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251 Winter lights
Northern Iowan 75:25, p.1
12/5/1978 Winter weather covered campus with ice and snow; photo.
252 Winter popsicles
Northern Iowan 75:25, p.16
12/5/1978 Winter scene on UNI campus; photo.
253 The long and winding..
Northern Iowan 75:22, p.10
11/17/1978 Snow fences are in place around campus awaiting the first major snowfall; photo.
254 Weather turns the tables
Northern Iowan 75:11, p.8
10/6/1978 A campus park gets ready as winter weather approaches; photo.
255 No car starts
Northern Iowan 75:8, p.9
9/26/1978 Public Safety will no longer jump-start students' cars; cite increased expense of alternators and batteries in UNI equipment.
256 Wasted Union Blues
Northern Iowan 74:42, p.2
2/28/1978 Student from Georgia is concerned with ice holes.
257 Nor rain, nor sleet
Northern Iowan 74:36, p.1
2/7/1978 The security department still issues as many tickets as possible during the duration of the winter months.
258 All aboard
Northern Iowan 74:31, p.9
1/20/1978 Bus transportation helps students on the way to school or to work; photo.
259 Winter duties
Coleman--Duff A. (Class of 1979)
Northern Iowan 74:27, p.1
12/9/1977 A security officer takes up a new duty as the winter begins--jump-starting cars; photo.
260 Common sense needed in cold weather driving, Evers says
Wheeler--Robyn L. (Student--1977)
Northern Iowan 73:43, p.3
3/4/1977 Rollie Evers offers advice on winter driving.
261 Preparing for more cold
Northern Iowan 73:38, p.1
2/15/1977 An igloo outside of Bartlett Hall; photo.
262 Untitled
Northern Iowan 73:34, p.8
2/1/1977 Students watch an impromptu concert held in the Towers after classes were cancelled.
263 Untitled
Grevas--Daniel J. (Class of 1977)
Northern Iowan 73:32, p.8
1/25/1977 Man walking through an entrance to campus at night in the snow.
264 It's cold out here!
Grevas--Daniel J. (Class of 1977)
Northern Iowan 73:30, p.1
1/18/1977 Students walk to class in cold weather and snow; photo.
265 Face the cold
Northern Iowan 73:29, p.8
1/14/1977 A student bundles up before going outside; photo.
266 The bane of ice storms
Northern Iowan 72:43, p.2
3/5/1976 The Northern Iowan staff comments on the slippery sidewalks.
267 Winter camping? You gotta be kidding
Paxton--David A. (Class of 1976)
Northern Iowan 72:36, p.10
2/10/1976 Recounts adventure of winter camping.
268 Conservation Club
Northern Iowan 72:30, p.8
1/20/1976 Will prepare for winter camping trip.
269 Untitled
Sheahan--Mary K.
Northern Iowan 72:24, p.11
11/21/1975 "Nobody has had the heart to tell him winter is finally here."
270 Untitled
Northern Iowan 72:24, p.11
11/21/1975 Student moronically wears summer attire in winter.
271 A Sports Column
Paxton--David A. (Class of 1976)
Northern Iowan 71:46, p.9
4/4/1975 Trouble with spring sports.
272 Seminar
Northern Iowan 71:31, p.8
1/24/1975 Seminar on outdoor winter activities.
273 Crystal branches
Northern Iowan 70:31, p.8
2/8/1974 Cold weather does not allow ice and snow to melt; photo.
274 What's Up?
Northern Iowan 70:30, p.6
2/5/1974 Activities and meetings.
275 What's Up?
Northern Iowan 70:29, p.6
2/1/1974 Activities and meetings.
276 Winter outing
Northern Iowan 70:29, p.7
2/1/1974 UAB will sponsor camping trip.
277 WRA winter outing
Northern Iowan 70:29, p.7
2/1/1974 WRA will sponsor trip to Camp Wahpaton.
