculty Homes, Inc. corporation are listed; have purchased land for building.
231 Sunset Village may be reconverted by fall to house single freshmen
College Eye 41:22, p.4
3/17/1950 Tentative plans are for eleven freshmen men and one senior advisor to be housed into barracks-style housing.
232 Faculty incorporates housing
College Eye 41:17, p.1
1/27/1950 A six-lot tract lying between Iowa and Tremont, 26th and 27th Streets has been purchased; corporation officers are listed.
233 Fewer men will be here this fall
College Eye 40:40, p.6
8/12/1949 Numbers of married students may increase, and continue the housing problem.
234 Untitled
College Eye 40:35, p.2
7/8/1949 Believes that dealing with the housing shortage would be easy if people started working together.
235 Inventory reveals coeds room has great variation
College Eye 40:34, p.4
7/1/1949 A look at the contents of a woman's dorm room.
236 Problems of men's housing are being studied
College Eye 40:33, p.1
6/24/1949 Rooming house list under development; on-campus facilities remain very crowded.
237 College will list approved houses
College Eye 40:30, p.6
5/13/1949 Will re-establish practice of developing an approved list of rooming houses for men.
238 Housing notice
Holvik--Karl Magnus (Music Faculty)
College Eye 40:29, p.7
5/6/1949 Meeting for those interested in faculty housing.
239 Three may be a crowd, but these fellows find there are advantages
College Eye 40:22, p.4
3/18/1949 A look at apartment life for three young men.
240 Housing facilities filling up fast says Dean Ellis
College Eye 39:39, p.1
7/23/1948 All campus rooms for men are filled; has list of one hundred men who need off-campus housing.
241 Melvin Reimer sees solution to home dilemma, builds own
Stillman--Verona (Student--1948)
College Eye 39:37, p.1
7/9/1948 A look at the work on the house at 1209 West 20th Street; photo.
242 Just us chickens . . .
Frank--Evelyn Louise (Class of 1948)
College Eye 39:7, p.7
10/31/1947 David Allen talks about living in a renovated chicken coop at 2622 Walnut Street; photo.
243 Trailer attracts friendly guest
College Eye 39:2, p.3
9/26/1947 Dog finds its way into trailer where Nancy Snider lives.
244 Gym residents donate to fund
College Eye 39:1, p.1
9/19/1947 The $61.66 from gymnasium housing fund was donated to cancer research; men no longer housed in the gym.
245 Dr. Beard, Registrar, reports heaviest of advance registration
College Eye 38:43, p.5
8/15/1947 Twice as many of pre-registered as ever before; housing situation very difficult.
246 Family builds own house
College Eye 38:43, p.5
8/15/1947 Gene LeVine's family is building a house 1115 W. 20th Street.
247 Dean Ellis says need for rooms next year
College Eye 38:38, p.1
7/11/1947 Need about two hundred off-campus rooms for men.
248 Bender explains housing; residents get first chance at dorms
College Eye 38:27, p.1
4/11/1947 Current dorm residents will have first priority; new students will have next priority; remainder will be housed in new Stadium Hall arrangement.
249 . . . Trailer home
Flanders--Mark W. (Class of 1948)
College Eye 38:16, p.1
1/17/1947 Travis Phillips and wife relax in their home on wheels; photo.
250 Class will learn about new homes
College Eye 38:16, p.3
1/17/1947 Willard Beal will speak to class on homes and home furnishings.


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