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701 Hake announces some changes in TV arrangement
College Eye 46:14, p.2
1/7/1955 Walt Gohman will take on science series.
702 WOI-TV televises Saturday Humanities class under Fox
College Eye 46:13, p.2
703 President Maucker cites fiscal needs of college
Maucker--James William (President of ISTC--SCI--and UNI)
Alumnus 38:4, p.4
12/1/1954 Outlines reasons that ISTC needs increased funding.
704 The Stadium myth
Lakin--Robert (Class of 1958)
College Eye 46:10, p.2
11/12/1954 Stadium Hall has developed an undeserved poor reputation; maintains that it is a good place to live.
705 TV programs set tempos for classroom
College Eye 46:4, p.8
10/1/1954 ISTC will have two programs on WOI; members of the faculty will be featured on one program; Professor Hake will present "Iowa TV Schooltime" on the other program.
706 WOI-TV conducts education class
College Eye 46:2, p.1
9/17/1954 Class on tests will be available on television.
707 TV class offered
Alumnus 38:3, p.3
9/1/1954 Wray Silvey will offer Educational Tests for the Elementary School.
708 Extension class offered this fall on TV station
College Eye 45:38, p.1
7/23/1954 Wray Silvey will go to Ames for live broadcasts.
709 Begin water show with test pattern
College Eye 45:28, p.3
4/30/1954 A look at the next Marlins show.
710 Marlins select TV theme for spring water show
College Eye 45:27, p.1
4/23/1954 A look at the show and a list of performers.
711 Two art instructors appear on television
College Eye 45:24, p.5
3/26/1954 Professors von Neumann and Driesbach will display work.
712 TV basketball, movie to be in ballroom
College Eye 45:23, p.5
713 Coed featured on daily Magic Window TV show
Alumnus 38:1, p.7
2/1/1954 Arjes Sundquist is featured performer.
714 College musicians make TV debut
College Eye 45:15, p.3
1/15/1954 Group will appear on WOI.
715 Herb Hake works long hours puts TC on television, radio
Thayer--Donna (Student--1953)
College Eye 45:15, p.8
1/15/1954 Lengthy look at Herb Hakes busy schedule in producing television and radio shows; photo.
716 Tells stories over WOI-TV
College Eye 45:15, p.6
1/15/1954 Arjes Sundquist will join WOI children's program; photo.
717 Man of the Year
College Eye 45:14, p.2
1/8/1954 Discusses a television program, sponsored by Time magazine, entitled "Man of the Year."
718 It's TV time
College Eye 45:9, p.1
11/6/1953 Gail Gustafson, Doug Tvedt, George Chambers, and Barbara Norris enjoy the new TV in Seerley Hall.
719 Seerley gets TV, asks girls over
Burrichter--Lavon A. (Class of 1955)
College Eye 45:9, p.7
11/6/1953 Establish rules for viewing hours; hold date night for women.
720 SLB hears delegate named, report on Lecture-Concerts
College Eye 45:5, p.1
721 Commons has TV
College Eye 45:4, p.1
10/2/1953 Students can watch the World Series.
722 Claim SLB notice elections, business
College Eye 45:3, p.3
9/25/1953 Elect officers; plan for television in Commons.
723 Commons may get television before World Series starts
College Eye 45:2, p.1
9/18/1953 Would be located in small lounge; consider arrangements for Duke Ellington concert.
724 A Cappella Choir appears on TV
Northern Iowa Today 44:28, p.6
4/24/1953 Will appear in 15 minute program.
725 Television station for TC under 'serious consideration'
College Eye 44:19, p.1
2/13/1953 Hope to be part of state educational network.
726 Should Iowa set up and operate an educational television network in the public interest?
Alumnus 37:1, p.8
2/1/1953 Questions and answers about a potential network.
727 Harried Holst forgets shoe
Pierce--Robert Gene (Class of 1954)
College Eye 44:16, p.6
1/23/1953 Performs on television with unmatched shoes.
728 Presenting live TV show for classroom music work
Alumnus 36:4, p.9
12/1/1952 Course is designed to provide music instruction to elementary grades.
729 Departments give varied TV shows
College Eye 44:7, p.1
10/24/1952 Survey of WOI television shows to which ISTC faculty contribute.
730 'Music Time' may be seen
College Eye 44:5, p.6
10/10/1952 Will feature work by Professor Mitchell.
