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301 Miss Iris Livingston and Ray Crummer
Normal Eyte 19:13, p.206
12/16/1908 Shopping for party.
302 Society; Ossoli, Neo (life of a Gypsy)
Normal Eyte 19:9, p.142
11/4/1908 Ossolis have Halloween party.
303 Society; Aristo, Orio, Chresto
Normal Eyte 19:8, p.125
10/28/1908 Aristos give program on "The Possibilities of Young Men"; Orios discuss Balkans; Chrestos held initiation.
304 Society
Normal Eyte 19:5, p.75
10/7/1908 News from the literary societies; Philos and Alphas hold joint session
305 The Ames preliminary; Philos place three men; three Orios complete the team; close try-out
Normal Eyte 19:4, p.51
9/30/1908 Detailed account of the contest
306 Football; the effect of inter-society games upon intercollegiate contests
Normal Eyte 19:2, p.20
9/16/1908 Challenges between men's societies last year created a good foundation for this year's intercollegiate team; photo.
307 Society
Murphy--James P. (Class of 1909)
Normal Eyte 19:1, p.12
9/9/1908 News from the literary societies.
308 Aristo Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.255
6/1/1908 Drawing of the Aristotelian Society seal.
309 National program
Old Gold 0:0, p.260
6/1/1908 Drawing of eagle on a banner listing the program and two students depicted on either side of the shield.
310 Photo
Old Gold 0:0, p.262
6/1/1908 Aristo football team; photo.
311 Photo
Old Gold 0:0, p.256
6/1/1908 Members of the Aristotelian literary society; photo.
312 Photo
Old Gold 0:0, p.261
6/1/1908 Aristo basketball team.
313 Return of football to Normal
Denny--Milo Bennett (Student--1907)
Old Gold 0:0, p.314
6/1/1908 Drawing of stork carrying a football player in sling to signify the Aristo-Orio game November, 1906.
314 The Aristotelian Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.257
6/1/1908 Motto, yells, officers, history, and photos of triangular teams; photo.
315 Saturday Night's Triangular
Normal Eyte 18:32, p.499
5/27/1908 Account of recent debate.
316 The Saturday evening meetings
Normal Eyte 18:23, p.353
3/25/1908 Debaters for preliminary contest selected; will debate expansion of federal government authority.
317 Triangular results
Normal Eyte 18:23, p.355
3/25/1908 A look back at this competition among the three men's societies; scores this year were Philos 5, Aristos 3, Orios 1.
318 Notice to Normal Eyte electors
Magee--Ira J. (Class of 1909)
Normal Eyte 18:20, p.317
2/19/1908 John Dee receives support of Aristos and Shakes for the position of Normal Eyte business manager.
319 Intersociety basketball
Normal Eyte 18:17, p.262
1/29/1908 Philos won against Aristos, 31-26.
320 Athletics; football--rah, rah, rah
Normal Eyte 18:12, p.186
12/11/1907 Orios played the Aristos; shows student enthusiasm for football.
321 The Shakes entertain the Aristos
Normal Eyte 18:12, p.189
12/11/1907 Had a three-course turkey dinner to celebrate Aristo victories.
322 Each of the men's societies
Normal Eyte 18:11, p.161
11/20/1907 Elected members to attend Herbert Smith's funeral.
323 The Shakespearean and Aristotelian
Normal Eyte 18:6, p.93
10/16/1907 Hosted a reception for new members.
324 February
Old Gold 0:0, p.279
6/1/1907 Chronological look at school year month by month.
325 Inter-Society Oratory
Old Gold 0:0, p.125
6/1/1907 Scorecard of points received by societies.
326 The Aristotelian Society
Old Gold 0:0, p.213
6/1/1907 Roster of members, officers, and activities; photo.
327 Owing to the rain last week
Normal Eyte 17:34, p.543
5/29/1907 Aristos and Shakes postpone picnic.
