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Nelson-- Martin J. (Dean of the Faculty)
College Eye 31:22, p.1
3/1/1940 Announces new regulations for optional attendance.
302 Optional attendance revised; criticize faculty action
College Eye 31:22, p.1
3/1/1940 Students must have a B average in order to use the optional attendance plan.
303 Senate institutes changes
College Eye 31:22, p.1
3/1/1940 Dean Nelson explains changes in the optional attendance policy.
304 Untitled
Krulish--Robert C. (Class of 1940)
College Eye 31:22, p.2
3/1/1940 Disagrees with the new policies for optional attendance.
305 You may swim, you may sink; mark carefully
College Eye 31:22, p.3
3/1/1940 Students should mark machine-scored answer sheets carefully.
306 No apples! Teachers want intelligent, interested students
College Eye 31:16, p.4
1/19/1940 Faculty members tell what they want from their students.
307 Alpha Chi Epsilon leads field with high scholarship
College Eye 31:14, p.1
1/5/1940 Report on grade averages for various campus housing units.
308 Those freshman placement test scores reveal all
College Eye 31:12, p.5
12/8/1939 J. b. Paul talks about the predictive value of the placement examinations.
309 Pi Taus, Kappas get grade awards
College Eye 30:31, p.3
310 Alpha Chis lead fraternities in scholarship
College Eye 30:27, p.1
4/7/1939 Ranking of fraternities by grade point average.
311 Give academic award at Bartlett Hall scholarship dinner
College Eye 30:25, p.3
3/24/1939 To corridor with highest GPA.
312 Looking back
College Eye 30:25, p.4
3/24/1939 Freshmen athletes are not making good grades.
313 As the Editor Sees It
Culbertson--Ruth Cubby (Class of 1939)
College Eye 30:13, p.1
12/9/1938 Student grades drop but the tougher classes are better.
314 Eliminates "apple-polishers"
College Eye 30:7, p.5
10/21/1938 Professor Robinson decides to stop hand shaking with students, because he doesn't want to be influenced when grading.
315 'Grades take care of 'selves' says a student
College Eye 29:34, p.1
6/1/1938 Profile of Jerome Cross; achieved 4.0 GPA; will study math at University of Iowa; photo.
316 Cross leads in grades
College Eye 29:33, p.3
5/20/1938 Achieves 4.0 GPA; Rutherford Rogers also did very well several years earlier.
317 Amos is a guest at trophy tea
College Eye 29:29, p.3
4/22/1938 For highest scholastic averages among sororities and fraternities.
318 Campusmacks
College Eye 29:29, p.2
4/22/1938 Paid advertisement by Mack's containing news from the TC campus.
319 Faculty Forum
Van Engen--Henry (Mathematics Faculty)
College Eye 29:25, p.2
3/25/1938 Professors E. C. Denny and Henry Van Engen discuss grading systems.
320 Winter quarter over, grades in, Registrar busy
College Eye 29:23, p.1
3/11/1938 A look at the process of recording and posting grades.
321 Critic teachers win plaque
College Eye 29:18, p.3
1/28/1938 Achieve 2.7 GPA, highest in Bartlett Hall.
322 Around the Campus
College Eye 29:14, p.1
12/17/1937 No exceptions to cut system; all grades at college office; Panther game broadcast.
323 Bits and Edits
College Eye 29:14, p.2
12/17/1937 Campus news notes.
324 Crosses make 'A' feature
College Eye 29:12, p.1
12/3/1937 John and Jerome Cross make excellent grades; photo.
325 Grade system viewed
College Eye 29:8, p.6
10/29/1937 Professor Van Engen is dissatisfied with the grading system.
326 Placement tests correlate students' success in classes
College Eye 29:8, p.5
10/29/1937 Studying results of placement tests from recent past.
327 Sororities named as winners of highest grade attainments
College Eye 28:32, p.3
5/14/1937 Honors announced at intersorority tea.
328 Grades, great piles of them are amassed by Bureau of Research; departmental markings released from report
College Eye 28:29, p.2
4/23/1937 Quick survey of grades around the college.
329 Trophy awarded for scholarship
College Eye 28:28, p.5
4/16/1937 Bartlett Hall scholarship trophy awarded.
330 Chips and Quibs
College Eye 28:19, p.2
2/5/1937 Campus observations.
331 Trophy to be given smartest Bartlett group
College Eye 28:16, p.3
1/15/1937 Silver shield will be awarded to group with highest GPA.
332 Baker residents grades are high in men's groups
College Eye 28:15, p.1
1/8/1937 Comparison of grades among various men's housing groups.
333 Scholarship not changed much by optional classes
College Eye 28:7, p.1
10/23/1936 Little difference revealed in optional attendance experiment.
334 The College Eye platform for a better Teachers College
College Eye 28:2, p.2
9/18/1936 Brief platform of suggested improvements; includes united students, support for athletic activities, workable class attendance policy, and participation in extracurricular activities.
335 Motivation
College Eye 27:5, p.1
6/26/1936 Portrays the stress of mid-term testing.
336 Pi Tau Phi sorority given awards for scholastic ranking
College Eye 27:1, p.1
337 Nelson will award scholarship prizes to three sororities
College Eye 27:42, p.3
5/8/1936 For best scholarship.
338 A. D. A.'s head scholarship list
College Eye 27:40, p.1
4/24/1936 Ranking of fraternities by GPA.
339 Grade tabulation involves system of check, double-check
College Eye 27:37, p.1
4/3/1936 Anna Wild talks about recording and checking grades.
340 'D' letters and tomorrow
College Eye 27:29, p.2
1/31/1936 Claims that it is good for present teachers to take classes and fail, since those teachers should not be in that position to begin with if they cannot pass courses.
341 Alpha Chi's head list in scholarship
College Eye 27:27, p.1
1/17/1936 Ranking of fraternity GPAs.
342 Students mob office getting term grades
College Eye 27:25, p.1
343 Faculty members give views on cheating and ways of "getting by"
College Eye 27:21, p.4
11/15/1935 Professors Denny and Riebe talks about trends in and methods of cheating.
344 Study table work holds "D" pledges
College Eye 27:20, p.5
11/8/1935 Alpha Delta Alpha hold study table for pledges with low grades.
345 There's no place like Homecoming!
College Eye 27:17, p.1
10/18/1935 Portrays the many aspects of Homecoming.
346 Subtleties of making the Honor Roll revealed by "A" student; says don't yawn in class, or watch clock; take notes
College Eye 27:16, p.4
10/11/1935 Students talk about the ways that they make good grades.
347 Phi Sigma Phi wins scholarship trophy
College Eye 26:43, p.3
5/17/1935 For highest scholastic average.
348 Alpha Chi Epsilon leads fraternity scholastic race
College Eye 26:26, p.1
1/11/1935 GPA for the fraternities.
349 "D" letters will not be mailed; change in handling of reports announced this week
College Eye 26:17, p.1
10/19/1934 Instructors will file letters with college office instead of with the Dean of Men or the Dean of Women; letters will not be mailed to parents.
350 Scholarship requirements raised; ten-minute class interval voted
Alumnus 18:4, p.10
10/1/1934 2.0 GPA required for graduation; interval between classes changed from five to ten minutes in recognition of growing campus.


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