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201 Sole Power spring kickoff
Campus News Network 9:15, p.2
3/22/1999 Spring kickoff for Sole Power program, promoting healthy ways to commute to campus, will be April 1.
202 Untitled
Arbuckle--Amanda A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 95:43, p.13
3/9/1999 Programming and Activities Board members hosted "Luau at the WRC" Saturday; photo.
203 Wellness & Recreation Center
Northern Iowan 95:35, p.3
2/9/1999 Will host activites on Thursday-Saturday nights.
204 Wellness & Recreation Center
Northern Iowan 95:31, p.3
1/26/1999 Will host "Nightlife at the WRC".
205 UNI Outdoors has your winter recreation needs covered
Campus News Network 9:11, p.3
1/25/1999 UNI Outdoors Program offers many activities in the winter including trips.
206 Weekend workout alternatives at WRC
Greene--Kylie (Classes of 2001 and 2005)
Northern Iowan 95:30, p.10
1/22/1999 New program at WRC "Nightlife at the WRC" will offer alcohol-free weekend activities through spring break.
207 IM in need of officials
Northern Iowan 95:29, p.19
1/15/1999 Intramural sports program needs basketball officials for this season.
208 Making a habit of wellness
Gulick--Kathleen M. (Health Services Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 83:1, p.36
1/1/1999 Kathy Gulick outlines beliefs on healthy behavior.
209 Untitled
Chilcott--Susan Metz (Public Relations Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 83:1, p.Front cover
1/1/1999 Contrasts old physical education with new wellness emphasis; photo.
210 Upswing in wellness at Northern Iowa
Yates--Carole Shelley (CEEE Coordinator & Program Assistant)
Northern Iowa Today 83:1, p.2
1/1/1999 Students and staff talk about use of new Wellness/Recreation Center; photo.
211 De-stress to do your best
Northern Iowan 95:27, p.11
12/8/1998 Wellness and Recreation Services will host sixth bi-annual "De-Stress Days" next week to help students cope with stress of final examinations.
212 Adventure program key to great outdoors
Northern Iowan 95:26, p.10
12/4/1998 UNI Outdoors Program allows students and faculty to experience the outdoors; photo.
213 Car Free Day challenges conservation, exercise
Evans--Kelly J. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 95:11, p.9
10/6/1998 Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to walk or bike to campus Thursday for "Car Free Day".
214 Martin brings the outdoors to UNI students
Eshbaugh--Elaine M. (Class of 2000; Design--Textiles--Gerontology--and Family Studies Faculty)
Northern Iowan 95:11, p.16
10/6/1998 Profile on UNI Outdoor Program Director Andy Martin; photo.
215 University of Northern Iowa Wellness Recreation Center will sponsor "Car-Free Day" on Thursday, Oct. 8
Public Relations News Release 1998:59, p.1
9/29/1998 "Car-Free Day" activities include bike tune-ups and bicycle registration. Day is part of "Sole Power" project.
216 Sole Power
Campus News Network 9:2, p.4
8/31/1998 Sole Power campaign to promote wellness will begin September 2.
217 WRC faces new challenges; opportunities this summer
Northern Iowan 94:58, p.2
6/26/1998 Construction on UNI-Dome and West Gymnasium created scheduling challenges for Wellness/Recreation Center; its services are described; photo.
218 Pregnancy and exercise can go together
Public Relations News Release 1997:365, p.1
6/4/1998 Program coordinator for UNI's Wellness/Recreation Center Dana Foster says exercise is possible while pregnant.
219 Paddling Panthers Learn to Swim Program available to University of Northern Iowa students, faculty, staff and their family members
Public Relations News Release 1997:348, p.1
5/12/1998 Paddling Panthers swimming lessons to be offered by the Wellness and Recreation Services of UNI.
220 1997-98 intramural champions
Northern Iowan 94:55, p.9
5/1/1998 List of intramural champions for the past year.
221 Fall down and worship, everyone!
Sprague--Ivy A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 94:55, p.17
5/1/1998 Northern Iowan staff member Ivy Sprague describes her fitness success from the semester; photo.
222 Coping with the stress of finals
Public Relations News Release 1997:333, p.1
4/30/1998 DeStress Days are happening this week in the Wellness and Recreation Center to help students cope with stress of finals.
223 Healthy choices available at WRC
Den Hartog--Brandon
Northern Iowan 94:54, p.9
4/28/1998 Leisure Services intern responds to Troy Tickle's column on the Wellness and Recreation Center's vending machines.
224 Training provides new outlook on exercise, positive self-image
Sprague--Ivy A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 94:52, p.9
4/21/1998 Columnist comments on her last training session with her personal trainer.
