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451 Loss of talented teachers good reason for University status here
College Eye 60:20, p.3
11/19/1965 Supports president Maucker's suggestion to make SCI the third state university.
452 Tells Board of Regents: Maucker: Make SCI third state university
College Eye 60:19, p.1
11/16/1965 Believes change might improve ability to recruit faculty; cites growth in enrollment; Regents reject proposal to sell beer in Union.
453 State of the Union, 1965--Third in a series: Maucker: No need to save particular tree
College Eye 60:18, p.3
11/12/1965 President Maucker talks about his plans for campus, and especially about the site for the new Union; photo.
454 Women's Week activities will start Tuesday
College Eye 60:18, p.5
11/12/1965 Brief schedule of activities.
455 Maucker will host dinner for Marching Band
College Eye 60:17, p.6
11/9/1965 Will hold recognition dinner.
456 Dr. Maucker to faculty: rat race for grants out
College Eye 60:16, p.10
11/5/1965 President Maucker outlines views; believes search for grants should be focussed appropriately.
457 State of the Union, 1965--First in a series: Brewer: I don't dictate planning moves
College Eye 60:16, p.4
11/5/1965 Campus planning consultant James Brewer talks about decision-making on campus, with special attention to the location of the new Union; photo.
458 Time of change and growth topic for SCI Colloquium
College Eye 60:16, p.8
11/5/1965 SCI administrative officials will speak at teacher education colloquium.
459 Faculty presents Maucker with new Union site petition
College Eye 60:14, p.1
10/29/1965 Cite alternative locations; do not want beautiful green space to be covered with concrete.
460 Maucker speaks for counselors
College Eye 60:14, p.8
10/29/1965 Will speak at junior college conference.
461 Faculty Senate elect members for committee
College Eye 60:11, p.4
10/19/1965 Will join President Maucker's committee on future development.
462 Sale of '65 Homecoming buttons begins Monday
College Eye 60:10, p.6
10/15/1965 Schedule of Variety Show acts.
463 State Fire Marshall gives recommendation to Maucker
College Eye 60:10, p.1
10/15/1965 Report cites hazards in campus buildings; Sunset Village hazards noted; college will take corrective actions.
464 Ames meeting set to discuss children, youth
College Eye 60:4, p.4
9/24/1965 President Maucker will lead some discussions.
465 Maucker attended AICP meeting in Marshalltown
College Eye 60:4, p.4
9/24/1965 Dean Lang also led some discussions.
466 Maucker--students idealistic; disillusioned by adult actions
College Eye 60:4, p.1
9/24/1965 Excerpts from President Maucker's convocation address; photo.
467 All-College Convocation will officially begin school year
College Eye 60:3, p.1
9/21/1965 Description of the Matriculation Convocation.
468 Alumni honor president at annual reunion event
Alumnus 50:3, p.4
9/1/1965 Pay special tribute with Service Award; commission portrait of President Maucker; photo.
469 Prof lauds president at alumni-faculty fete
Reninger--H. Willard (English Faculty)
Alumnus 50:3, p.19
9/1/1965 Text of Professor Reninger's tribute to President Maucker.
470 Board of Regents approves $2,500 raise for Maucker
College Eye 59:53, p.1
8/20/1965 Also approve contracts for Noehren Hall and allocation of student fees for building fund.
471 Hughes letter inaccurate, surprisingly reactionary
College Eye 59:53, p.2
8/20/1965 Art projects and increase in President Maucker's salary are well-justified.
472 Registration satirized, Maucker promises improvement
Rapinchuk--Gloria Owen (Class of 1967; English Faculty)
College Eye 59:52, p.2
8/13/1965 Cites advantages of current registration process.
473 Board of Regents to act on new Union site proposal
College Eye 59:39, p.4
5/7/1965 President Maucker will recommend the Back Circle as the site; cite high student traffic in this area; Dale Brostrom describes the new facility at length; will be built in two phases.
474 Maucker, Lang on TV
Alumnus 50:2, p.9
5/1/1965 Featured on 15-minute program on KWWL each Sunday; photo.
