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351 "More of a nuisance"?; library fines
Northern Iowan 68:62, p.6
7/28/1972 Survey of fines and procedures.
352 Hemminger presents ERIC info
Northern Iowan 68:58, p.4
6/30/1972 Bruce Hemminger will demonstrate automated searching of ERIC database.
353 Children's book showcase
Northern Iowan 68:57, p.5
6/23/1972 Will be on display in Youth Collection of Library.
354 Return the book!
Northern Iowan 68:50, p.2
4/28/1972 Student is unhappy that a faculty member will not return a book that he needs.
355 Library book sale Monday
Northern Iowan 68:48, p.6
4/21/1972 Library will sell withdrawn items.
356 Regents approve preliminary budget
Northern Iowan 68:47, p.1
4/18/1972 Preliminary budget for UNI is $17.4 million.
357 Cavanaugh counters Rod's letter
Northern Iowan 68:9, p.5
10/15/1971 Mr. Cavanaugh says that he has salvaged usable books from the library dumpster.
358 Rod disputes library letter
Rod--Donald Olaf (Library Director)
Northern Iowan 68:7, p.3
10/8/1971 Mr. Rod claims that withdrawn library material is generally given to other educational facilities, and seldom thrown away.
359 Condone no burning
Northern Iowan 68:3, p.3
9/24/1971 Would like library to give away old books rather than destroy them.
360 New files added to UNI library
Northern Iowan 67:51, p.10
5/7/1971 ERIC microfiche added.
361 Shakespearean exhibits in library; final week
Public Relations News Release 67:29, p.4
2/9/1971 Material from Folger Library on display; photo.
362 Library offers Towers reserve book service
Northern Iowan 67:28, p.6
2/5/1971 Additional copies of reserve books will be available.
363 Shakespearean exhibit here
Northern Iowan 67:28, p.8
2/5/1971 Folger Library materials on display.
364 Librarians retire
Alumnus 56:1, p.8
2/1/1971 Evelyn Mullins and Mary Dieterich retire after forty years at UNI; recall library services and facilities of the past; photo.
365 Library adds environment section
Northern Iowan 67:26, p.8
1/12/1971 Special collection on "Man and his Environment" assembled and available.
366 Misuse of UNI library
Northern Iowan 67:26, p.2
1/12/1971 Demon Smith finds it hard to conduct research when volumes are off the shelf or mutilated.
367 Faculty book checkout
Northern Iowan 67:22, p.2
12/8/1970 Rationale for longer faculty loan periods.
368 Library sports new look
Public Relations News Release 67:1, p.9
9/18/1970 New handbook; about 10,000 books in Baker Hall for storage; reclassification from Dewey to LC continues.
369 Library receives grant
Northern Iowan 66:63, p.2
7/17/1970 Receives $7413 for materials purchases.
370 Announce holiday hours
Northern Iowan 66:61, p.4
7/1/1970 Hours posted for library and administrative offices due to Fourth of July holiday.
371 "Power Collection" set up in library
Northern Iowan 66:3, p.8
9/16/1969 Collection will present wide-ranging views on various kinds of power.
372 Library hours
Northern Iowan 65:61, p.3
6/20/1969 Summer hours.
373 'Cut off their hands!'
Northern Iowan 65:46, p.3
3/21/1969 Unhappy with mutilated periodicals in library.
374 Black literature displayed
Northern Iowan 65:36, p.4
2/14/1969 Collection of about five hundred books available in the Library Browsing Room.
375 Maucker: Display pro, con activist views
Maucker--James William (President of ISTC--SCI--and UNI)
Northern Iowan 65:36, p.3
2/14/1969 At request of President Maucker, the library staff is putting together a "power" collection in the hope that it will stimulate discussion.
376 'Old-fashioned' librarian needed
Northern Iowan 65:21, p.2
11/19/1968 Would like library staff to deal with noise in library.
377 Nothing to hide?
Northern Iowan 65:20, p.2
11/15/1968 Angry with people who cut out parts of library books and periodicals.
378 The World of the Sparrow, the Chicken, and the Hawk
Northern Iowan 65:19, p.2
11/12/1968 Humorous look at noise in the Library.
379 Untitled
Northern Iowan 65:5, p.5
9/24/1968 Students take advantage of library's new hours, 7:00 am to 12:00 midnight every night; photo.
380 Library preparing book collection on Negro history
Northern Iowan 65:2, p.1
9/13/1968 Rod Library announces plans for "Afro-American Collection", a temporary exhibit of 500-1000 books on Black history.
381 Archives preserves treasures of the past
Lounsberry--Barbara Severin (Classes of 1969 and 1971; English Faculty)
Alumnus 53:3, p.11
9/1/1968 Collections and services offered by University Archives; photo.
382 And the search goes on . . .
Rust--David L.
Northern Iowan 64:62, p.2
7/19/1968 Having difficulty obtaining library item on loan to professor.
383 Grant of $21,551 awarded to UNI library
Northern Iowan 64:62, p.3
7/19/1968 Will be used for acquisitions.
384 Library extends hours during exam period
Northern Iowan 64:57, p.1
385 Negro literature library section?
Northern Iowan 64:57, p.2
5/17/1968 Urges establishment of collection of African-American literature.
386 'Blame students, not staff'
Northern Iowan 64:53, p.2
5/3/1968 Student library employee responds to recent criticisms of library conditions and services.
387 'Nasty devils remove periodical articles'
Sanders--James R. (Class of 1971)
Northern Iowan 64:50, p.2
4/23/1968 Believes some students steal library material because they fear that they will not be able to find that volume again.
388 Library or social center?
Sanders--James R. (Class of 1971)
Northern Iowan 64:47, p.3
4/12/1968 Protests noise in library.
389 Library hours to change next week
Northern Iowan 64:42, p.8
3/19/1968 Will change for spring break.
390 Library hours for vacation announced
Northern Iowan 64:25, p.1
12/11/1967 Limited hours over holidays.
391 What happens then?
College Eye 64:1, p.2
9/12/1967 Dislikes library policy of notifying patrons only when a fine exceeds fifty cents.
392 SS backs AWS no hours; studies library key policy
College Eye 63:50, p.1
393 Committees would make SS decisions responsible
College Eye 63:49, p.2
4/25/1967 Feels encouraged by the SS decision to use committees.
394 Senate to discuss hours, rejected library plan
College Eye 63:48, p.1
4/21/1967 Will consider women's hours and deposit for use of library study rooms.
395 'Student lack of respect causes library problems'
Oehler--Mark H. (Student--1967-1968)
College Eye 63:47, p.2
4/18/1967 Discusses problems with student behavior in the library.
396 Fashionable to 'get by'
Ide--Arthur F. (Class of 1967)
College Eye 63:47, p.3
4/18/1967 Complains about the use of the library as a place for socialization rather than learning.
397 Library use unaffected by hours increase
College Eye 63:47, p.5
4/18/1967 Everett Howell talks about the effects of extended Saturday night hours.
398 Who is Mr. Bindery?
Knapp--Terry J. (Speech Faculty)
College Eye 63:37, p.3
3/3/1967 Makes various personal comments.
399 Announce new library rules, Saturday hours
College Eye 63:29, p.1
2/3/1967 Library will be open until 11PM on Saturday.
400 Hour changes during break are announced
College Eye 63:28, p.1


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