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401 Platform planks in elections 'absurd'
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 63:44, p.2
4/7/1967 Considers the current student government to be a pathetic, powerless waste.
402 Says alligator has right to keep SS seat
Peek--John Michael (Classes of 1975 and 1977)
College Eye 63:44, p.3
4/7/1967 Gives several reasons why the elected senator should retain his seat.
403 Upchurch: progress based on questions and answers
Upchurch--Bruce L. (Industrial Technology Faculty)
College Eye 63:44, p.2
4/7/1967 Student Senate president declares the vital importance of student government.
404 Aid available to student organizations
College Eye 63:43, p.8
405 If Upchurch is to succeed . . . .
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:43, p.2
3/24/1967 Gives advice to the newly-elected Student Senate.
406 Student Senate endorses expanding counsel service
College Eye 63:43, p.7
407 Need to define student power
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:42, p.2
3/21/1967 Advocates a more defined role of power for student government.
408 Says students won't vote
College Eye 63:42, p.3
3/21/1967 Questions why the editor would encourage students not to vote when many already don't.
409 Free legal aide explanation Monday at SS
College Eye 63:41, p.4
410 Starts alligator fund
Volker--John Earl (Class of 1969; Future Studies Staff)
College Eye 63:40, p.3
3/14/1967 Announces fund raising to better the living quarters of the greenhouse alligator.
411 Why vote against
College Eye 63:40, p.3
3/14/1967 Questions candidates about their voting against the speaking engagement of the ISU student body president.
412 SS discusses elections and voting polls
College Eye 63:39, p.5
413 SS rejects proposal to house alligator
College Eye 63:39, p.5
3/10/1967 Terry Knapp believes alligator should have better living conditions; photo.
414 Reid: SS will reconsider action for equal comps
College Eye 63:35, p.6
2/24/1967 Not necessarily against the concept of comprehensive examinations, but does have objections to the way that they are administered at SCI.
415 Skeptical of SS review
Davis--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 63:35, p.2
2/24/1967 Contends that current student government problems lie chiefly in the members.
416 SS receives plan for pop, artist, chamber music series
College Eye 63:35, p.1
2/24/1967 Committee presents plans for the Artists Series to expand to include a Chamber Music Series and for a Pop Concert Series to be established.
417 Student Senate plans to bring ISU's Smith
College Eye 63:35, p.8
2/24/1967 Want Don Smith to speak here.
418 Student Senate probes use of student funds
College Eye 63:35, p.8
2/24/1967 Considering legality of hiring a private attorney.
419 Crownfield has questions
Crownfield--David R. (Philosophy and Religion Facu
College Eye 63:33, p.3
2/17/1967 Scolds the paper and the Student Senate for the way they both have dealt with the comprehensive examinations.
420 SS remiss
College Eye 63:33, p.2
2/17/1967 Declares that the Student Senate has had far too little involvement in the examination issue.
421 Untitled
College Eye 63:33, p.2
2/17/1967 An enormous likeness of ISU's Student Body President compared with a very tiny SCI Student Senate President.
422 Comprehensive questioned--then action taken by SS
College Eye 63:32, p.4
2/14/1967 Vote to oppose comprehensive examinations.
423 Remind victors of moral responsibility
College Eye 63:31, p.2
2/10/1967 Believes that elected student positions should be based on qualifications, not just popularity.
424 Student Senate considers hiring lawyer as adviser
College Eye 63:31, p.1
2/10/1967 Also considers grading of student teachers, telephone system, entertainment series, Union director, and column on homosexuality in Courier.
425 Student senator asks vote on Mrs. E. Winier
College Eye 63:31, p.1
2/10/1967 Asks for vote of confidence on acting director of student union.
426 Controversial speakers gains $1,000 from SS
College Eye 63:28, p.1
427 Open Senator committee positions in SS
College Eye 63:27, p.1
428 SS requests sponsor for book exchange
College Eye 63:26, p.8
429 Faculty Senate, SS favor student responsibility
College Eye 63:25, p.4
12/15/1966 Discuss academic advising.
430 J. W. Maucker announces Saturday dismissal
College Eye 63:25, p.1
12/15/1966 Classes will be dismissed early for Christmas break; photo.
431 AWS leaders false prophets
College Eye 63:24, p.2
12/13/1966 Argues that AWS doesn't provide a stable argument against the Student Bill of Rights or it's court.
432 SS supports Grinnell's rationale behind protests
College Eye 63:23, p.1
12/9/1966 Support intentional violation of parietal rule at Grinnell; Gary Reid offers suggestions for improving Student Senate.
433 SS moves to challenge advance registration fee
College Eye 63:19, p.1
11/18/1966 Oppose $50 fee; library service may be extended Saturday nights; consider other matters.
434 SS submits prospective future titles
College Eye 63:18, p.8
11/15/1966 Three possible university names were chosen by the Student Senate.
435 Students will vote on SS proposed Bill of Rights
College Eye 63:18, p.1
11/15/1966 Text of proposed changes to the Student Constitution.
436 Students will vote on SS proposed bill of rights
College Eye 63:17, p.1
11/11/1966 Copy of the Proposed Bill of Rights to be added to the Student Constitution.
437 SS discussed speakers exams, laundromat
College Eye 63:15, p.1
11/4/1966 Summary of items discusses at the Student Senate meeting.
438 Requisition is approved for duplicator
College Eye 63:13, p.1
10/28/1966 Misunderstanding almost costs the Student Senate their duplicator machine.
439 SS should be able to decide on office heads
College Eye 63:12, p.2
10/25/1966 Believes that the Student Senate should not be controlled by the administration.
440 Student Senate passes student Bill of Rights
College Eye 63:11, p.1
10/21/1966 Student Senate appoints Wayne Justman as its vice-president.
441 SS discusses SCI status, football tickets, library
College Eye 63:7, p.1
10/7/1966 Summary of a recent Student Senate meeting.
442 Library will add service when needed
Rod--Donald Olaf (Library Director)
College Eye 63:6, p.2
10/4/1966 Mr. Rod talks at length about library hours of service.
443 Communication bridge is problem on campus
College Eye 63:4, p.5
9/27/1966 Faculty and Student Senates hope to improve the communication between the students and the faculty.
444 Reid announces nine S S positions are vacant
College Eye 63:3, p.10
9/23/1966 Student Senate discusses solutions for student complaints.
445 SS launches two major projects this past year
College Eye 60:57, p.5
5/20/1966 Begin student discard card program and controversial speakers program; will consider faculty evaluation further.
446 SS votes to refuse trial for evaluation survey
College Eye 60:56, p.4
5/17/1966 Votes to stop evaluation process before it gets underway.
447 New SS discusses the student faculty evaluation
College Eye 60:55, p.4
448 Representation and reason are expected from S S
College Eye 60:55, p.2
5/13/1966 Criticizes the Student Senate for their lack of in-depth research on important campus issues.
449 SS votes to oppose graduated parking fines
College Eye 60:50, p.1
4/26/1966 Also consider faculty evaluation and roles of AWS and MU.
450 Joint meeting of Senates Monday in Faculty Room
College Eye 60:49, p.1
4/22/1966 Will discuss spring break, comprehensive examinations, and faculty evaluation; Faculty also discusses intent and content of Master of Arts in Teaching degree.


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