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201 Thirty-six go with Erbe on tour of Iowa, Wisconsin
College Eye 39:39, p.3
7/23/1948 Studying Iowa history.
202 Newest bulletin outlines policy for Iowa schools
College Eye 39:5, p.4
10/17/1947 Professors Nelson and Beard were on the state committee that drafted the bulletin.
203 We hears yew talkin'. . . Keltner points out student speech defects and errors
College Eye 38:41, p.4
8/1/1947 Professor Keltner talks about Iowa diction.
204 History of Iowa pictures in libe
College Eye 38:29, p.8
4/25/1947 On loan from Library of Congress to commemorate Iowa centennial.
205 Fewer marriageable men then ladies in Iowa
College Eye 38:5, p.3
10/11/1946 M. R. Thompson notes the relatively larger population of older people in Iowa.
206 Choir to sing for Centennial
College Eye 37:37, p.1
6/28/1946 Description of outdoor religious pageant.
207 Gala Centennial planned; week of fun to celebrate centennial
College Eye 37:37, p.1
6/28/1946 Description of local activities celebrating Iowa centennial.
208 Teachers College to enter float in parade
College Eye 37:37, p.4
6/28/1946 Will contrast education of today with that of a hundred years ago.
209 Centennial year prompts new radio program
Blanford--Royal D. (Student--1944-1946)
College Eye 37:28, p.6
4/12/1946 Mr. Hake has started a new program called "Seeing the State", in which he will feature Iowa historical topics.
210 State school system evils seen
College Eye 36:7, p.2
10/20/1944 Calls for greater state funding and support for public schools.
211 Iowa post-war planning group discuss problems
College Eye 35:28, p.1
4/21/1944 Group considers certification, vocational education, and credit for returning veterans.
212 Iowa leads country in number of WAVE recruits per population
College Eye 35:17, p.5
213 We don't like to brag but we're mighty proud
College Eye 35:12, p.2
12/3/1943 Describes Iowa as an important and valued state.
214 One-fifth of Iowa teachers trained here
College Eye 32:40, p.2
215 Cloudburst adds variety to trip
College Eye 31:42, p.4
8/9/1940 Some of Professor Erbe's students get wet on McGregor trip.
216 Full house sees Iowa history film
College Eye 31:40, p.1
7/26/1940 The "Iowa Comes of Age" sound film was presented.
217 Will show free film about Iowa history
College Eye 31:38, p.1
7/12/1940 Sponsored by Beta Beta Beta and Gamma Theta Upsilon.
218 Every county represented
Alumnus 24:3, p.Outside back cover
7/1/1940 Map of Iowa showing numbers of graduates and number of graduates who are involved in educational work in each county.
219 Eighth trip to McGregor planned
College Eye 31:37, p.1
6/28/1940 For students in Professor Erbe's class.
220 Griping won't help!
College Eye 30:42, p.2
8/11/1939 Teachers in small towns should boost the towns, not complain about them.
221 Students like North Iowa
College Eye 30:41, p.4
8/4/1939 Students express preferences for where they want to live and work.
222 Committee is preparing subject bibliography
College Eye 30:38, p.1
7/7/1939 WPA project going on in the Library to put together a bibliography of Iowa.
223 Take notice!
College Eye 28:0, p.2
8/13/1937 Urges students to appreciate the beauty of Iowa.
224 Erbe, Gemmill classes visit Amana colonies
College Eye 28:42, p.3
7/23/1937 About 120 students take field trip.
225 Iowans need showing, too
McFadden--Alice (Class of 1939)
College Eye 28:42, p.2
7/23/1937 Believes that Iowans need to get a better picture of what ISTC really is.
226 Many historic sites included in Erbe's eastern Iowa trip
College Eye 27:11, p.3
8/7/1936 Highlights of trip to northeast Iowa.
227 These great days of ours
College Eye 27:11, p.2
8/7/1936 Claims that the drought will not devastate Iowans.
228 Iowa history class will visit historic site near McGregor
College Eye 27:10, p.1
7/31/1936 Professor Erbe's class will visit Mississippi River area.
229 Dr. Peterson to lecture on cost of Iowa schools
College Eye 27:29, p.1
1/31/1936 Profile of E. T. Peterson, who will talk on alternative methods of financing schools.
230 Future teachers hear Dr. J. Paul on Iowa schools
College Eye 27:28, p.1
1/24/1936 Believes that consolidation of schools would be beneficial.
231 Mutual blindness
College Eye 27:28, p.2
1/24/1936 Claims that Iowans have misconceptions about the eastern U. S, just as they have misconceptions about Iowans.
232 Dr. Scott receives weed seed specimens
College Eye 27:49, p.1
7/19/1935 Receives specimens from collector near Sibley.
233 Iowa history class to visit historical places in the State
College Eye 27:49, p.1
7/19/1935 Itinerary for trip by Professor Erbe's class.
234 Faculty instructors to deliver addresses to Iowa graduates
College Eye 26:42, p.1
5/10/1935 Many faculty will participate in high school graduation ceremonies.
235 More than fourth of nation's best soil in corn state
College Eye 26:41, p.3
236 Hats off to California unit
Alumnus 19:1, p.6
1/1/1935 California unit growing; important part of state's Iowa picnic.
237 New work book in Iowa history will soon be published
College Eye 23:11, p.3
8/14/1931 Professor Wallace's book should be ready soon.
238 "The country boy and girl are not getting a square deal in education"
Public Relations News Release 1930:490, p.1
7/22/1931 I. H. Hart gives interview about the state of rural education, teacher training, and teacher salaries in Iowa.
239 New text in Iowa history will soon be off the press
College Eye 23:7, p.1
7/17/1931 Professor Wallace is the author.
240 Professors prepare course of study for Iowa high schools
College Eye 22:19, p.1
2/13/1931 Several faculty members are on state curriculum committee.
241 Faculty is compiling industrial bulletin
College Eye 22:7, p.6
10/24/1930 Professor Nelson putting together description of the college.
242 O'Neill finds Iowa economic situation not below average
College Eye 22:2, p.4
9/19/1930 Professor O'Neill states his views on the Midwest economy.
243 Carl Erbe completes "Text and Workbook in Iowa History"
College Eye 21:43, p.1
8/15/1930 Book contains thirty-four stories from Iowa history.
244 Growth and changes in Iowa are shown in history exhibit
College Eye 21:42, p.1
8/8/1930 Professor Wallace has developed the historical part of the Iowa State Fair.
245 Ruth Suckow might be right after all; dull students show dull Iowa life
College Eye 21:39, p.2
7/18/1930 Believes Iowans should show some interest and some pep.
246 From pre-school to college is plan of education exhibit; other department exhibits are announced by state fair committee
College Eye 21:38, p.1
6/27/1930 Description of State Fair exhibit; will cover forty feet of wall space.
247 Where do you belong?
College Eye 21:36, p.6
6/13/1930 Statistics on the number of students at ISTC from each county.
248 "Wonders Of Iowa" presented by Iowa Club Thursday
College Eye 21:21, p.1
2/28/1930 Hear series of talks on Iowa.
249 The lives and works
Public Relations News Release 1929:53, p.1
11/14/1929 ICTE will sponsor volume of work that appeared in Midland Schools.
250 A musical young America grows in Iowa
College Eye 20:4, p.1
10/4/1928 Considers enthusiasm for music in Iowa.


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