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251 Phillips, wife, baby, piano make home in trailer
College Eye 38:16, p.3
1/17/1947 A look at life in a trailer.
252 Untitled
College Eye 38:15, p.7
1/10/1947 New men's dormitory planned to house two hundred men; will be built south of Baker Hall; photo.
253 Life in a stadium
Alumnus 31:1, p.1
1/1/1947 Mezzanine floor dormitory being built in O. R. Latham Stadium to accommodate overflow of students; will house 160 men.
254 Construction begins on stadium housing units
College Eye 38:12, p.1
12/6/1946 Twenty-four rooms will provide housing for 160 men.
255 Plans completed for housing in college stadium
College Eye 38:7, p.6
10/25/1946 Construction on mezzanine level housing area in Stadium will begin soon; description of facilities; will house 160 men.
256 Campus Commentary
Flanagan--James Martin (Student--1946-1947)
College Eye 38:1, p.2
9/13/1946 Comments on the beginning of the school year and housing conditions of some students.
257 New student rooms added to Bartlett
College Eye 37:43, p.2
8/16/1946 Former "Yellow Kitchen" will be converted to seventeen double rooms; completion delayed by lack of construction material.
258 Recreation rooms converted to dorm space
Public Relations News Release 1946:270, p.1
8/16/1946 Recreation rooms in Bartlett Hall and Seerley Hall are now available to house an additional forty women and twenty five men. Fall enrollment is expected to double last fall's mark of 1,228.
259 Dormitories to add beds
Public Relations News Release 1946:257, p.1
7/26/1946 Double decked beds and other emergency measures have increased on-campus residential facilities by 62 per cent. Enrollment is projected to be 33 per cent larger than normal. 33 faculty members have been added and the school day lengthened.
260 Housing tight for coming year
Public Relations News Release 1946:256, p.1
7/26/1946 President Price stated that classroom facilities are available for 200 more students; providing they can find housing.
261 Completion date for Quonset huts delayed
College Eye 37:38, p.5
7/12/1946 Difficulty in obtaining building supplies; work started on eighteen units; hope to have seventy-two units that will house 144 families.
262 Home on wheels solves GI housing crisis
Alumnus 30:3, p.6
7/1/1946 Rapid increase in enrollment leads students to seek many different kinds of housing; canvass town for spare rooms; college acquires Quonset huts to house married students; photo.
263 Housing problem not serious at Carroll
College Eye 37:37, p.2
6/28/1946 For students at branch summer school there.
264 Six week session opened at Teachers College
College Eye 37:37, p.1
6/28/1946 Enrollment is 331 in this particular session; total enrollment is now 1793; many commuting due to lack of local housing.
265 Solution to college housing--freshmen bring their house
College Eye 37:35, p.1
6/14/1946 Donald Brown and Richard Skilling hauled a small house from Algona and parked it west of campus.
266 Student canvassers find room for additional 340 students
College Eye 37:35, p.3
6/14/1946 Find room for 140 summer students and two hundred fall term students.
267 Housing canvass results
Public Relations News Release 1946:191, p.1
6/12/1946 Rooms for one hundred forty students were found for the six week summer session. Rooms for two hundred students were located for the fall term.
268 Housing survey results
Public Relations News Release 1946:185, p.1
6/8/1946 Incomplete results note that rooms for 173 individuals and seventeen married couples have been located. Nearly one half of the area captains reported.
269 School canvass must succeed
Flanagan--James Martin (Student--1946-1947)
College Eye 37:34, p.2
6/7/1946 Student points out the importance of education in hopes that the people of Cedar Falls will open their homes to students.
270 Students canvass for rooms; Keel, Ney head group in survey
College Eye 37:34, p.1
6/7/1946 About two hundred students will make house-to-house inquiries seeking accommodations for surging enrollment.
271 Bus fare paid
Public Relations News Release 1946:173, p.1
5/31/1946 Those students canvassing Cedar Falls for additional housing will have their bus fares paid by the Cedar Falls Chamber of Commerce.
272 Finish first Quonset-huts by July; plan total of 111
College Eye 37:33, p.1
5/17/1946 Applications being accepted; families in difficult circumstances will be given priority.
273 Double-deckers inhabit Baker, Seerley; men accept with smiles or groans
College Eye 37:31, p.2
5/3/1946 Two men placed in some single rooms, three men placed in some double rooms; students and staff talk about the conditions.
