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401 Iowa State Teachers College is to have a new Board of Health
Public Relations News Release 1930:491, p.1
7/23/1931 Board of Health starts campaign to prevent student illness and disease; campus board of health will include several faculty members as well as Dr. Helen Lynch..
402 Students of natural science make observations of posture defects
College Eye 23:3, p.2
6/19/1931 Highlights posture problems of Cedar Falls area.
403 Vitamins and Rickets will play basketball
College Eye 22:22, p.1
3/9/1931 Will be feature of hygiene exhibit by Professor Rath.
404 Rath concludes series of health lectures for Tama County teachers
College Eye 22:13, p.1
12/12/1930 Professor Rath presented series of six lectures.
405 Health program at Waterloo Y. W.
College Eye 18:26, p.1
1/19/1927 Program schedule.
406 Health exhibit conference feature
College Eye 18:21, p.1
12/1/1926 In association with consolidated schools conference.
407 Two more days to study
College Eye 17:12, p.2
8/19/1925 Suggests a schedule for a beneficial vacation.
408 Elegy to a Roller Towel
Dickson--Margaret Ball (Class of 1925)
College Eye 16:35, p.3
5/20/1925 Satirical poem denouncing the use of roller towels at Teachers College.
409 Ironical Ike says--; Cynical Sylvia says--
College Eye 16:34, p.4
5/13/1925 Jokes and commentary on campus life.
410 Ironical Ike says--; Cynical Sylvia says--
College Eye 16:19, p.4
1/28/1925 Jokes and commentary on campus life.
411 "Students select food unwisely" professor believes; has carefully watched students eat at cafeteria
Punke--Edward G. (Social Science Faculty)
College Eye 16:14, p.3
12/3/1924 Professor Punke talks about students' eating habits.
412 Health Day observed in Friday chapel
College Eye 16:13, p.8
11/26/1924 Professors Campbell and Bender speak.
413 Chalmers Gates Miller
Alumni News Letter 6:4, p.5
10/1/1922 The son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Miller wins the County Farm Bureau baby health contest.
414 Venancio Trinidad
Alumni News Letter 6:4, p.5
10/1/1922 Venancio Trinidad is appointed to the position of director of the training school of the Lavag Normal School in Northern Luzon. He serves as a teacher of English at Manila High School until his child's recovery from illness.
415 Charlotte Bockenthien
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.8
7/1/1922 Charlotte Bockenthien takes a medical leave of absence to seek treatment at the University Hospital in Iowa City.
416 Dr. E. H. Crane
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.6
7/1/1922 Doctor E. H. Crane conducts an extended study of eyes, ear, and throat disease.
417 F. L. Kolb
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.5
7/1/1922 F. L. Kolb recovers from illness.
418 Jeffrey Packard Brooks
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.4
7/1/1922 The nine month old son of Professor George Brooks and Harriet Mildred Packard-Brooks falls ill with diphtheria.
419 Laura Falkler
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.8
7/1/1922 Professor Laura Falkler is given a leave of absence to seek treatment at the University Hospital at Iowa City.
420 Macy Campbell
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.8
7/1/1922 Macy Campbell returns to work after a leave of absence following a stay at Sartori Memorial Hospital.
421 Mrs. Clark H. Brown
Alumni News Letter 6:3, p.8
7/1/1922 Mrs. Clark H. Brown recovers from goiter removal surgery at the Mayo Hospital at Rochester, Minnesota.
422 Frank M. Phillips
Alumni News Letter 6:2, p.3
4/1/1922 Frank M. Phillips compiles a report titled "Lead Poisoning in the Pottery Trades" for the United States government. Copies can be obtained through the Superintendent of Documents in Washington, D. C.
423 Hon I. J. McDuffie
Alumni News Letter 6:2, p.7
4/1/1922 Former Board of Trustees member, I. J. McDuffie, recovers from a broken leg suffered In January.
424 Macy Campbell
Alumni News Letter 6:2, p.7
4/1/1922 Macy Campbell, Head of the Department of Rural Education, is held at Sartori Hospital after an infection in his leg and the discovery of an embolism in his lung. He is granted a three month leave of absence in which time Harry L. Eells serves as head.
425 Supt. J. S. Hilliard
Alumni News Letter 6:2, p.5
4/1/1922 Superintendent J. S. Hilliard is appointed to the Committee of Health by the Iowa State Teachers Association. He will work with the Joint Committee on Health Problems in Education of the National Education Association and American Medical Association.
426 Gretchen Bingaman
Alumni News Letter 5:4, p.3
10/1/1921 Gretchen Bingaman is injured in an automobile accident in Marshalltown, Iowa. She is expected to return to her duties as a physical education instructor at East Waterloo High School upon recovery.
427 Mrs. Belle Gregg
Alumni News Letter 5:4, p.4
10/1/1921 Mrs. Belle Gregg moves to Cedar Falls with her husband, Doctor V. M. Gregg. He is a practicing surgeon dentist within the city.
428 Dr. R. S. Robinson
Alumni News Letter 5:3, p.4
7/1/1921 Doctor R. S. Robinson, son of Superintendent J. E. Robinson, is addressed at the U. S. P. H. Hospital as a member of the United States Public Health Service.
429 Concerning germs
Salter--R. C. (Natural Science Faculty)
College Eye 8:5, p.4
10/18/1916 Essay on the nature and origins of bacteriology.
430 Relations of the State Board of Health to the public school system; paper presented to the Iowa State Teachers Association, Des Moines, Iowa
Trewin--James H. (Board of Education)
Normal Eyte 21:12, p.199
12/7/1910 A paper written by James Trewin presented to the Iowa State Teachers Association.
431 Practical physiology for home and school
Normal Eyte 16:2, p.20
9/20/1905 Professor Newton writes textbook on hygiene.
432 Basketball
Normal Eyte 14:5, p.66
10/3/1903 Basketball develops good physical and mental qualities; differences between the men's and women's games.
433 The gymnasium
Normal Eyte 3:21, p.162
2/17/1894 Athletic Association gathers subscriptions from students to equip a small gymnasium in the armory; good place for students to get in shape for spring sports or just to keep in good health during the winter.
434 Two laws of health
Manly--W. A.
Students' Offering 4:10, p.3
2/1/1880 Believes fresh air and walking will bring good health.


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