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51 Treasurer of the Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 8:35, p.494
6/17/1899 Presents financial statement for 1898-1899.
52 Oratorical
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.481
6/3/1899 Notes on business meeting of the interstate oratorical league, including constitutional changes and financial statements.
53 The official report of the business meeting
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.480
6/3/1899 Pleased with changes in the interstate oratorical league.
54 The oratorical work for next year
Normal Eyte 8:33, p.463
5/27/1899 Oratorical Association has elected new officers.
55 Before another edition
Normal Eyte 8:29, p.399
4/29/1899 A look at the considerable preparations for the oratorical contest; program schedule.
56 Last week Grace Minnis
Normal Eyte 8:18, p.249
1/28/1899 Elected vice president of Oratorical Association.
57 The Eyte advocates a change
Normal Eyte 8:18, p.245
1/28/1899 Comments on recent resignation of Roscoe Volland as vice president of Oratorical Association.
58 Mr. Volland
Normal Eyte 8:17, p.239
1/21/1899 Resigned as vice president of Oratorical Association.
59 The oratorical contest
Fuller--Albert C. (Class of 1899; Extension Faculty; Alumni Director)
Normal Eyte 8:14, p.190
12/10/1898 Preparing for interstate contest to be held in Cedar Falls.
60 Since it is the time of the year
Normal Eyte 8:5, p.63
10/8/1898 Former student believes he took too much from books in preparing his oration.
61 There was a meeting
Normal Eyte 7:31, p.13
5/7/1898 Oratorical Association elects officers.
62 The oratorical contest
Normal Eyte 7:21, p.12
2/12/1898 Judges selected.
63 At the last meeting
Normal Eyte 7:19, p.12
1/29/1898 Oratorical Association elects officers.
64 The Executive Committee
Normal Eyte 7:18, p.13
1/22/1898 Summing up judging of compositions.
65 Oratory
Normal Eyte 6:33, p.445
6/12/1897 History of oratory at ISNS.
66 A very pleasant social hour
Normal Eyte 6:20, p.231
2/20/1897 Margaret Baker gave a party for those involved in the recent oratorical contest.
67 Oratorical contest
Normal Eyte 6:20, p.231
2/20/1897 Description and scorecard for the school oratory contest; Percy Hunt won first place.
68 At a recent meeting of the Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 6:8, p.85
10/31/1896 Urges support of upcoming oratorical contest preliminaries.
69 Oratorical announcement
Normal Eyte 6:2, p.16
9/19/1896 Oratorical Association will meet to elect officers and to set date for school contest.
70 Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 5:35, p.356
6/24/1896 Report for 1895-1896.
71 A letter just received
Normal Eyte 5:34, p.335
6/6/1896 Believes Oratorical Association has done well and deserves support.
72 The Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 5:34, p.341
6/6/1896 Elected officers.
73 The coming contest
Normal Eyte 5:25, p.229
3/28/1896 School oratorical contest will give opportunities for societies to show their colors.
74 All aboard for the contest!
Normal Eyte 5:20, p.183
2/22/1896 Special train going to Cedar Rapids for the oratorical contest.
75 The State Oratorical Contest
Normal Eyte 5:20, p.178
2/22/1896 Topics of orations.
76 The officers of the Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 5:19, p.176
2/15/1896 Arranged for discount railroad tickets to contest in Cedar Rapids.
77 School directory
Normal Eyte 5:16, p.142
1/25/1896 Roster of organizations and officers.
78 An oratorical contest
Johnson--Joseph O. (Class of 1897)
Normal Eyte 5:14, p.119
12/21/1895 Will select orator to compete in the Interstate League Oratorical Contest.
79 Joseph Johnson
Normal Eyte 5:14, p.122
12/21/1895 Elected president of Oratorical Association; Harriet Kimball elected vice president.
80 Every society member
Normal Eyte 5:13, p.113
12/14/1895 Should join the Oratorical Association.
81 Having selected our orator
Normal Eyte 5:13, p.109
12/14/1895 Association preparing for intercollegiate oratorical contest; will select winner by contest.
82 The meeting of the Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 5:13, p.114
12/14/1895 Will look at constitutional revisions.
83 There seems to be a good deal of misunderstanding
Normal Eyte 5:3, p.17
10/5/1895 Continuing speculation on the oratorical association to which the Normal School will belong.
84 Orators, attention
Normal Eyte 5:2, p.12
9/28/1895 Looking forward to state contest; some doubt about continued membership in state association.
85 The Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 5:2, p.15
9/28/1895 Organized and moving ahead.
86 The newly elected officers
Normal Eyte 4:32, p.506
5/18/1895 New Oratorical Association officers.
87 The annual election of officers of the Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 4:31, p.486
5/11/1895 Will also consider amendment to constitution which would advance eight contestants to contest.
88 This week
Normal Eyte 4:31, p.485
5/11/1895 Urges students to attend and take part in Oratorical Association meeting.
89 Several of our exchanges
Normal Eyte 4:24, p.373
3/16/1895 Believes it may be worthwhile to organize intercollegiate debate along the same lines as intercollegiate oratory.
90 The delegates to the Contest
Normal Eyte 4:23, p.363
3/9/1895 Had enjoyable time in Mt. Pleasant.
91 The state contest
Normal Eyte 4:23, p.362
3/9/1895 Description of oratorical contest; Normal did not have a representative.
92 The oration presented by our Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 4:19, p.294
2/9/1895 Not given a place at the state contest.
93 The State Normal School
Normal Eyte 4:14, p.216
1/5/1895 O. C. Scott writes his impressions of the school after visiting as an oratorical contest judge.
94 The much discussed oratorical contest
Normal Eyte 4:12, p.182
12/1/1894 Description of program, review of performances, judges' scorecard; Debbie Davis won highest marks.
95 After thinking about the matter for some time
College Eye 4:11, p.171
11/24/1894 Recommends that women not wear hats in chapel for the oratorical contest.
96 Oratorical contest
College Eye 4:11, p.166
11/24/1894 Program for the contest.
97 School Directory
College Eye 4:11, p.169
11/24/1894 Roster of organizations and officers.
98 The Oratorical Association
Normal Eyte 4:8, p.119
11/3/1894 Orations made; now in hands of judges.
99 Before the close of the school last year
Normal Eyte 4:2, p.21
9/22/1894 Orators were selected last school term so that they would have time to prepare for the state contest; some apparently have declined to participate now that school is back in session.
100 Shall we increase the membership?
Normal Eyte 4:2, p.21
9/22/1894 Majority of Oratorical Association members are not in school this term; association should act quickly to fill ranks again.


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