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751 Past and present conflict in jaunt through library
College Eye 23:16, p.4
10/9/1931 A look at prints displayed in Library.
752 Assistants in library take exams over work
College Eye 23:14, p.6
9/25/1931 Hope to improve quality of library service.
753 Library adopts new loan requirement
College Eye 23:12, p.1
9/8/1931 Must present identification cards when checking out books.
754 For Stanley
College Eye 23:4, p.2
6/26/1931 Annoyed about having to carry an identification card.
755 From a librarian's viewpoint
College Eye 23:3, p.2
6/19/1931 Problems with ID card discussed.
756 Library adopts new loan requirement
College Eye 23:2, p.1
6/12/1931 Students must present identification cards in order to check out books.
757 The Library
Old Gold 0:0, p.40
6/1/1931 Aims of the library; photos.
758 Monday is twentieth anniversary of college library dedication
College Eye 22:32, p.1
5/22/1931 Brief history of library services on campus; description of dedication ceremony.
759 Council letter asks student's cooperation in Library problem
College Eye 22:16, p.6
1/23/1931 Hope to reduce noise and confusion in Library.
760 Untitled
College Eye 22:12, p.1
12/1/1930 Library fines must be paid before college credit will be issued.
761 Juvenile literature features book week
College Eye 22:10, p.8
11/14/1930 Library will feature book display.
762 "D" letter scare causes spurt of library work
College Eye 22:9, p.1
11/7/1930 Grades seem to spur students to study in Library.
763 Untitled
College Eye 22:9, p.4
11/7/1930 Library features display of mystery and detective stories.
764 Fighting westerners depicted in novels on display next week
College Eye 22:8, p.1
10/31/1930 New book display in Library.
765 Librarians attend first north central library conference
College Eye 22:7, p.2
10/24/1930 Rowena Edwards and Irene Ehresman make the trip.
766 Negro folk lore, traditions and stories in library exhibit
College Eye 22:7, p.1
10/24/1930 Library displays African-American literature.
767 Prize winning novels displayed in Room Three
College Eye 22:6, p.3
10/17/1930 Pulitzer and Nobel prize winners in display in Library.
768 Browsing room now stocked with books for leisure reading
College Eye 22:5, p.1
10/10/1930 Room organized to promote interest in leisure reading.
769 Coded love ditty graces first page of old arithmetic
College Eye 22:5, p.7
10/10/1930 Old notebook from distant relative of Professor Walters on display.
770 Miniature Homecoming is first number of assembly series
College Eye 22:4, p.1
10/3/1930 Series of programs will be warm-up for Homecoming.
771 Library personnel increased this fall
College Eye 22:2, p.4
9/19/1930 Adds three regular staff members.
772 New order of books may puzzle seniors as well as freshmen
College Eye 22:2, p.1
9/19/1930 Books are now in different rooms.
773 Black Hawk traveling library
College Eye 21:41, p.3
8/1/1930 Black Hawk County will have three thousand books available to rural teachers.
774 The Library
Old Gold 0:0, p.42
6/1/1930 The library contains approximately 100,000 books and pamphlets; photos.
775 New library room shelves documents
College Eye 21:26, p.6
4/4/1930 Room includes over ten thousand documents.
776 Students overwork librarians this term
College Eye 21:26, p.1
4/4/1930 Marybelle McClelland says that students have been studying hard this term.
777 Professors like "light" fiction
Alumnus 14:2, p.18
4/1/1930 Brief description of library collections and facilities.
778 A copy of Rhind Mathematics Papyrus
College Eye 21:25, p.3
3/28/1930 The library has obtained a copy.
779 As part of an extensive program
Public Relations News Release 1929:373, p.1
3/28/1930 Expansion of the library to include large collection of federal documents.
780 A copy of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus
Public Relations News Release 1929:368, p.1
3/26/1930 A copy of the oldest record of mathematics is available at the library.
781 The King and Queen of Hearts
College Eye 21:18, p.4
2/7/1930 First all-library party to be held.
782 If the reading of fiction is a waste of time
Public Relations News Release 1929:159, p.1
1/20/1930 The library contains over 100,000 volumes; building was opened in 1911; circulates about 1464 books daily.
783 Books hoist sail and float to unknown
College Eye 21:11, p.1
11/21/1929 Circulation Librarian Jessie Ferguson laments the way that students treat books.
784 "Little Red Riding Hood" and "The Three Bears"
Public Relations News Release 1929:69, p.1
11/19/1929 New books are introduced during Children's Book Week"
785 Children's Book Week to be observed here
College Eye 21:10, p.6
11/15/1929 Will exhibit children's books.
786 The forum; I. S. T. C.'s robber, a treatise on modern spoliation
Louis--Kay (Student--1929)
College Eye 20:45, p.2
8/8/1929 Unhappy with student who stole the directions to the fountain pen filling machine in the library; gives a detailed account of how frustrated students try to fill their pens; Kay Louis is enjoying being discussed.
787 Forum; manual of library etiquette revised edition 1929
College Eye 20:44, p.1
8/1/1929 A recommendation for appropriate behavior in the Library.
788 The Library
Old Gold 0:0, p.20
6/1/1929 Currently, the library contains 100,000 volumes and has a staff of twelve; photos.
789 Employed five years at Library
College Eye 20:1, p.1
9/12/1928 Edward Wiler has worked in the Library since he was a high school senior.
790 Facts that will aid you in the library
College Eye 20:1, p.3
9/12/1928 Brief history of the Library; description of collections and services.
791 Mrs. Knoepfler makes donation to library
College Eye 19:45, p.1
8/1/1928 Donates books from Professor Knoepfler's collection.
792 Library staff
Old Gold 0:0, p.23
6/1/1928 Library staff roster; photos.
793 Free day on reserve books; to be held Friday
College Eye 19:30, p.1
4/11/1928 Students encouraged to read reserve books on appointed day in library; humor.
794 National Book Week observed locally; unusual display of soap sculpture in lobby of library
College Eye 19:11, p.1
11/16/1927 Will feature display of books in Library lobby.
795 "That reading room that was so dear to me"
College Eye 19:8, p.1
10/26/1927 Description of Library reading room; photo.
796 The Wolff's Howl
College Eye 19:8, p.4
10/26/1927 Students resent compulsory chapel; students want a music conservatory; freshmen have trouble studying in the noisy library.
797 Change in library rules; facts on how to use the library; books taken out for four weeks with no renewal
College Eye 19:2, p.1
9/14/1927 New rules for the upcoming school year; photo.
798 A criticism
Dennis--Wayne (Student 1925)
College Eye 18:54, p.4
8/17/1927 Editorial criticizes the current policies. practices, and spirit at the Library.
799 New books
College Eye 18:54, p.7
8/17/1927 New books in the Library.
800 New Books
College Eye 18:53, p.2
8/10/1927 New books in the Library.


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