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351 What's Going On . . .
Northern Iowan 69:60, p.12
7/13/1973 Activities and meetings.
352 What's Going On . . .
Northern Iowan 69:59, p.7
7/6/1973 Activities and meetings.
353 What's Going On . . .
Northern Iowan 69:58, p.8
6/29/1973 Activities and meetings.
354 What's Going On . . .
Northern Iowan 69:54, p.12
5/11/1973 Activities and meetings.
355 What's Going On . . .
Northern Iowan 69:49, p.12
4/24/1973 Activities and meetings.
356 UNI curriculum guide earns national recognition
Northern Iowan 69:47, p.5
4/17/1973 Health education guide developed by Department of Physical Education for Women.
357 What's Going On . . .
Northern Iowan 69:44, p.16
4/6/1973 Activities and meetings.
358 Untitled
Northern Iowan 68:43, p.2
3/24/1972 Northern Iowan is a place to read burger advertisements.
359 Illegal roller towels present sanitation, health problem in 1926
College Eye 59:45, p.2
6/18/1965 Reprinted article from June 29, 1926, concerning disadvantages of roller towels.
360 Insurance available for SCI students
Public Relations News Release 1960:562, p.1
8/10/1961 A new group plan of accident and medical insurance is made available to students who seek coverage not provided by the usual student health insurance plan. A representative will be available at registration to accept applications.
361 Board of Regents April meeting
Public Relations News Release 1960:348, p.1
4/14/1961 The Board of Regents approves new contracts for natural gas, electricity, and boiler fuel. Plans for student accident and sickness medical insurance, as well as fire insurance are under way.
362 Health conference set at ISTC
Public Relations News Release 1960:262, p.1
3/13/1961 Professors William C. Lang and A. D. Dickinson present lectures for the North Central College Health Association's annual conference. Professors Paul Bender, Raymond Schlicher, Martha Peterson, and Myron Messenheimer conduct a panel discussion.
363 ISTC to host Dental Health Education Conference
Public Relations News Release 1960:118, p.1
11/10/1960 The Dental Health Education Conference is held at I. S. T. C., where dental health professional, school nurses, and educators meet to discuss dental health education.
364 ISTC debate team to begin season at Grinnell
Public Relations News Release 1960:77, p.1
10/18/1960 The Forensic Squad attends a one-day conference at Grinnell College, where they will debate the role of the federal government in its citizen's health insurance. The team will be accompanied by Professor Lillian Wagner.
365 What difference?
College Eye 43:27, p.2
4/25/1952 Contends that smoking is a right, and it shouldn't affect a woman's employment opportunities.
366 Sadie B. Campbell, dean of women, has resigned effective July 1
Public Relations News Release 1951:352, p.1
1/22/1952 In giving her reasons for resigning she said: "I realize I'm giving up a dean's job with its wonderful opportunities for personal and professional satisfaction, but I've always planned to do so at an age when I can still enjoy travel.
367 Specialists are of little value unless consulted in their specialty
Public Relations News Release 1950:266, p.1
3/15/1951 Dwight Curtis, head of the teaching department is partly responsible for a unique position created last Fall in the laboratory schools. The position was designed primarily to help student teachers in the five branch schools gain valuable experience.
368 TC Campus Inspected for Health Report
Public Relations News Release 1950:121, p.1
11/10/1950 Consultant, Marjorie A. C. Young of Boston, Massachusetts, this week inspected the health education facilities at the College. Major areas of the study are (1) curriculum, (2) campus environment and (3) health knowledge opportunities in student teaching.
369 TC Professor Leaves for South America
Public Relations News Release 1950:113, p.1
11/6/1950 Donald R. Scott, assistant professor of rural education will fly to Quito, Ecuador where he will help the ministry of education set up in-service and pre-service (normal school) teacher education programs.
370 X-ray lab visits campus; will examine all employees in T. B. drive
College Eye 38:42, p.1
8/8/1947 Employees may voluntarily participate in program.
371 Dr. Frank N. Mead named acting college physician
Public Relations News Release 1945:173, p.1
7/6/1945 With the resignation of Max Durfee, a replacement has been named to fill in until a replacement can be named.
372 American public's fondness of eating reduces possibilities of pill diet
College Eye 36:28, p.1
4/13/1945 Professor Sutherland talks about the effects of war on the American diet.
