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251 Thoreau lives again; review
Northern Iowan 67:16, p.4
11/10/1970 Review of play "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail."
252 Lunchtime is the worst time: Charlie Brown
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.48
10/1/1970 Review of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"; photo.
253 Madame Butterfly
Ogden--Ginger Lee
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.40
10/1/1970 Review of the play; photo.
254 Thoreau rapping with a friend
Wherry--Peg (Class of 1972)
UNI Quarterly 2:1, p.62
10/1/1970 Review of "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail"; photo.
255 Hilarious "Arsenic" elicits audience praise
Johnson--Robert (Student--1970)
Northern Iowan 66:62, p.4
7/10/1970 Play review; photo.
256 "Room Service" is hilarious comedy
Northern Iowan 66:60, p.4
6/26/1970 Review of play; photo.
257 'King John' brings Nixon to mind
Simpson--Richard Leonard (Class of 1968)
Northern Iowan 66:57, p.9
5/15/1970 Review of "King John".
258 "The Fantasticks": a musical that sings
Sparks--David G. (Finance Faculty)
Northern Iowan 66:50, p.8
4/21/1970 Review of the production.
259 Technical aspects mar the actors' fine performances
Northern Iowan 66:23, p.5
11/25/1969 Review of "Camelot".
260 Modern "Hamlet" recreated for Artists Series
Northern Iowan 66:22, p.1
11/21/1969 Review of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern".
261 Present fine performance in Artists Series
Northern Iowan 66:22, p.7
11/21/1969 Review of "Hamlet".
262 History transformed into living force; Galileo
Simpson--Richard Leonard (Class of 1968)
Northern Iowan 66:16, p.1
10/31/1969 Review of performance.
263 Small studio theatre involves the audience
Northern Iowan 65:65, p.6
7/18/1969 Brief review of "Blithe Spirit"; photo.
264 Audience linked to actors
Northern Iowan 65:57, p.8
5/9/1969 Review of play: "The Unknown Soldier and His Wife"; photo.
265 "Sign of the Times;" winter play
Walker--J. R.
Northern Iowan 65:44, p.8
3/14/1969 Review of play: "The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window."
266 Audience put to sleep, then awakened
Northern Iowan 65:17, p.1
11/5/1968 Play review: "The Merry Wives of Windsor."
267 Summer Theatre opens with success
Northern Iowan 64:63, p.2
7/26/1968 Review of plays: Summer Repertory Theatre.
268 'In Search of Dylan' explores life, talent of Dylan Thomas
Northern Iowan 64:59, p.2
6/21/1968 Review of music and acting: "In Search of Dylan."
269 'Characters delightful; but plot shallow, ridiculous;' 'The Alchemist'
Northern Iowan 64:56, p.1
5/14/1968 Review of play: "The Alchemist."
270 Play becomes 'happening,' characters instruct actors
Northern Iowan 64:42, p.1
3/19/1968 Review of play: "Six Characters in Search of an Author."
271 Summer play: "see it"
Speirs--Kent (Class of 1965)
College Eye 63:62, p.3
7/28/1967 Review of the play "The Lady's Not for Burning."
272 'Audience's emotions involved in Faustus'
Refshauge--Tom (Student--1967)
College Eye 63:56, p.4
5/19/1967 A review of the production of "The tragical history of Dr. Faustus".
273 'A man's home need not be his castle'--Strindberg
Mennenga--Gordon (Student--1962)
College Eye 63:43, p.1
3/24/1967 Reviews the recent SCI production of "The Father."
274 "'Androcles and the Lion' production lacks enthusiasm"
Mennenga--Gordon (Student--1962)
College Eye 63:26, p.1
1/6/1967 Comments on the recent Young People's Theatre production.
275 'Lysistrata' is added to successful shows--Pudenz
College Eye 63:16, p.1
11/8/1966 Review of the SCI production of the play "Lysistrata".
276 Actors do excellent job in performing spring play
College Eye 60:56, p.1
5/17/1966 A review of the SCI production "The Servant of Two Masters."
277 Acting, integration make long 'Courage' excellent production
College Eye 60:42, p.3
3/18/1966 Review of the play.
