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401 "Pirates of Penzance," hilarious opera, will be repeated tonight; Gilbert and Sullivan show has sparkling music, gay lines
Byerly--Helen (Student--1934)
College Eye 25:37, p.1
4/6/1934 A review of the glee club opera "Pirates of Penzance."
402 Reviewer re-lives excitements and pleasures of spring play; "R.U.R." machine age satire is fantasy with social message
Severin--Betty (Class of 1935)
College Eye 25:35, p.1
3/23/1934 A review of the spring play "R. U. R."
403 Fall term play pleases critic; "Three Cornered Moon" is rated amusing Homecoming fare
Severin--Betty (Class of 1935)
College Eye 25:19, p.1
11/3/1933 Review of the play "Three Cornered Moon."
404 Alumni present Flavin's play; mother's selfishness is the theme of "Children Of The Moon"
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 25:11, p.1
8/18/1933 Review of "Children of the Moon".
405 George Kelly's 'Show Off' is well received; portrayal of middle class family life is theme of play
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 25:8, p.1
7/28/1933 Audience was entertained by "The Show Off", presented by summer school students.
406 Commencement play is to be given June 9; "Women Have Their Way" is smart Spanish comedy
Wood--Stanley G. (Class of 1931; Theater Faculty)
College Eye 25:1, p.1
6/5/1933 Preview and review of the production.
407 Romance and tragedy are woven into Shakespeare's play, 'Romeo and Juliet'; production o be repeated tonight and Saturday afternoon
Middleton--Caryl A. (Class of 1934; Education Facu
College Eye 24:29, p.1
4/21/1933 Review of the play.
408 Musicians will repeat 'Mikado'; operetta moves against a colorful Japanese setting
College Eye 24:25, p.1
3/24/1933 Story is told by the actors in this comic opera. There were minstrel singers and choruses.
409 'The Scarecrow' contrasts life with fantasy; will be repeated tonight; Kathan's soliloquy is praised
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 24:7, p.1
10/21/1932 This play takes place in a Massachusetts town in the late seventeenth century and deals with witchcraft.
410 'The Good Hope' is human, artistic; possesses poignancy and vividness; large cast presents finely drawn picture of fisher-folk
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 23:50, p.2
7/15/1932 Review of the college play, "The Good Hope."
411 The Rivals to be repeated here June 9-10; famous comedy scores hit with Commencement week audience
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 23:44, p.1
6/1/1932 Review of "The Rivals" as performed by students on campus.
412 'Marco Millions' shows struggle to gain wealth; Marshall Kathan gives finely shaded performance of title role; Max Auld gives clever portrayal as Kahn
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 23:39, p.1
4/22/1932 Review of student production entitled "Marco Millions."
413 One needs a quarantine for this "Hay-Fever" in the house of bliss; spasmodic ailment proves to be infectious; audience suffers seizures
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 23:31, p.1
2/19/1932 Review of college production, "Hay-Fever."
414 Actors divulge "What Every Woman Knows"; Dorothy Hartleip and Howard Roberts achieve convincing portrayals of prominent figures in Barrie comedy
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 23:26, p.1
1/15/1932 Review of the play; photo.
415 Cast repeats Wisdom Tooth this evening
College Eye 23:22, p.1
11/20/1931 Review of the play.
416 Criticism
College Eye 23:22, p.2
11/20/1931 Claims that journalists for the College Eye reserve the right to print their opinions about performances, even if they are negative.
417 Thrills galore characterize current play; "The Black Flamingo" combines laughter with mystery; sinister intrigue and high comedy alternate in show
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 23:18, p.1
10/23/1931 Review of the play.
418 Dramatists score hit in sparkling finale of summer term program; "Devil's Disciple" wins praise for smooth presentation throughout
Ferris--Bertha E. (Classes of 1929 and 1932)
College Eye 23:10, p.1
8/7/1931 Bertha Ferris gives her thoughts on recent performance of "The Devil's Disciple".
419 Presentation of play "The Taming of the Shrew" wins praise; James Henderson and Claire Bruce headed the cast; roles were well played
College Eye 23:9, p.3
7/31/1931 Thoughts on recent performance of "The Taming of the Shrew" by the Shakespeare players.
420 Dramatists score big hit in second play; "Saturday's Children" tells modern-day marriage story, with tiffs and sudden reconciliation
College Eye 23:6, p.1
7/10/1931 Thoughts on school's production of "Saturday's Children".
421 Tragedy abounds in Tolstoy's "Redemption" given last night; powerful acting makes play reach height of realism
Wheat--Mary Agnes Stroud (Class of 1931)
College Eye 22:26, p.1
4/10/1931 Mary Wheat offers opinions on individual performances in the play.
