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Fuller--Albert C. (Class of 1899; Extension Faculty; Alumni Director)

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201 Extension Division serves 115,000 in year, report shows
College Eye 23:21, p.6
11/13/1931 Survey of Extension work.
202 Approximatley 400 alumni
Public Relations News Release 1931:81, p.1
10/26/1931 Alimni dinner held in Des Moines.
203 400 Teachers alumni expected at November banquet in Des Moines
College Eye 23:18, p.3
10/23/1931 In conjunction with ISTA meeting.
204 The annual Homecoming celebration
Public Relations News Release 1931:61, p.1
10/21/1931 Homecoming festivities announced; committees listed.
205 Local merchants sponsor contest
College Eye 23:17, p.1
10/16/1931 For best suggestions for Homecoming displays.
206 College exhibit at Cattle Congress will show school work; A. C. Fuller, extension professor, is chairman of committee planning the display
College Eye 23:14, p.6
207 I. S. T. A. delegates will attend state meet
College Eye 23:14, p.1
9/25/1931 Professors Fuller, Goetch, and Eells will attend.
208 Over fifty students enroll for extension classes on Saturdays
College Eye 23:14, p.1
9/25/1931 Classes will meet for four hours each Saturday.
209 State Fair plans near completion; exhibit will occupy space in central section of educational building, the committee reports
College Eye 23:10, p.1
8/7/1931 Description of extensive display.
210 Plans for the Iowa State Teachers College annual exhibit
Public Relations News Release 1930:500, p.1
8/2/1931 Description of Iowa State Fair exhibit.
211 College plans big exhibit at State Fair; Auditorium Building photo to be central piece of display, flanked by college colors
College Eye 23:5, p.1
7/3/1931 A. C. Fuller describes the extensive display.
212 Alumni plan reunion at N. E. A.
Alumnus 15:3, p.4
7/1/1931 California alumni hope to meet other ISTC alumni at NEA meeting in Los Angeles.
213 State Fair exhibit
Alumnus 15:3, p.12
7/1/1931 This year's exhibit will be more extensive than last year's.
214 Eva May Luse will attend conference at Los Angeles; will be delegate of the Iowa State Teachers College unit of the N. E. A.
College Eye 23:3, p.6
6/19/1931 Several other faculty members are also involved with NEA service.
215 The Iowa State Teachers College unit of the National Education Association
Public Relations News Release 1930:457, p.1
6/15/1931 Professor Luse and other ISTC faculty are delagates to the national NEA conference in Los Angeles.
216 Extension Division
Old Gold 0:0, p.38
6/1/1931 Description of the Extension Division; photos.
217 Extension worker honored
Alumnus 15:2, p.4
4/1/1931 A. C. Fuller elected president of Teachers College Extension Association.
218 School desk bells disappear
Alumnus 15:2, p.8
4/1/1931 Electric bells are replacing hand bells and belfry bells.
219 Fuller elected head of Teachers College Extension Association
College Eye 22:21, p.1
2/27/1931 Had served as president once before.
220 A. C. Fuller, associate director of the extension division
Public Relations News Release 1930:242, p.1
2/25/1931 Elected president of Teachers College Extension Association.
221 Fuller plans report on extension work for Michigan conference
College Eye 22:20, p.4
2/20/1931 Will speak to association meeting.
222 Dr. O. R. Latham, president of the Iowa State Teachers College
Public Relations News Release 1931:225, p.1
2/15/1931 President and faculty attend teachers college conventions in Washington, D. C.
223 Iowa State Teachers College professors
Public Relations News Release 1930:205, p.1
2/13/1931 Faculty to attend the National Education Association's annual meeting of the Department of Superintendence in Detroit on February 21-26.
224 Professors to attend meeting of National Education Association
College Eye 22:19, p.6
2/13/1931 A number of faculty will attend meeting in Detroit.
225 A. C. Fuller, associate director of the extension division
Public Relations News Release 1930:194, p.1
2/9/1931 Professor Fuller and other faculty members to attend the Teachers College Extension Association conference in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
226 Dances planned this month will climax events of every week
College Eye 22:18, p.5
2/6/1931 Campus social calendar.
