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551 Students favor community church; strongly opposed to denominations building on Hill
College Eye 16:17, p.1
1/14/1925 Text of six survey questions; favor nondenominational church on College Hill; tally of student religious preferences.
552 The Inquiring Reporter
College Eye 16:14, p.3
12/3/1924 Students asked whether or not a community church should be instituted on the Hill.
553 Community church on Hill now discussed; Committee of Seventeen considering possibilities
College Eye 16:12, p.1
11/19/1924 Canvassing College Hill residents, faculty, and students for interest in College Hill church.
554 Editorially speaking; "To whom it may concern"
College Eye 15:23, p.4
2/20/1924 Encourages landlords and store owners to sprinkle ashes over the ice so students don't fall.
555 For the past few weeks
College Eye 15:22, p.8
2/13/1924 Dogs and cats have been on the Hill.
556 Short residence is consumed by fire; third fire on Hill within two weeks
College Eye 15:9, p.1
10/31/1923 Fire destroyed house of Ed Short.
557 Electroliers for College Street
College Eye 14:42, p.6
4/25/1923 City may provide lighting from 20th to 24th Streets.
558 What about a College Hill Sunday school?; comments upon the following plan invited
College Eye 14:37, p.1
3/21/1923 Suggests interdenominational church services for students.
559 Among the changes
College Eye 14:13, p.8
9/13/1922 Describes changes to College Hill; trees removed; new beauty parlor next to Lewis barber shop.
560 Prof. W. L. Wallace
College Eye 14:13, p.8
9/13/1922 Purchased and remodeled a house at 2603 Olive Street; lives there with his family.
561 Student Loan Fund soon to be in operation
College Eye 13:19, p.4
1/25/1922 Encourages students to support the Student Loan Fund; students need to respect class traditions; asks student to do a better job of keeping the sidewalks on College Hill free of snow and ice.
562 Students living on the south side of College Hill
College Eye 12:24, p.8
3/2/1921 Helped put out house fire.
563 Mr. and Mrs. John Leitsch
College Eye 12:20, p.8
2/2/1921 Moved into house on College Hill.
564 Student working conditions on the Hill
College Eye 12:12, p.4
11/17/1920 Believes students should earn wages comparable to what non-students make.
565 Editorially Speaking
College Eye 11:7, p.4
10/29/1919 Encourages school spirit after recent loss to Upper Iowa; speaks in support of a College Hill church.
566 Editorially Speaking
College Eye 11:6, p.4
10/22/1919 Encourage men going out for football to stick with it; claims that new road between Cedar Falls and Waterloo should be extended; speaks against article concerning a College Hill church.
567 Editorially Speaking
College Eye 11:5, p.4
10/15/1919 Encourages students to attend Penn College game; notifies readers that they may have the College Eye bound for their own use; discusses the possibility of establishing a College Hill church.
568 College Hill church
College Eye 11:4, p.4
10/8/1919 Responds to statements made by the editor, concerning the formation of a College Hill church.
569 Twentieth year reunion
College Eye 10:23, p.6
4/16/1919 A look at some of the members of the Class of 1899.
570 Delphian banquet at Black Hawk Hotel
College Eye 10:15, p.6
2/19/1919 Decorated in Valentine's Day favors.
571 Unnecessary activities banned for week; no complete close-up until official orders are received
College Eye 10:2, p.1
10/23/1918 Schools, theaters, movies, churches, and other public facilities have been closed due to influenza; ISTC is still open but there are no chapel exercises or meetings other than classes.
572 Fake peace news awakens Teachers College
College Eye 10:1, p.4
10/15/1918 Students turn out to celebrate peace, but later learn that the rumors were incorrect.
573 If we dared
College Eye 8:29, p.4
5/16/1917 Expresses distaste for men who visit the Hill to pick up women and with those women who respond to them.
574 Editorial
College Eye 7:16, p.4
2/2/1916 Urges students to plead with landlords on the Hill to remedy the icy walkways.
575 Enrollment sets high water mark; over 1700 enroll the first day
College Eye 7:2, p.1
9/29/1915 Rooming and boarding houses seem to be unaffected by the opening of Bartlett Hall.
576 Miss Lillian V. Lambert
College Eye 7:2, p.8
9/29/1915 Building a new house on Iowa Street.
577 C. C. Lewis
College Eye 7:1, p.8
6/1/1915 Building a new shop on College Hill.
578 Miss Lillian Lambert
College Eye 7:1, p.8
6/1/1915 Sold her lot on Tremont Street and purchased one on Iowa Street where she will build a home.
579 Residences on east side campus
Old Gold 0:0, p.326
6/1/1915 Looking east across College Street; photo.
580 The College Hill boarding and rooming houses
College Eye 7:1, p.8
6/1/1915 Making preparations for the summer visitors.
581 J. Foy Cross
College Eye 4:25, p.6
4/8/1915 Is building a house.
582 Students celebrate Highland victory; real rural demonstration
College Eye 4:4, p.1
10/1/1914 Gathering was held to welcome home football players from Highland Park.
583 Mr. Mount
College Eye 4:2, p.8
9/11/1914 Mr. Mount built two houses.
584 Mr. N. F. Cooledge
College Eye 4:2, p.8
9/11/1914 Built a house on his father's property.
585 Mrs. Spatcher
College Eye 4:2, p.8
9/11/1914 Mrs. Spatcher built a house on College Street.
586 Professor McKitrick
College Eye 4:2, p.8
9/11/1914 Built a house on Iowa street.
587 This year S. E. Green
College Eye 4:2, p.8
9/11/1914 S. E. Green built a house on Campus Street.
588 Northeast corner campus
Old Gold 0:0, p.18
6/1/1914 Photo.
589 College Campus
Old Gold 0:0, p.6
6/1/1913 Photo of campus grounds.
590 The members of the College Hill fire department
College Eye 2:17, p.5
1/30/1913 Held annual banquet in Gymnasium.
591 Student suffers painful accident; Tom Crilly in College Hospital with the bones of his left leg badly fractured
College Eye 2:15, p.2
1/16/1913 Falls on icy sidewalk on College Hill and breaks ankle.
592 Young Men's Christian Association banquet; local Christian organization entertains successful athletes; co-operative spirit much in evidence
College Eye 2:13, p.4
593 Commercial Club aid appreciated
College Eye 2:8, p.7
10/24/1912 Appreciated support in protest against Board recommendation.
594 Big mass meeting held; students voice their objections to the actions of state board; over one thousand students parade the streets
College Eye 2:7, p.1
10/17/1912 Students and citizens march from park to downtown area to protest decision of Board of Education to reduce ISTC to junior college status.
595 Familiar sights and sounds; on the College Hill edition the opening days of the school
College Eye 2:2, p.8
9/12/1912 News notes and humor.
596 The Cedar Falls City Council
College Eye 1:27, p.7
5/1/1912 Sidewalks and fountain to be installed in College Hill Park, now known as Seerley Park.
597 Untitled
College Eye 1:3, p.7
9/27/1911 Petition for City of Cedar Falls to pay for electric lighting on College Hill.
598 Fire in the boarding house; Hollis home on College Hill has a narrow escape from a serious conflagration
Normal Eyte 21:18, p.311
2/1/1911 A fire occurred at the Hollis home, but was successfully put out; lamp had fallen to the floor and started a fire.
599 Looking East From Buildings
Old Gold 0:0, p.361
6/1/1910 Photo of College Hill.
600 Miss Ida Fesenbeck
Normal Eyte 20:11, p.194
11/17/1909 New cottage will be built on Twenty-fourth and Tremont.


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