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51 America targets al-Qaeda in Pakistan; Bin Laden's No. 1 man may or may not have died in attack
Kelly--Ned (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 102:30, p.1
1/20/2006 U. S. citizens differ in opinions concerning bombing in the Middle East; photo.
52 Have we learned nothing?
Northern Iowan 102:5, p.7
9/13/2005 Believes that after the events of September 11 four years ago, America would be able to organize and do a better job of handling the crippling effects of Hurricane Katrina.
53 The memory of Sept. 11 remains with residents
Tonner--Brianna (Student--2005)
Northern Iowan 102:5, p.16
9/13/2005 Four years after the attacks of terrorists stunned the nation, people wonder if it will happen again.
54 War may be the only way
Northern Iowan 101:60, p.5
7/15/2005 Believes that fighting should not be the solution to our problems, but few other choices exist.
55 UNI experts on terrorism and politics
Public Relations News Release 2005:0, p.1
7/7/2005 List of sources available to provide information on the given topic.
56 Justice for all?
Northern Iowan 101:53, p.5
4/22/2005 NI editorial board feels the U. S. government has not taken appropriate steps to end terrorism within its borders.
57 The fight for other's freedom
Paulson--Bryce (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:36, p.5
2/11/2005 Believes that the purpose of the current war in Iraq is to protect the American people from terrorism.
58 "Osama" to be shown on Feb. `0
Northern Iowan 101:35, p.2
2/8/2005 The drama, "Osama", will be shown on February 10th, 2005 at 7 p. m.
59 Iowa's future may depend on immigrant population
Steffen--Amie R. (Class of 2006)
Northern Iowan 101:20, p.3
11/5/2004 Describes immigration as helpful to Iowa's economy by bolstering a declining population.
60 Top Five List: Bush is bad, mmkay?
Crane--Ryan P. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:18, p.5
10/29/2004 Explains top five reasons why citizens should not vote for George W. Bush.
61 Fear mongering tactics
Northern Iowan 101:17, p.7
10/26/2004 Does not agree with the policy of stirring fears of terrorist attacks among the people to win votes.
62 UNI professors to speak about conflict in Iraq
Public Relations News Release 2004:0, p.1
10/18/2004 Will discuss student protests in the 1960s, gender and the post 9/11 world, Vietnam, and local conflict.
63 Cat code-red terrorist threat
Kelly--Ned (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:11, p.7
10/5/2004 Speaks out against the detainment and deporting of musical artist Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, because of his appearance on the anti-terrorist no-fly list.
64 Moving Sept. 11 Memorial forgotten for coverage of war protest
Leifker--Benjamin (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:7, p.9
9/21/2004 Criticizes Students for Social Justice for their protest activity as well as the Northern Iowan for covering their protest but not the September 11 memorial service at the Campanile.
65 Patriot Act another witch hunt
Kelly--Ned (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:7, p.7
9/21/2004 Regards the implementation of post-September 11 policies, such as the Patriot Act, as a witch hunt and believes they are not in Americans' best interests.
66 Religion shapes path of humanity
Paulson--Bryce (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 101:4, p.5
9/10/2004 Speaks on the profound influencing nature of religion and what can happen when it is misused.
67 Sweating the small stuff
Northern Iowan 101:4, p.5
9/10/2004 Readers urged to not become too upset at small inconveniences.
68 Terrifying techniques on terrorism coverage
Crane--Ryan P. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:4, p.5
9/10/2004 Takes issue with how government leaders are conducting the war on terror and also with how the media portrays 'experts' in its coverage.
69 Three years later: sports world still going strong
Lietzow--Andrew Calvin (Class of 2007)
Northern Iowan 101:4, p.13
9/10/2004 Contrasts world politics and terrorism to the domestic distraction of sports; discusses various current sports issues; photo.
70 UNI terrorism class gains popularity after Sept. 11
McCue--Timothy M. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 101:4, p.1
9/10/2004 Spotlight on Philip Mauceri's terrorism class and its purpose; photo.
71 "Two Rooms" play hits the homeland in more ways than one
Smith--Jessica Dee (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 100:57, p.7
6/18/2004 The latest Theatre UNI production deals with terrorists and a hostage situation; photo.
72 UNI STORM helps National Weather Service battle airborne threats
Public Relations News Release 2003:0, p.1
6/7/2004 Discusses possibility of weather information aiding in assessing biological terrorism threats.
73 Debaters hash out party differences
McCue--Timothy M. (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 100:53, p.1
4/23/2004 UNI College Republicans and Northern Iowa Democrats debate the positions of Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush in the upcoming election; photo.
74 Madrid attacks likened to 9/11
Palmer--Greg (Student--2004)
Northern Iowan 100:46, p.5
3/30/2004 Events and repercussions of the March 11 bombings in Madrid, Spain, are highlighted; photo.