475 Maucker sees 10% gain in state school enrollment
College Eye 59:33, p.8
4/16/1965 Cites problems in getting an adequate budget.
476 Appropriations to be explained Sunday on TV
College Eye 59:31, p.3
4/9/1965 Three Regents presidents will participate.
477 Well-rounded pupil object of college education: Lang
College Eye 59:29, p.3
3/23/1965 Dean Lang outlines the purpose of education.
478 Maucker talks concerning ties with Argonne
College Eye 59:26, p.3
3/12/1965 Attending meeting of college officials.
479 SCI pictured on KWWL show, "College Close-up"
College Eye 59:18, p.3
2/12/1965 President Maucker and Dean Lang will discuss campus issues.
480 1964: a year of progress at SCI
Alumnus 50:1, p.2
2/1/1965 Review of changes in buildings, personnel, curriculum, and administration; challenges remain; photo.
481 Maucker salutes UI at Bowen inaugural
Alumnus 50:1, p.9
2/1/1965 Extends congratulations.
482 'Confrontation' discussion: students are provincial
College Eye 59:15, p.4
1/8/1965 Several viewpoints on the matter.
483 Maucker talks of growth at SCI during past year
College Eye 59:15, p.8
1/8/1965 Speaks of race to keep up with enrollment.
484 Regents approves budgets for remodeling, construction
College Eye 59:12, p.10
12/4/1964 Approve $700,000 to remodel Commons and $1.3 million for new Union building; President Maucker favors a site between the Library and the Old Administration; students favor site nearer to dorms.
485 Maucker: Iowa realizes need for more education
College Eye 59:10, p.4
11/13/1964 Excerpts from President Maucker's address to meeting of college administrators.
486 Peace Corps proclamation
Maucker--James William (President of ISTC--SCI--and UNI)
College Eye 59:10, p.1
11/13/1964 President Maucker proclaims Peace Corps Week.
487 Controversy acceptable if properly sponsored
College Eye 59:9, p.6
11/6/1964 Regents to allow speakers, who have controversial viewpoints, to speak on campus; President Maucker or a committee will be responsible.
488 Iowa's higher education topic for SCI colloquium
College Eye 59:9, p.10
11/6/1964 13th annual Colloquium on Teacher Education.
489 Maucker named Educational Council Director
College Eye 59:6, p.6
10/16/1964 Accepts ACE office.
490 Faculty Senate in meeting with Maucker
College Eye 59:5, p.3
10/9/1964 Will discuss bringing controversial speakers to campus; will consider rules for freshman women in Bartlett Hall.
491 SCI faculty to participate in 110th ISEA Convention
College Eye 59:5, p.3
10/9/1964 Roster of fourteen faculty who will be participating.
492 Untitled
College Eye 59:4, p.1
10/2/1964 President Maucker presents 'Dad of the Day' Max R. Schmidt (father of Max S. Schmidt) to football crowd.
493 Maucker says: provincialism is our greatest handicap
College Eye 59:3, p.1
9/25/1964 Summary of President's remarks at Matriculation Convocation; photo.
494 Maucker to speak at convocation
College Eye 59:2, p.1
9/18/1964 Description of the program.
495 Maucker, Lang to Iowa College Conference
College Eye 59:2, p.3
9/18/1964 Will attend meeting of Iowa college presidents.
496 Maucker charts financial needs
Alumnus 49:3, p.10
9/1/1964 President Maucker outlines needs for coming years; photo.
497 Colloquium studies Conant report
Alumnus 49:2, p.15
5/1/1964 President Maucker delivers address.
498 SCI president proclaims today as 'Mother's Day'
College Eye 58:27, p.1
5/1/1964 Statement of proclamation.
499 Off campus housing not to be immediate
College Eye 58:15, p.8
1/17/1964 Faculty approve proposal, 93-49; President Maucker will consider recommendation in light of former Dean Bender's criteria.
500 President Maucker urges 'Lights On at 4' campaign
College Eye 58:12, p.5
12/13/1963 Urges drivers to turn on headlights at 4PM.


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