731 Educational TV network recommended for Iowa
College Eye 43:39, p.3
8/1/1952 Resolution of recent public relations workshop.
732 James L. Hollis to speak Tuesday
College Eye 43:28, p.5
5/2/1952 Will speak on color television.
733 Guy Wagner and Waldemar Gjerde's fourth article appears in the March issue of Midland Schools
Public Relations News Release 1952:495, p.1
3/25/1952 Schools that believe in a program of well-rounded literacy should tailor their curriculums to produce literate listening and speaking as well as literate reading and writing, according to Wagner and Gjerde in their article "Listening, Too, Is Important."
734 The man of the future
College Eye 43:22, p.2
3/21/1952 Encourages future teachers to lead their students away from television, movies and radio, and back to books.
735 "TC" on TV," weekly television program, will be shown at a new time on WOI-TV, Ames, starting Tuesday, February 19
Public Relations News Release 1952:445, p.1
2/11/1952 Every fourth program in the series will be a "live" show from Ames, the other three programs being films produced under the direction of Herbert V. Hake, radio program director.
736 Charles Coburn will present a program compiled from 61 years' experience in the theater
Public Relations News Release 1951:190, p.1
11/21/1951 Coburn, often called the dean of the American stage and screen, was born June 19, 1877. Ivah Wills later became his wife. There are three remaining events in the lecture-concert series.
737 McKibbin wins television contest
College Eye 42:39, p.3
7/27/1951 Completes word game; wins television set worth $369.
738 WOI-TV to carry national sports
College Eye 42:35, p.4
739 Alumni of the college in five western Iowa counties will hold a mid-summer reunion Sunday evening, July 1
Public Relations News Release 1950:404, p.1
6/25/1951 Special guest at the reunion will be President J. W. Maucker. G. E. Myers, in charge of alumni affairs will present a short program of campus and television movies filmed at Cedar Falls. Nearly 400 graduates have been invited to the reunion.
740 Springbrook State Park, Guthrie Center
Public Relations News Release 1950:405, p.1
6/25/1951 Graduates in five west central Iowa counties will hold a supper reunion Monday, July 2, at the Teachers Conservation camp. Special guest will be J. W. Maucker. Camp director G. W. Mouser said 350 alumni have been invited to the supper.
741 Television
Public Relations News Release 1950:402, p.1
6/20/1951 In the communications field, the college made its debut in the mushrooming media of television. Since October, a 15-minute program, "TC on TV", has been telecast over WOI-TV. Herbert V. Hake dis the program director.
742 Crime, Kefauver, television--and 25-million televiewers
Public Relations News Release 1950:307, p.1
4/13/1951 The "auditorium" is a sign of the times that television is becoming the greatest medium of mass communication. Vice-President Dennis Williams of Encyclopaedia Britannica films, spoke to about 50 persons attending the Audio-Visual conference.
743 TC on TV
Alumnus 35:1, p.9
2/1/1951 ISTC TV production crew; photo.
744 Untitled
Alumnus 35:1, p.Front Cover
2/1/1951 Television show in preparation; photo.
745 Maucker's appointment tops list of outstanding events during 1950
College Eye 42:14, p.5
1/12/1951 Quick 1950 year in review.
746 1950 Leaves Mark on ISTC Campus
Public Relations News Release 1950:165, p.1
12/29/1950 A presidential inauguration, the fifth in 74 years, was one of several major changes during 1950. Starting last June a minor in journalism was offered. Plans were approved for granting a major in library science starting next June.
747 Teachers College presents weekly television show
Alumnus 34:4, p.9
12/1/1950 "TC on TV" shown on WOI.
748 Regular TV programs began here yesterday
College Eye 42:4, p.8
10/6/1950 Bert Woodcock featured in first program over WOI.
749 Teachers College goes on Television
Public Relations News Release 1950:46, p.1
10/2/1950 Herbert V. Hake, radio program director, said the first show on "T.C. on TV" will be a 15-minute automobile safety program featuring Bert L. Woodcock, assistant professor of safety education.
750 Television on Teachers College of Air
Public Relations News Release 1950:27, p.1
9/21/1950 Herbert V. Hake, Teachers College radio program director, estimated early October for the first showing, which will be a 15-minute film program televised Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. over WOI-TV (Channel 4, Ames).


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