422 Students get inside dope on this college life at 'Poor Nut'; shows inside from bookstore to fraternity house
Wheat--Mary Agnes Stroud (Class of 1931)
College Eye 22:17, p.1
1/30/1931 Review of the play.
423 Calm of convent delighted audience of "Cradle Song"
College Eye 21:35, p.1
6/4/1930 Review of the play.
424 Students read plays chosen and cut by themselves
Buxbaum--Katherine (English Faculty)
College Eye 21:25, p.6
3/28/1930 A review of the interpretative theater.
425 "Minick" draws applause from large audience; crowd laughs and grows sad as trials of "Minick" are unfolded
Lynch--Samuel Adams (English Faculty)
College Eye 21:17, p.1
1/31/1930 Review of the play.
426 Play production students give samples of classroom work
College Eye 21:13, p.8
12/13/1929 Presented four one act plays.
427 Players characterize human situations in recent play
College Eye 21:9, p.2
11/8/1929 Review of "Mrs. Partridge Presents".
428 Outward Bound proves "thought provoking"
Halvorson--Nelius O. (English Faculty)
College Eye 20:46, p.1
8/15/1929 Professor Halvorson reviews the play.
429 "Gods and Men" given good hearing
College Eye 20:35, p.1
5/29/1929 Review of Professor Lillehei's work.
430 "The First Year" wins approval of large audience
Lynch--Samuel Adams (English Faculty)
College Eye 20:28, p.1
4/11/1929 Review of the play "The First Year."
431 "A Strenuous Life"
College Eye 20:20, p.5
2/14/1929 Uproarious farce of college life to be presented by Junior Class of T. C. H. S.
432 Pomeroy's Past revealed much talent and good training
Lynch--Samuel Adams (English Faculty)
College Eye 20:17, p.1
1/24/1929 Review of the play "Pomeroy's Past."
433 The Trial of the Fly
College Eye 20:17, p.5
1/24/1929 Play presented. Cast announced.
434 Playcraft presented three splendid one-act plays
College Eye 20:12, p.1
11/28/1928 Reviews of "Mary Means What She Says,Cabbages", and "Good Medicine".
435 Embryo thespians present clever scenes
College Eye 20:8, p.4
11/1/1928 Play production class presents scenes from "Twelfth Night".
436 "The Farmer's Wife" scores big hit; senior cast draws laughter and applause
College Eye 19:38, p.1
6/6/1928 Review of the play.
437 The Farmer's Wife will be given Wed. and Fri. nights
College Eye 19:37, p.1
5/30/1928 Encourages students to attend this comedic play.
438 Training School play day Thursday; The Health Queen's Garden Synopsis.
College Eye 19:37, p.5
5/30/1928 Brief summary of play's story line.
439 English Club hears two Playcraft plays; president appoints committee to take charge of May breakfast
College Eye 19:32, p.1
4/25/1928 Presented "The Rising of the Man" and "Riders to the Sea".
440 "The Family Upstairs" delightful comedy; play well-acted from opening curtain to close
Lynch--Samuel Adams (English Faculty)
College Eye 19:21, p.1
2/8/1928 Review of the play.
441 Criticism of "Icebound" given by one in audience
College Eye 19:8, p.1
10/26/1927 Review of the play.
442 "Smilin' Through"; a criticism
Lynch--Gladys E. (Class of 1924)
College Eye 18:52, p.1
8/3/1927 Review of the play.
443 Mathematics play is decided success
College Eye 18:52, p.7
8/3/1927 Mathematics Club presents "It is easy, if . . . ."
444 The Copperhead
Strayer--Hazel B. (Class of 1914; Theater Faculty)
College Eye 18:47, p.1
6/29/1927 Professor Strayer reviews the play.
445 "The Copperhead" a great success
Lynch--Samuel Adams (English Faculty)
College Eye 18:44, p.1
6/8/1927 Review of the play.
446 "New Brooms" proves delightful comedy
College Eye 18:28, p.1
2/2/1927 Review of the play.
447 On with the play
College Eye 18:20, p.4
11/24/1926 Provides criticism of a play the authors attended recently at I. S. T. C.
448 Sincere work characterizes play "A Square Peg"
College Eye 18:16, p.1
10/27/1926 Review of the play.
449 "Widow by Proxy" well received
College Eye 17:39, p.2
4/7/1926 Review of play presented by Theta Alpha Phi.
450 Annual comedy well presented
College Eye 17:23, p.1
11/18/1925 Review of "Captain Applejack."


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