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401 The Minnesingers
Old Gold 0:0, p.137
6/1/1908 Started with a quartet that included the Fullerton brothers.
402 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 17:35, p.548
6/5/1907 Will stay in Storm Lake.
403 Friends will learn with gladness
Normal Eyte 17:11, p.166
11/21/1906 A. C. Fuller recovering from typhoid fever.
404 In the two weeks
Normal Eyte 17:1, p.11
9/12/1906 Several Normalites taught in the summer school in Buena Vista County.
405 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 16:34, p.544
5/30/1906 Served as judge in declamatory contest.
406 At a meeting of the superintendent's club
Normal Eyte 16:17, p.268
1/24/1906 Eleven of the fifteen who attended a meeting at Spencer were Normalites.
407 State teachers association
Normal Eyte 16:15, p.228
1/10/1906 Highlights of the convention; reunion of Normalites at the meeting.
408 The program of the Farmers' Institute
Normal Eyte 15:29, p.458
4/26/1905 Two I. S. N. S. alumni, A. C. Fuller and C. S. Beall, spoke at program.
409 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 15:6, p.87
10/15/1904 Is the new superintendent of the Storm Lake schools.
410 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 14:18, p.278
1/23/1904 A. C. Fuller is teaching in Sidney.
411 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 13:35, p.556
6/10/1903 Will be superintendent in Sidney.
412 Alberta Jeannette
Normal Eyte 13:16, p.249
1/17/1903 A. C. and Olive Whitmore have a new daughter.
413 The Manning schools under the supervision of A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 13:8, p.123
10/25/1902 Schools are doing well.
414 Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Fuller
Normal Eyte 12:16, p.247
1/18/1902 Visited Fairfield.
415 Many alumni attended
Normal Eyte 12:10, p.151
11/16/1901 Roster of alumni who gave papers at the Southwestern Teachers Association.
416 August witnessed two weddings
Normal Eyte 12:3, p.39
9/28/1901 Nan Golden married Merton Fuller; Olive Whitmore married A. C. Fuller.
417 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 11:28, p.690
4/20/1901 Superintendent at Manning.
418 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 10:20, p.485
2/16/1901 Is principal at Manning.
419 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 9:31, p.736
5/19/1900 Principal at Manning.
420 List of 1899 summer school graduates
Normal Eyte 9:2, p.31
9/23/1899 Roster of graduates and their courses of study.
421 Commencement 1899
Normal Eyte 8:35, p.504
6/17/1899 Lengthy description of the activities and ceremonies.
422 Oratorical
Normal Eyte 8:34, p.481
6/3/1899 Notes on business meeting of the interstate oratorical league, including constitutional changes and financial statements.
423 A. C. Fuller
Normal Eyte 8:33, p.468
5/27/1899 Will be assistant principal at Manning.
424 The banquet
Normal Eyte 8:31, p.444
5/13/1899 Lengthy description of the dinner for the interstate oratorical contest; photo
425 Before another edition
Normal Eyte 8:29, p.399
4/29/1899 A look at the considerable preparations for the oratorical contest; program schedule.
426 The oratorical contest
Normal Eyte 8:26, p.358
4/8/1899 Looking forward to the interstate oratorical contest to be held in Cedar Falls; making arrangements will be costly; will require cooperation of many..
427 The Minnesinger tour
Normal Eyte 8:24, p.333
3/25/1899 Minnesingers travel to Hudson, New Hartford, Mason City, Waverly, Nora Springs, and Plainfield to sing.
428 We have often made mention
Normal Eyte 8:22, p.301
2/25/1899 Praise for the Minnesingers; organized in 1889.
429 Neo public
Normal Eyte 8:14, p.198
12/10/1898 Account of recent program.
430 The oratorical contest
Fuller--Albert C. (Class of 1899; Extension Faculty; Alumni Director)
Normal Eyte 8:14, p.190
12/10/1898 Preparing for interstate contest to be held in Cedar Falls.
431 The following is the program
Normal Eyte 8:12, p.169
11/26/1898 Program for Neotrophian public session.
432 Philo
Normal Eyte 8:8, p.115
10/29/1898 Debate railroad issues.
433 Promotions and appointments in the Cadet Battalion
Normal Eyte 8:3, p.39
9/24/1898 Roster of Student Battalion officers.
434 Orio
Normal Eyte 8:1, p.16
9/10/1898 Account of recent meeting.
435 Friday evening
Normal Eyte 7:31, p.13
5/7/1898 A. M. Nichelson is Iowa representative to interstate oratorical contest at Normal, Illinois.
436 There was a meeting
Normal Eyte 7:31, p.13
5/7/1898 Oratorical Association elects officers.
437 Orio
Normal Eyte 7:25, p.15
3/26/1898 Account of recent meeting.
438 A movement is on foot
Normal Eyte 7:22, p.11
2/19/1898 Organizing help for those who lost possessions in rooming house fire.
439 Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 7:22, p.12
2/19/1898 Elect new officers; students attend conventions.
440 The Triangular Debate
Normal Eyte 7:21, p.13
2/12/1898 Description of the recent debate.
441 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 7:20, p.13
2/5/1898 News about recent meetings and programs.
442 Tonight occurs the Triangular Debate
Normal Eyte 7:20, p.13
2/5/1898 Will debate establishment of postal savings bank.
443 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 7:17, p.14
1/15/1898 A description of recent programs.
444 Society Notes
Normal Eyte 7:15, p.181
12/18/1897 News about recent meetings and programs.
445 Changes in cadet battalion
Normal Eyte 7:10, p.114
11/13/1897 Roster of changes.
446 Official News and Notes
Normal Eyte 7:4, p.41
10/2/1897 Student Battalion has selected officers; approve changes in courses of study; will introduce electricity on campus; will plan winter term soon; instruments and uniforms for band and orchestra arrive.
447 Y. M. & Y. W. C. A.
Normal Eyte 6:19, p.222
2/13/1897 YMCA officers elected; delegates to state convention selected.
448 It is very gratifying to note
Normal Eyte 6:18, p.205
2/6/1897 Applauds work of Minnesingers; roster of members.


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