225 Everything else aside, I feel GOOD; new outlook on exercise, self makes it all worth it
Sprague--Ivy A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 94:47, p.11
4/3/1998 Columnist comments on her progress with her personal trainer.
226 Programs emphasize death, danger of alcohol
Stoffel--Jason P.
Northern Iowan 94:47, p.15
4/3/1998 UNI Wellness and Recreation Services offers several programs to educate on the dangers of alcohol consumption.
227 Take that, you wimpy biceps
Sprague--Ivy A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 94:45, p.12
3/27/1998 Columnist comments on her first workout since before spring break.
228 NI supermodel training in progress here; on her way to catwalk
Sprague--Ivy A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 94:43, p.11
3/10/1998 Columnist comments on her progress with a personal trainer.
229 Full-body relaxation: 101
Northern Iowan 94:42, p.8
3/6/1998 Columnist comments on receiving a full body massage.
230 Study: college students do not 'Know Dieting'
Janssen--Laura (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 94:40, p.4
2/27/1998 Program "Know Dieting" was presented by Joan Thompson Monday in conjunction with Eating Disorder Awareness Week.
231 Numbers are in; outlook not good
Sprague--Ivy A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 94:39, p.13
2/24/1998 Northern Iowa writer begins her personal training program.
232 It's what's inside that counts; observe Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Northern Iowan 94:38, p.11
2/20/1998 The eleventh annual Eating Disorders Awareness Week will be held next week; photo.
233 Getting off the couch; onto stair master
Sprague--Ivy A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 94:37, p.12
2/17/1998 Northern Iowan staff member agrees to go through the Wellness and Recreation Services personal trainer program; photo.
234 Celebrate day of love in unique way
Deibler--Molly (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 94:36, p.9
2/13/1998 Valentine's Day activities are described; photo.
235 HIV/AIDS: closer to home than you think
Northern Iowan 94:35, p.10
2/10/1998 Wellness and Recreation Services offers educational programs on AIDS as well as screenings.
236 Just warmin' up
Deibler--Molly (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 94:34, p.1
2/6/1998 Roo Dekkers leading her aerobics class; photo.
237 Intramural sports activities to begin the spring semester 1998
Northern Iowan 94:29, p.8
1/16/1998 Spring intramural sports activities announced.
238 UNI students can enjoy the outdoors--summer or winter
Public Relations News Release 1997:171, p.1
1/8/1998 Andy Martin advises that students can now learn new skills, such as white-water rafting, through the Outdoor Recreation Program.
239 Finding fitness opportunities in the depths of winter
Public Relations News Release 1997:167, p.1
12/23/1997 Director of Wellness and Recreation Services Kathy Gulick states the benefits of outdoor activity, even in the winter.
240 De-Stress Days activities planned Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (Dec. 15-17) to help UNI students relax and unwind during finals week
Public Relations News Release 1997:151, p.1
12/11/1997 UNI Wellness and Recreation Services presents De-Stress Days to help students during finals week Dec. 15-17, according to Linda Basu and Ken Jacobsen.
241 Unwinding during finals week
Public Relations News Release 1997:149, p.1
12/11/1997 UNI Wellness and Recreation Services staff offers De-Stress days to students during finals week.
242 Snuffing out the habit during the Great American Smokeout
Public Relations News Release 1997:123, p.1
11/13/1997 Kathy Gulick, Director of Wellness and Recreation Services at UNI, offers suggestions to quit smoking in light of the Great American Smokeout November 20.
243 Taking a dip on family aquatic days
Campus News Network 8:7, p.2
11/10/1997 Families enjoy Family Aquatics Day at the WRC; photo.
244 What's Up
Northern Iowan 94:16, p.3
10/24/1997 Schedule of activities and meetings.
245 AIDS: hitting close to home
Northern Iowan 94:15, p.9
10/21/1997 People with AIDS talk about their experiences.
246 Greek system played only bit part in bringing Quilt to UNI; knowledge "misrepresented"
Barber--Sarah (Class of 1998)
Northern Iowan 94:14, p.11
10/17/1997 Attempts to clarify role of Greeks in bringing Quilt to campus; credits Wellness/Recreation program for its part in the effort; corrects errors in earlier articles.
247 What's Up
Northern Iowan 94:6, p.4
9/19/1997 Schedule of activities and meetings.
248 Wellness/Recreation Center ready for your inspection
Campus News Network 8:3, p.2
9/15/1997 New Wellness/Recreation Center is now partially open.
249 Getting drunk is seriously over-rated
Public Relations News Release 1997:17, p.1
9/4/1997 Health Educator Julie Thompson reviews plan to help students realize the negative aspects of drinking.
250 The Division of Campus Recreation would like to recognize the following individuals and organizations as 1996-1997 Intramural Champions
Northern Iowan 93:55, p.20
5/2/1997 Intramural champions.


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