278 "Fellow winter-haters"
Pershall--Mary K. (Class of 1973)
Northern Iowan 69:19, p.2
11/17/1972 Does not like winter.
279 Warm weather is nice but . . .
Taylor--George W.
Northern Iowan 67:32, p.12
2/19/1971 Students find themselves wading through "lakes" on campus after a thaw; photo.
280 Dr. Montgomery to Speak at UNI's Winer Convocation
Public Relations News Release 1971:366, p.1
2/9/1971 Dr. John W. Montgomery will present "Christianity: Fact or Fiction?" at the annual UNI Winter Convocation on Feb. 15 in the University Auditorium.
281 Dr. Montgomery to Speak at UNI's Winter Convocation
Public Relations News Release 1971:365, p.1
2/9/1971 Dr. John W. Montgomery will present "Christianity: Fact or Fiction?" at the annual UNI Winter Convocation on Feb. 15 in the University Auditorium.
282 UNI Winter Grads Receive Diplomas via Mail
Public Relations News Release 1970:336, p.1
2/1/1971 Because of the discontinuance of winter commencement ceremonies, graduates are receiving their diplomas by mail this year; list of graduates
283 Can you dig it?
Northern Iowan 67:26, p.1
1/12/1971 Student dig their way out of the snow; photo.
284 Iowa blizzard closes UNI
Northern Iowan 67:26, p.4
1/12/1971 Snow and more snow cover the UNI campus; photo.
285 UNI Classes Remain Closed Wednesday
Public Relations News Release 1970:286, p.1
1/8/1971 Released 1/4/1971 - Due to snow drifts from a snowstorm, President Kamerick has annoucned that classes will resume on Thursday.
286 UNI Classes Still Closed
Public Relations News Release 1970:287, p.1
1/8/1971 Released 1/4/1971 - UNI and Price Lab classes are cancelled today.
287 UNI Classes Suspended Monday
Public Relations News Release 1970:288, p.1
1/8/1971 Released 1/4/1971 - No classes will be held today due to hazardous travel conditions. U of Iowa and Iowa State U are closed. Price Lab is closed as well.
288 Should clean icy sidewalks
Northern Iowan 67:25, p.4
12/18/1970 Believes university should do better job on walks.
289 Untitled
Northern Iowan 66:36, p.1
2/20/1970 Students dodge puddles and ice; photo.
290 Untitled
Public Relations News Release 66:27, p.1
12/16/1969 Child on Prexy's Pond; photo.
291 Pre-hell week
Northern Iowan 65:30, p.2
1/7/1969 Grim outlook on returning to school.
292 As the flu hits, winter hits . . .
Northern Iowan 65:29, p.5
12/20/1968 Snow creates a "Winter Wonderland" on the UNI campus; photo.
293 Untitled
College Eye 63:33, p.1
2/17/1967 Student trying to clean snow and ice off a car; photo.
294 Untitled
College Eye 60:29, p.3
1/14/1966 Students brush snow off their car.
295 Off-campus SCIans plan to pioneer way through coming winter weather
Ravn--Patricia A. (Class of 1967)
College Eye 60:25, p.1
12/10/1965 Students talk about getting themselves and their cars ready for winter; photo.
296 WRA plans winter fun for 40 girls
College Eye 59:18, p.4
2/12/1965 Will ski, toboggan, and skate.
297 Untitled
College Eye 57:16, p.3
1/25/1963 Winter chills still hang around; photo.
298 Announced by all the radiators . . . .
College Eye 56:10, p.2
11/17/1961 Discusses the first snow and Iowa winter; also talks about need for sidewalks leading to buildings on campus.
299 Untitled
Bina--Robert Fred (Class of 1964)
College Eye 52:20, p.5
2/24/1961 The campus is covered in ice after a recent storm; photo.
300 First sign of spring?
Bina--Robert Fred (Class of 1964)
College Eye 52:18, p.5
2/10/1961 A photo of snow covered leaves; photo.


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