278 Audience approves 'Cello' with snorts, belly laughs
Berg--Richard (Student--1964-1968)
College Eye 60:35, p.4
2/22/1966 Review of recent Artists Series production of "The Absence of a Cello"; photo.
279 'Magic Flute' acclaimed as theatrically, vocally brilliant
Simpson--Richard Leonard (Class of 1968)
College Eye 60:30, p.4
2/4/1966 Review of Mozart's opera 'Magic Flute.'
280 Front row five year old thinks 'Emperor's New Clothes' terrific
Behrens--Roy Richard (Class of 1968; Art Faculty)
College Eye 60:26, p.1
12/15/1965 Review of the play.
281 SCI's opera 'far excels many college productions'
Bartholomew--Loydene (Classes of 1964 and 1967; Bartlett Hall Staff)
College Eye 60:21, p.1
11/23/1965 Review of "La Boheme"; photo
282 Superlatives inadequate to express play performance
Rapinchuk--Gloria Owen (Class of 1967; English Faculty)
College Eye 60:17, p.1
11/9/1965 Review of "The Firebugs".
283 "An Italian Straw Hat"'--fantastically funny farce'
Speirs--Kent (Class of 1965)
College Eye 59:51, p.1
7/30/1965 Speirs recommends this play to 'anyone who would appreciate an enjoyable evening's entertainment.'
284 'Skin' significant to contemporary man
Speirs--Kent (Class of 1965)
College Eye 59:42, p.1
5/18/1965 Show was well above excellent quality that SCI audiences have come to expect.
285 Turmoil, success of humanity depicted in "Skin of Our Teeth"
College Eye 59:40, p.1
5/11/1965 Review of the play; photo.
286 'Electra' another SCI 'best'
College Eye 59:29, p.2
3/23/1965 Play was excellent, to top of SCI's ability.
287 Speirs: 'Electra' top drama performed on SCI campus
Speirs--Kent (Class of 1965)
College Eye 59:29, p.1
3/23/1965 Review of the play.
288 'Tang' delightful show for children of all ages
College Eye 59:14, p.3
12/17/1964 Review of "The Wonderful Tang".
289 "Summertime" script poor; Dennis, cast prevent complete failure
Speirs--Kent (Class of 1965)
College Eye 59:9, p.3
11/6/1964 Review of the play.
290 "Thurber Carnival" full of fun, vitality, but not sufficiently varied
Stuempfig--Eunice Ruth (Student--1964-1967)
College Eye 58:37, p.1
7/31/1964 Performance review; photo.
291 Hansen, Somerville, witches highlight Macbeth tragedy--"a job well done"
Speirs--Kent (Class of 1965)
College Eye 58:30, p.3
5/22/1964 Review of "Macbeth".
292 Haan commends musical review
Haan--Keith A. (Class of 1965 & 1971)
College Eye 58:16, p.2
2/7/1964 Keith Haan praises the EYE for the review printed on "Street Scene."
293 Stattler: Review 'realistic'
College Eye 58:16, p.2
2/7/1964 Praises article reviewing recent play, 'Street Scene.'
294 'Street Scene' successful despite script drawbacks
Gordon--Barbara Ann (Class of 1964)
College Eye 58:15, p.1
1/17/1964 Review of the play; photo.
295 'Milk Wood' expression of birth, love, death
Speirs--Kent (Class of 1965)
College Eye 57:39, p.1
8/2/1963 Review of the play; photo.
296 Key scenes make spring play flow quickly says reviewer
VerSluis--Joanne E. (Class of 1963)
College Eye 57:31, p.1
5/24/1963 Review of "The Winter's Tale"; photo
297 'Caretaker' as perplexing and confusing as reality
Ingraham--Larry H. (Class of 1964)
College Eye 57:23, p.2
3/22/1963 Review of "The Caretaker."
298 Thassa right!; cast for 'Most Happy Fella' magnifico
College Eye 57:15, p.1
1/18/1963 Only good things can be said about the musical; photo.
299 SCI Young People's Theater classic 'thoroughly delightful'
Ingraham--Larry H. (Class of 1964)
College Eye 57:13, p.1
12/14/1962 Review of "Huckleberry Finn"; photo.
300 'Inspector General' is rich, hilarious satire
College Eye 57:8, p.1
11/2/1962 Review of the play; photo.


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