328 The Aristos break their "hoodoo"
Normal Eyte 17:33, p.514
5/22/1907 Score in triangular debate was Aristos 4, Orios 4, and Philos 1.
329 The Shakes and Aristos
Normal Eyte 17:33, p.528
5/22/1907 Planning picnic.
330 Annual field meet
Normal Eyte 17:29, p.455
4/24/1907 Meet preview with standing records.
331 Triangular debate; Philos and Orios break even with 4 points each; Aristos 1
Normal Eyte 17:22, p.339
2/27/1907 The literary societies held a debate on labor disputes which affect the general public.
332 Orio vs. Aristo
Normal Eyte 17:21, p.323
2/20/1907 Orios defeat the Aristos in basketball, 37-16.
333 Society
Normal Eyte 17:20, p.311
2/13/1907 Ossolis organized medical program; Zetas installed officers; Chrestos gave art program; Aristos hold miscellaneous program; Shakes present Russo-Japanese program; Philos hold combination program.
334 Philo vs. 'Risto
Normal Eyte 17:19, p.290
2/6/1907 The Philo team defeated the Aristo team in a basketball game.
335 The Shake-Aristo Mascot
Normal Eyte 17:19, p.297
2/6/1907 The mascot of the literary societies was stolen and they would like it returned.
336 The second of the series of inter-society games will be played
Normal Eyte 17:18, p.274
1/30/1907 Intersociety basketball is played to determine the champions of the year.
337 Oriphiristo meeting
Normal Eyte 17:17, p.261
1/23/1907 Storm brings societies together.
338 After the oratorical contest on Friday
Normal Eyte 17:13, p.206
12/12/1906 Students celebrated third place prize for Hazel Loomis.
339 Spellbinders meet; farmer Philo takes the lead with 6 points, Aristo captures 3 while Orio, for the first time, comes in with 1
Normal Eyte 17:12, p.177
12/6/1906 Displays the outcome of the fifth annual men's oratorical contest in which Frank L. Byrnes took first place honors; photo.
340 Society
Normal Eyte 17:9, p.138
11/7/1906 Humorous look at the word man; Chrestos played games and enjoyed supper; Aristos present Southern program; Alphas debate the value of Halloween; new Zeta women present program.
341 Society
Normal Eyte 17:7, p.106
10/24/1906 Alphas present Dutch program; Zetas meet along Cedar River; Aristos enjoyed Cuban program; Chrestos enjoyed music and debate; Shakes held initiation ceremony.
342 Society
Normal Eyte 17:6, p.89
10/17/1906 Shakes and Aristos hold banquet; Ossolis focus on race; Clios consider American Indians.
343 Society
Normal Eyte 17:4, p.57
10/3/1906 Neos present college program; Ossolis enjoyed Indian program; mock letter home about Clios meeting; Shakes and Aristos presented music program
344 Society
Normal Eyte 17:1, p.12
9/12/1906 Shakes hear papers and conduct debate; Orios present literary program; Aristos state their mission and importance.
345 Intersociety oratorical contests
Pedagog 0:0, p.99
6/1/1906 Results of the intersociety contests, 1900, 1903-1905; photo.
346 The Aristotelian Society
Pedagog 0:0, p.86
6/1/1906 Brief history of the organization; photo.
347 Society
Normal Eyte 16:34, p.541
5/30/1906 The Alphas submitted a poem about their picnic, the Shakes also had a picnic to report.
348 Triangular debate
Normal Eyte 16:32, p.498
5/16/1906 Philos win 4 points; Orios 3; Aristos 2.
349 Society
Normal Eyte 16:31, p.489
5/9/1906 The Aristos held a program on "the laboring man", Ossolis had a grandmother's program, and the Philos submitted a report on Fort Sumter.
350 Society
Normal Eyte 16:24, p.377
3/14/1906 Shakes held Far North program; Aristos, Zetas, and Philos all held meetings.


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