274 Teachers College granted addition veteran's houses
College Eye 37:31, p.4
5/3/1946 Federal Public Housing Authority makes grant bringing total of units to 111; will be erected south of campus; description of the units.
275 Men's dormitory planned
Alumnus 30:2, p.5
4/1/1946 New dorm planned for area between greenhouse and laundry; will house two hundred men and will cost $300,000.
276 Plans are announced for new men's dormitory; modern dormitory will house 200 additional men
College Eye 37:25, p.4
3/22/1946 Will cost about $300,000 and be located south of Baker Hall; will resemble Baker Hall; will be built as soon as material and labor are available.
277 Wife echoes vet's housing plea third year in a row
College Eye 37:24, p.6
3/15/1946 Willis and Kae Colville talk about the difficulties in locating housing; photo.
278 Cutlines from Colville photos
Public Relations News Release 1946:66, p.1
3/9/1946 Continuing story of the Coville family looking for housing.
279 Housing for veterans
Public Relations News Release 1946:65, p.1
3/9/1946 Veterans had difficulty finding housing following the end of World War II. The challenges facing a young couple are examined.
280 Returned veteran Elvin J. Goodvin solves current housing shortage
College Eye 37:23, p.6
3/8/1946 Buys trailer for family; ISCT allows him to park it on college property; has heat, but no running water.
281 Housing problem solved by veteran
Public Relations News Release 1946:60, p.1
3/4/1946 The College can not provide trailer houses for students, but will provide space for personnally owned trailers. Elvin Goodvin was the first to take advantage of this opportunity.
282 President Price explains housing, food
College Eye 37:22, p.1
2/22/1946 Some dorm rooms will be double-decked; Commons food service must be self-supporting; President Price asks everyone to work together, as they did during the war.
283 Cutline for Cedar Falls Daily Record story on housing and veterans.
Public Relations News Release 1946:48, p.1
2/18/1946 Landlady has to turn down a veteran and his wife because their home is not completed. They are remodeling and planning on renting to those returning to college following World War II.
284 Vets plan temporary housing relief
College Eye 37:18, p.1
1/25/1946 College officials meet with Cedar Falls groups; discussion leads to limited possibilities to help veterans find housing.
285 Pan-Vet committee probes housing crisis
College Eye 37:17, p.1
1/18/1946 Will look at situation and college plans to handle it.
286 Married veterans find housing major problem
College Eye 37:16, p.6
1/11/1946 Pan-Vets will discuss the problem.
287 Bigger job than ever for Dean Reed
College Eye 35:2, p.1
9/17/1943 Dean Reed is still in charge of men's dorm facilities even though they are now occupied by military personnel; located rooming house facilities for the few men who are enrolled; fraternities not active this year.
288 "More the merrier" say college coeds in crowded dorm
College Eye 34:32, p.2
6/11/1943 Women look at their housing conditions.
289 Trailerman stops to study
College Eye 29:41, p.3
7/22/1938 Everett Bryant brought his trailer to campus to use as housing; photo.
290 Mrs. Adams differentiates
College Eye 29:35, p.3
6/10/1938 Mazie Adams talks about being a housemother in an off-campus house.
291 This trailer should know the answers
College Eye 28:39, p.2
7/2/1937 Family of student Harold Mann lives in trailer.
292 Live alone--and like it?
College Eye 28:36, p.3
6/11/1937 Sixty women who have single rooms tell why they prefer to live alone.
293 "Give me a single or give me home" they say
College Eye 27:53, p.4
8/14/1936 Students give reasons for having a single room.
294 Education possible with trailer home; has many comforts, conveniences; expenditures for summer indicate desirability of procedure
College Eye 27:4, p.1
6/19/1936 Ray Allen attends summer school while living in a trailer.
295 Miss Janet Works presents talk on room decoration
College Eye 27:13, p.3
9/20/1935 Excerpts from Janet Works' suggestions.
296 Home is backbone of people's morale, speaker declares
College Eye 27:51, p.1
8/2/1935 Excerpts from remarks by F. A. Hall.
297 If you can't find rooms here, bring your own along
College Eye 25:10, p.3
8/10/1933 Oliver Stoeber and his family are living in a trailer this summer.
298 Dr. Latham will address house mothers
College Eye 21:42, p.3
8/8/1930 Will speak on appropriate conditions for student housing.
299 House mothers organize at meeting
College Eye 21:32, p.6
5/16/1930 Group offers opportunity to get acquainted and discuss problems.
300 Official notice
College Eye 21:22, p.1
3/7/1930 Students must show approved housing card for registration.


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