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351 Study Centers Nov. 13
College Eye 12:11, p.6
11/11/1920 Schedule of where teachers will be working.
352 Teachers college at I. S. T. A.
College Eye 12:10, p.5
11/3/1920 Students attended conference; many faculty took part in program.
353 Extension Division
College Eye 12:9, p.5
10/27/1920 News notes on extension activities
354 Study centers, Oct. 30
College Eye 12:9, p.5
10/27/1920 Placements of professors for the week.
355 Extension division
College Eye 12:8, p.7
10/20/1920 Roster of current extension assignments.
356 Study centers for October 23
College Eye 12:8, p.6
10/20/1920 Roster of assignments for the week.
357 Extension division
College Eye 12:7, p.6
10/13/1920 News; placements of instructors for the week.
358 Study centers this week
College Eye 12:2, p.7
9/8/1920 Schedule of where the professors will be this week.
359 Department of Administration
Old Gold 0:0, p.23
6/1/1920 Members of the administrative faculty; photo.
360 The Extension summer schools
Alumni News Letter 4:2, p.1
4/1/1920 Extension summer schools for 1920 located at Estherville, Carroll, Shenandoah, and Centerville. Directors are A. C. Fuller, Leslie I. Reed, John R. Slacks, and E. W. Goetch.
361 Pres. Seerley, Miss Fromme, Mr. A. C. Fuller
College Eye 11:22, p.8
3/3/1920 Returned from the N. E. A. convention.
362 President Seerley, A. C. Fuller, Leslie I. Reed, and J. B. Paul
College Eye 11:21, p.3
2/25/1920 Faculty are present at meeting of the National Educational Association in Cleveland, Ohio.
363 Rural Department
College Eye 11:14, p.5
1/7/1920 News from the Department of Rural Education.
364 Rural Department
College Eye 11:7, p.5
10/29/1919 News about activities in the department.
365 Department of administration
Old Gold 0:0, p.26
6/1/1919 Administrative officials; photo.
366 Twentieth year reunion
College Eye 10:23, p.6
4/16/1919 A look at some of the members of the Class of 1899.
367 President Seerley with fourteen of the faculty at Chicago National Education Association
College Eye 10:17, p.1
3/5/1919 President Seerley reported on meeting at chapel.
368 A number of members of faculty attending
College Eye 10:16, p.5
2/26/1919 Chicago N. E. A. conference.
369 The flu epidemic has improved
College Eye 10:10, p.4
1/15/1919 Improvements in some sections of the state allow study center work to resume.
370 Summer Extension Schools
Alumni News Letter 2:2, p.3
4/1/1918 Summer schools to be conducted at Spencer, Denison, and Red Oak.
371 Rural forward movement; Prof. A. C. Fuller heads new movement
College Eye 9:19, p.5
2/20/1918 Professor Fuller will examine rural schools and offer suggestions for their improvement.
372 W. S. S. campaign in full sway; professors active in work
College Eye 9:16, p.1
1/30/1918 Teachers in Rural Education are encouraging their students to buy War Savings Stamps.
373 The Rural Department
Alumni News Letter 2:1, p.3
1/1/1918 F. E. Fuller and Albert C. Fuller are hired as professors in Rural Education.
374 Abstract of report
College Eye 9:10, p.2
11/28/1917 Report by A. C. Fuller for a conference on rural life and education to be held in St. Paul, Minnesota.
375 Study Centers
College Eye 9:9, p.3
11/21/1917 Schedule of faculty at study centers and institutes.
376 A. C. Fuller
College Eye 9:8, p.8
11/14/1917 Is carrying on an educational campaign.
377 Study Centers
College Eye 9:8, p.2
11/14/1917 Roster of faculty for October 27.
378 A. C. Fuller and family
College Eye 9:7, p.8
10/31/1917 Is living on College Street.
379 Iowa State Teachers Association
College Eye 9:4, p.3
10/10/1917 Roster of faculty representing Teachers College.
380 Study Centers
College Eye 9:4, p.7
10/10/1917 Roster of faculty and the study centers and institutes where they will work.
381 State conference high school teacher training departments
College Eye 9:2, p.1
9/26/1917 Schedule of conference; many ISTC faculty will participate.
382 The Rural Education Department
College Eye 9:2, p.3
9/26/1917 Professors F. E. Fuller and A. C. Fuller join the faculty.
383 New course of study for rural critic teachers
College Eye 8:15, p.6
1/24/1917 To be implemented as part of Department of Rural Education.
384 Study Centers November 9
College Eye 8:11, p.8
11/29/1916 Following people attended study center meetings.
385 Normal training high schools
College Eye 8:7, p.3
11/1/1916 Spotlight on Iowa training schools.
386 Iowa State Teachers Association
College Eye 8:4, p.3
10/11/1916 Roster of faculty and alumni attending sixty-second annual session.
387 The Iowa educational office
Quarterly News Letter to the Alumni 0:0, p.1
9/1/1916 Alumni are employed as inspectors for the Department of Public Instruction.
388 Supt. John L. Cheney
College Eye 8:1, p.6
6/14/1916 John L. Cheney becomes inspector of high and grade schools, replacing A. C. Fuller.
389 Official
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 7:24, p.5
4/5/1916 News of other Normal Schools; news of faculty and alumni.
390 Alumni members in the state work
Quarterly News Letter to the Alumni 0:0, p.1
12/1/1915 A. C. Fuller, J. A. Woodruff, and M. R. Fayram are employed by the Department of Public Instruction.
391 One of the three
College Eye 4:17, p.6
1/28/1915 A. C. Fuller will help prepare a list of reference books.
392 A letter of invitation
College Eye 4:9, p.6
11/5/1914 Invitations were sent to all alumni to attend a banquet and reunion.
393 Official Notes
Seerley--Homer Horatio (President of ISNS andISTC)
College Eye 4:8, p.3
10/29/1914 Makes important education announcements.
394 Supt. A. C. Fuller
College Eye 3:8, p.146
10/23/1913 Visited friends in Cedar Falls.
395 Mr. A. C. Fuller
College Eye 1:12, p.6
12/16/1911 Is superintendent of schools in Washington, Iowa.
396 A. C. Fuller
College Eye 1:11, p.10
11/22/1911 Is superintendent of schools in Washington, Iowa.
397 Miss Plaetus Burgess
College Eye 1:8, p.8
11/1/1911 Teaching in Washington, Iowa; A. C. Fuller is superintendent there.
398 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 21:15, p.258
1/11/1911 Working as superintendent of schools in Washington, Iowa.
399 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 19:27, p.429
4/28/1909 Superintendent at Washington, Iowa.
400 The annual alumni banquet
Normal Eyte 19:15, p.235
1/20/1909 Held at ISTA meeting; faculty and alumni exchange greetings.


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