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401 Winter
Old Gold 0:0, p.108
6/1/1936 Photo of the central part of campus.
402 April skies soon dispel, but lest we forget
Alumnus 20:2, p.1
4/1/1936 Description of terrible winter of 1935-1936 with exceptionally cold weather, high winds, and head-high snow; record of coal consumption; photo.
403 But Teachers College stays open . . . .
Alumnus 20:2, p.2
4/1/1936 School remains open during bad weather, but sporting and entertainment events are cancelled.
404 Debaters get snowbound . . . .
Alumnus 20:2, p.2
4/1/1936 Women travel to Denver; men travel to Cuba before debating in South; weather forces cancellation of Brindley Tournament.
405 Gone (?) -- but not forgotten
College Eye 27:33, p.1
2/28/1936 The memories of bitterly cold walks to class in the snow still linger; hope they are gone for the season.
406 Brindley memorial debate cancelled
College Eye 27:32, p.1
2/21/1936 Due to bad weather and scheduling conflicts.
407 Debate teams tie for first at Denver; women debaters victorious in nine out of twelve forensic attempts
College Eye 27:32, p.1
2/21/1936 Despite difficult travel conditions.
408 Music conference festival cancelled
College Eye 27:32, p.1
2/21/1936 Due to bad weather and roads.
409 Debate tournament is postponed one week
College Eye 27:31, p.1
2/14/1936 Due to bad weather and travel conditions.
410 Old man winter creeps in rooms--and do things happen then! My! Burst pipes, ruined tests, floating carpets are cold result
College Eye 27:31, p.1
2/14/1936 Several offices flooded when pipes burst.
411 Sandburg fails to come; regrets it
College Eye 27:31, p.1
2/14/1936 Railroads blocked by snow.
412 Thermometers dive; gym classes off
College Eye 27:28, p.1
1/24/1936 Classes suspended due to severe cold.
413 Icy paths provide coed's locomotion
College Eye 26:29, p.3
2/1/1935 Students are enjoying the winter conditions.
414 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.116
6/1/1933 Winter photos.
415 Untitled
Alumnus 17:1, p.Cover
1/1/1933 East sides of Auditorium Building and Old Administration Building in winter; photo.
416 Ice and progress
College Eye 23:46, p.2
6/17/1932 Claims that new walkways to the Auditorium will ease the problems of crowding and ice-coated walks.
417 Untitled
College Eye 22:18, p.2
2/6/1931 Tennis available on women's courts.
418 Untitled
Alumnus 15:1, p.Outside front cover
1/1/1931 The cannon and crossroads in winter snow; photo.
419 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.140
6/1/1930 Campus scenes; photos.
420 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.142
6/1/1930 Campus scenes; photos.
421 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.222
6/1/1930 Winter scene; photo.
422 Untitled
Alumnus 14:1, p.2
1/1/1930 Snowy winter scene along College Street; photo.
423 Every day in every way it's getting cooler and cooler
College Eye 17:4, p.1
6/24/1925 In humorous reference to the hot weather; snow covers the ground on campus; photo.
424 Editorially speaking; "To whom it may concern"
College Eye 15:23, p.4
2/20/1924 Encourages landlords and store owners to sprinkle ashes over the ice so students don't fall.
425 Campus
Busby--Harrison Walker (Class of 1923)
Old Gold 0:0, p.Following page 6
6/1/1923 Footprints in the snow, among the trees, with the moon shown over the hill.
426 Campus scene
Old Gold 0:0, p.16
6/1/1923 Winter scene; photo.
427 Campus scene
Old Gold 0:0, p.17
6/1/1923 Winter scene including several trees with frost on the branches; photo.
428 Features
Busby--Harrison Walker (Class of 1923)
Old Gold 0:0, p.Following page 188
6/1/1923 Winter scene of a town crier standing in front of a house with staff and lantern.
429 For our readers in the South
College Eye 14:37, p.1
3/21/1923 Heavy snowfall in Cedar Falls.
430 The primary college eye
College Eye 14:26, p.2
12/13/1922 Portrays college students through a child's eye.
431 Midwinter play
Alumni News Letter 6:2, p.1
4/1/1922 The Dramatic Art Faculty presents a performance of Booth Tarkington's "Clarence" as the year's Midwinter Play.
432 Rural schools-- Winter picnic
Alumni News Letter 6:2, p.1
4/1/1922 The Teachers College is the site of the winter picnics of the Mullinex, Benson, Castle Hill, Eddy, and Cedar Heights school districts. The event was organized by Professor Harry L. Eells, Miss Alta Wilmarth, and the faculty of the participating schools.
433 Winter Term
Alumni News Letter 5:4, p.8
10/1/1921 Winter term begins November 30.
434 Editorially speaking; Groundhog Day
College Eye 12:20, p.4
2/2/1921 Believes that students should pay more attention to the groundhog.
435 Vacation
Alumni News Letter 4:1, p.2
1/1/1920 Winter vacation was changed to December 5 through December 30, instead of December 23 to January 7, because of coal shortage due to a miner's strike.
436 The mitten
College Eye 11:13, p.7
12/31/1919 Lost and found collection contains several mittens.
437 College spirit advanced in unequaled strides; May Day exercises one big success with every student closer to college.
College Eye 10:27, p.1
5/21/1919 Description of May Day celebrations.
438 Winter scene on the campus
College Eye 10:12, p.1
1/29/1919 Winter scene; photo.
439 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.148
6/1/1918 Photos of winter scenes.
440 Icy walks
College Eye 8:19, p.4
2/21/1917 Speaks out against the abundance of icy walkways during the winter.
441 The long winter's dream of our profs
College Eye 8:17, p.1
2/7/1917 Pictures faculty member dreaming of a round of golf.
442 Do you want a barrel of money?
College Eye 7:17, p.4
2/9/1916 Believes students could make money selling sand to improve the roads.
443 Untitled
College Eye 7:17, p.4
2/9/1916 Encourages caution during icy weather.
444 Fourteen I. S. T. C. students
College Eye 4:14, p.7
1/7/1915 Enjoyed a New Year's party.
445 Winter scene near College Hospital
Old Gold 0:0, p.20
6/1/1914 Photo.
446 Martha Halvorson
College Eye 2:22, p.6
3/6/1913 Fractured her ankle when she slipped on some ice.
447 Student suffers painful accident; Tom Crilly in College Hospital with the bones of his left leg badly fractured
College Eye 2:15, p.2
1/16/1913 Falls on icy sidewalk on College Hill and breaks ankle.
448 College calendar
College Eye 2:14, p.3
449 A little snow
Old Gold 0:0, p.271
6/1/1912 Photos.
450 Untitled
Old Gold 0:0, p.267
6/1/1912 Photos of winter on campus.


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