373 A. H. Steinhaus, professor from George Williams College, Chicago, to visit campus
Public Relations News Release 1945:73, p.1
3/21/1945 Various campus groups will have the opportunity to hear Mr. Steinhaus. He will discuss subjects connected with physical fitness and the effects of the war upon health and physical education.
374 Dietician comforts shortage wailers
College Eye 36:24, p.1
3/16/1945 Elizabeth Nyholm believes that the wartime shortage of sugar might be beneficial to students.
375 T. B. germ makes no exception, Dr. Lyght tells college assembly
College Eye 36:9, p.3
11/3/1944 Charles E. Lyght addresses assembly.
376 Don't let that 'C. C.' Gremlin get you down
Bircher--Jeane S. (Student--1944)
College Eye 36:8, p.3
10/27/1944 Advice on avoiding colds.
377 National physical fitness program keeps gym buzzing
College Eye 35:4, p.5
10/1/1943 Professor Wild notes at length the extensive program of physical activities going on.
378 Child health course begins
College Eye 34:39, p.1
7/30/1943 Will hold two-week special workshop.
379 College students have above average health
College Eye 34:38, p.4
380 Saturday night baths aren't necessary to health says Rath
College Eye 34:20, p.5
3/3/1943 Professor Rath gives advice on taking, or not taking, baths.
381 Junior Commandos do or--"die" for Coach Starbeck
College Eye 34:14, p.4
1/15/1943 A look at the rigors of the physical conditioning class.
382 Students don't give enough attention to health--Durfee
College Eye 34:42, p.5
12/11/1942 Encourages students to get extra rest when needed.
383 New class in hygiene is to be required
College Eye 31:34, p.1
6/7/1940 Must take Health Education A; purposes of the class.
384 No need for brawn to be healthy--Durfee
College Eye 31:16, p.3
1/19/1940 But urges students to be involved in some sort of physical activity.
385 'Keep chin up,' advises Rath
College Eye 30:38, p.2
7/7/1939 Professor Rath talks about good posture.
386 Mixed doubles on tap
College Eye 30:37, p.4
6/30/1939 Women's swimming pool should be equipped with barrels as well as life preservers.
387 One fourth of students have correct posture
College Eye 30:29, p.2
4/21/1939 Students of health education class observe the posture of one hundred men and women.
388 Are we healthy?
College Eye 38:0, p.2
7/30/1937 Advises students to eat good food and take part in recreational activities.
389 Charles advises on problems of longevity
College Eye 28:42, p.3
7/23/1937 Professor Charles talks about the stresses in life.
390 Rath's "detective" class finds out Susie out of line
College Eye 28:38, p.1
6/25/1937 Professor Rath's class surveys students for correct posture.
391 A freshman speaks
Robinson--Lee C.--Jr. (Student--1937)
College Eye 28:31, p.2
5/7/1937 Lee Robinson assesses the strong points and weak points of his college experience; likes library, faculty, physical facilities; believes women have strong grounds to protest the rules pertaining specifically to them.
392 Miss Shaw stresses proper distribution of student activity
College Eye 27:38, p.1
4/10/1936 Fannie Shaw believes that too much participation in extracurricular activities can undermine health.
393 Williams to lead at round table
College Eye 26:34, p.1
3/11/1935 Jesse F. Williams will be on campus to consult.
394 Health Audit
Abbott--Roy Linn (Class of 1915; Science Faculty)
College Eye 25:20, p.2
11/10/1933 Professor Abbot comments on his annual physical examination.
395 Four of faculty serve on child health survey for Iowa Conference
College Eye 23:35, p.1
3/25/1932 Roster of speakers and their topics.
396 Four members of the Iowa State Teachers College faculty
Public Relations News Release 1931:256, p.1
3/20/1932 Will serve on sub-committees regarding child health for Iowa Conference.
397 Dr. Lynch will speak to house presidents
College Eye 23:23, p.6
11/30/1931 On mental and physical health.
398 Dr. Lynch addresses mothers on girls' health
College Eye 23:21, p.1
11/13/1931 Dr. Lynch spoke to off-campus house mothers.
399 Avoid large crowds and regular routine for restful vacation
College Eye 23:9, p.4
7/31/1931 Dr. Mead gives advice on vacations; faculty members tell what they will do for their vacations.
400 "Sleep much and work little," advises Dr. Mead, health director
College Eye 23:8, p.1
7/24/1931 Dr. F. N. Mead reminds students that rest is as important as food and to get plenty of it during hot weather.


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