227 School bells are disappearing, say Nelson and Fuller
College Eye 22:17, p.4
1/30/1931 Professors Fuller and Nelson find that the old traditional desk and belfry bells are being used much less; bell in Central Hall has not be rung in five years.
228 "The music of the bells"
Public Relations News Release 1930:176, p.1
1/25/1931 Old fashioned school bells are being phased out in favor of electric bells.
229 Untitled
College Eye 22:15, p.2
1/16/1931 Campus social calendar.
230 Alumni talk at state conference
Alumnus 15:1, p.4
1/1/1931 Roster of ISTC alumni and faculty participating in Iowa State Teachers Convention.
231 School bell calls alumni to annual dinner
Alumnus 15:1, p.1
1/1/1931 375 alumni and faculty meet in Des Moines; hear messages from those not present, including long message from Anna McGovern; honor rural teachers; photo.
232 A. C. Fuller presides at annual reunion dinner November 13; three hundred and seventy-five alumni and friends present
Barker--Olive L. (Music Faculty)
College Eye 22:11, p.1
11/21/1930 At ISTA meeting.
233 Nineteen faculty members address teachers of state; Latham points out pitfalls in progressive education
College Eye 22:10, p.1
11/14/1930 Many faculty are on ISTA program.
234 Teachers and superintendents
Public Relations News Release 1930:83, p.1
11/13/1930 Three rural schools designated as superior by the the state of Iowa will be honored at ISTC alumni dinner.
235 Nineteen faculty members of the Iowa State Teachers college
Public Relations News Release 1930:79, p.1
11/10/1930 Nineteen faculty members will travel to Des Moines for the 76th annual Iowa State Teachers Convention.
236 Sounds similar to those that rang in the ears of school-children
Public Relations News Release 1930:77, p.1
11/9/1930 ISTC alumni will hold annual reunion dinner at Hotel Fort Des Moines.
237 Alumni to gather at Des Moines hotel for reunion dinner
College Eye 22:9, p.1
11/7/1930 About four hundred will attend dinner at ISTA convention.
238 Professors to speak to Iowa teachers
College Eye 22:8, p.1
10/31/1930 Professor Fuller and Finkenbinder will appear on ISTA program.
239 Extension division awaits modernization of permanent offices
College Eye 22:7, p.3
10/24/1930 Will provide better, more efficient office space.
240 Untitled
College Eye 22:6, p.6
10/17/1930 Albert C. Fuller will address teachers association meeting.
241 "Be one of the four hundred", is slogan of college diners
College Eye 22:5, p.1
10/10/1930 Planning for alumni dinner in Des Moines.
242 Professors go to conference
College Eye 22:5, p.3
10/10/1930 Professors Fuller and Eells will go to rural life meeting in Wisconsin.
243 Fuller to explain Iowa county choir music plan
College Eye 22:4, p.2
10/3/1930 At Wisconsin meeting.
244 College exhibit attracts many
Alumnus 14:4, p.10
10/1/1930 Exhibit at State Fair draws comment; description of displays, including movies of children in Nursery School.
245 Homecoming Committee plots for Campanile's downfall, rumor says; professors appointed to promote cooperation of merchants
College Eye 22:3, p.1
9/26/1930 President Latham also appoints faculty committee to coordinate college and merchant activities.
246 Untitled
College Eye 22:2, p.4
9/19/1930 Three Extension faculty on assignment.
247 Inner machanisms of the educational system
Public Relations News Release 1929:556, p.1
8/3/1930 State fair exhibit shows various deparments at wotk at ISTC; movies, maps, and photographs and part of exhibit.
248 All departments rush final work on fair exhibit; life, color, and motion to feature extensive display of college activities
College Eye 21:41, p.1
8/1/1930 Description of the Iowa State Fair exhibit.
249 Plans for the housing
College Eye 21:39, p.4
7/18/1930 Housing plans for rural chorus at State Fair under development.
250 Professor Albert C. Fuller, Jr.
Alumnus 14:3, p.26
7/1/1930 The associate director of the extension division has completed his year's work as head of the Commercial Club of Cedar Falls. Earl Rath, professor of natural science at the College, is now on the Board of Directors representing the College interests.


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