75 Election 2004: ethics versus effectiveness
Northern Iowan 100:45, p.7
3/26/2004 Questions whether or not President Bush's campaign ads featuring footage of the September 11 attacks is ethical.
76 House of Saud -- the house of cards?
Public Relations News Release 2003:0, p.2
11/24/2003 Religious and political turmoil evident in Saudi Arabia discussed.
77 Is airline security crash landing?
Northern Iowan 100:15, p.5
10/21/2003 Feels it is up to the American people to decide how far airline security should go.
78 Media legacy of Sept. 11 continues
Northern Iowan 100:14, p.5
10/17/2003 Since September 11, 2001, Americans are quick to suggest terrorism as the cause of tragic circumstances.
79 9/11 remembered
Andrews--Eric A. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 100:4, p.1
9/12/2003 Students gathered around the Campanile at 9:11 a. m. to remember the terrorist attacks of 2001; photo.
80 Has a lesson been forgotten?
Northern Iowan 100:4, p.7
9/12/2003 Believes Americans should remember the lessons of the terrorist attaches of 2001 and look past differences.
81 UNI students to observe 9/11 anniversary with silence
Public Relations News Release 2003:0, p.1
9/10/2003 Event is part of the Young America's Foundation "9/11: Never Forget Project."
82 NI year in review
Northern Iowan 99:55, p.1
5/2/2003 Highlights from the year's big news stories; photo.
83 UNI experts available to discuss religion, terrorism and politics
Public Relations News Release 2002:389, p.1
3/18/2003 UNI faculty and staff members are listed that can talk about the war in Iraq.
84 Are we overreacting to terrorist threats?
Public Relations News Release 2002:341, p.1
2/24/2003 Michael White will talk about preparing for a biological attack.
85 Officials using terrorism to incite fear
Humphrey--Benjamin (Student--2003)
Northern Iowan 99:37, p.5
2/18/2003 Claims that today even simple acts of vandalism by teenagers are considered terrorism.
86 NI staff ponders 'high alert'
Northern Iowan 99:36, p.5
2/14/2003 Criticizes the new "terror alert" system employed by the federal government.
87 Clark anti-hero in Hilby's eyes
Northern Iowan 99:35, p.10
2/11/2003 Informs readers about the negative actions of Ramsey Clark.
88 Untitled
Horton--Eric (Military Science Staff)
Northern Iowan 99:34, p.6
2/7/2003 Gives praise and respect to soldiers who died fighting in Afghanistan.
89 Serendipity Safari
Rogness--Jared C. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 99:29, p.5
1/17/2003 Portrays the federal government's ability to monitor the possibility of terrorist actions.
90 Keeping track of alumni
Northern Iowa Today 87:1, p.16
1/1/2003 John Bresland had been working in the World Trade Center until shortly before the terrorist attacks; photo.
91 Are we ready for smallpox?
Public Relations News Release 2002:242, p.1
12/9/2002 Threat of bioterrorism and smallpox will be discussed.
92 The NI gives thanks
Northern Iowan 99:25, p.7
11/26/2002 Feels they are most thankful for a break from school.
93 Serendipity Safari
Rogness--Jared C. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 99:24, p.7
11/22/2002 Compares terrorists to weeds in someone's lawn.
94 Columnist offers up history quiz
Northern Iowan 99:26, p.9
11/6/2002 Compares historic events such as Pearl Harbor and the assassination of President Kennedy to the recent September 11 attacks.
95 Native Kenyan reacts to attack
Sagala--John Kemoli (Student--2001)
Northern Iowan 99:26, p.12
11/6/2002 Discusses the recent terrorist attack on the Paradise Hotel in Mobasa, Kenya.
96 Author applies face to Sept. 11 passenger
Wise--Justin Macalla (Student--2001-2002)
Northern Iowan 99:17, p.19
10/29/2002 Review of "Let's Roll," written by Lisa Beamer; photo.
97 Religion picks up after 9-11
Umthun--Daniel T. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:14, p.1
10/18/2002 Student religious organizations have seen an increase in attendance of their activities.
98 Responses to earlier Iraq letter
Green--Nathan R. (Classes of 2002 and 2005)
Northern Iowan 99:12, p.8
10/11/2002 Clarifies where the "No-Fly Zones" are and feels that the author of a previous letter is naïve in his understanding of world events.
99 Has America changed since 9-11?
Schwendinger--Paul J. (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 99:7, p.9
9/24/2002 Encourages readers to fight terrorism in the Middle East by becoming less dependent on oil and support research on renewable energy sources.
100 Flag shirt response
Layne--Ben (Student--2001-2002)
Northern Iowan 99:6, p.15
9/20/2002 Criticizes David Schick's comment that students and faculty are unpatriotic fi they did not wear red, white, and blue on September 11, 2002.


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