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351 Summer foods
Public Relations News Release 2001:529, p.1
6/24/2002 Light, easy menu ideas are given.
352 Farmers markets boast quality and community
Koppes--Kevin (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 98:57, p.6
6/21/2002 Fresh produce as well as baked goods and crafts are available at local farmers markets; photo.
353 Project seeks to serve up locally grown food with global awareness
Koppes--Kevin (Student--2002)
Northern Iowan 98:57, p.6
6/21/2002 The UNI Local Food Projects works with local institutions to purchase more locally grown food products.
354 It just tastes better . . .
Public Relations News Release 2001:453, p.1
4/22/2002 Kamyar Enshayan will talk about ways to support Iowa grown products.
355 Can't beat breakfast
Public Relations News Release 2001:388, p.1
4/1/2002 Lisa Krausman will talk about the importance of eating breakfast.
356 Lettuce shortage heads to CF, raising prices
Walk--Christian P. (Student--1998-2002)
Northern Iowan 98:45, p.1
3/29/2002 Prices for a head of lettuce have risen sharply in Cedar Falls, and are affecting not only grocery shoppers, but also restaurants.
357 Getting rid of leftover goodies
Public Relations News Release 0:248, p.1
12/31/2001 Strategies on how to resist overeating during the holidays.
358 A low-fat Christmas feast
Public Relations News Release 0:247, p.1
12/24/2001 Ways to reduce fat content of Christmas dinner.
359 How to have fun as a poor college student
Northern Iowan 98:24, p.7
11/30/2001 Suggests places where students can find cheap food, movies, and alcohol.
360 A chocoholic's dream come true
Public Relations News Release 2001:76, p.1
9/10/2001 Lisa Krausman will talk about foods that you didn't know were good for you.
361 Serving fast food doesn't mean sacrificing nutrition
Public Relations News Release 2000:399, p.1
5/1/2001 A meal from a fast food restaurant can be nutritious if the right items are ordered.
362 Fast fat?
Public Relations News Release 2000:371, p.1
4/23/2001 Joan Thompson will discuss fast food; what foods are better to order than others.
363 Avoid holiday food poisoning
Public Relations News Release 2000:185, p.1
12/18/2000 Advice on to enjoy the holiday goodies without risking becoming ill.
364 Blimpie CEO visits UNI, new location
Northern Iowan 97:19, p.1
10/31/2000 Tony Conza, founder of Blimpie's, will give a presentation entitled "Success: It's a Beautiful Thing;" photo.
365 Food court officially opens
Northern Iowan 97:19, p.1
10/31/2000 Blimpie's and Asian Creations are now serving food in the Union food court; photo.
366 Pepsi, Coke debate troubles columnist
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 97:19, p.5
10/31/2000 Upset that the University plans to choose between Pepsi and Coke products.
367 UNI prepares to take the cola challenge
Northern Iowan 97:11, p.1
10/3/2000 UNI is currently considering contracting with only one soft drink vendor to supply soft drinks on campus; photo.
368 October brings new treats to Union
Northern Iowan 97:4, p.1
9/8/2000 Three new eateries have opened in the Union with two more scheduled to open in October; photo.
369 New look, new menu in Maucker Unions
Campus News Network 11:3, p.1
8/28/2000 New eating establishments opened in the Maucker Union on August 15; photo.
370 Male bonds with grilling come under fire at barbeque
Hennings--Kathleen L.
Northern Iowan 96:57, p.4
6/16/2000 Tries to determine the reason why most men do the cooking when "grilling" is done outdoors.
371 Hardee's lease ends next week, no substitutes yet
Northern Iowan 96:54, p.5
4/25/2000 Once all requests for proposal forms have been received, a decision will be made as to how to utilize the space Hardee's currently occupies.
372 College students fall prey to addictive behaviors
Arbuckle--Amanda A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 96:33, p.1
2/1/2000 Recent study of college students showed that many have addictive behaviors.
373 Overweight children more likely to have health problems
Public Relations News Release 1999:243, p.1
2/1/2000 Nancy Hamilton, a professor in the School of Health, Physical Education and Leisure Services at UNI, explains the trend for children to become overweight.
374 Here's the skinny on holiday eating pressures
Richardson--Robyn A. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 96:26, p.11
12/3/1999 Counseling Center offers a workshop and additional help to those concerned about their body weight and the upcoming holidays; photo.
375 Union food court will see eating habits change
Cremer--Justin A. (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 96:24, p.1
11/19/1999 Hardee's lease will not be renewed next year. Union will undergo renovations next year and additional food options will be added.
376 Untitled
Arbuckle--Amanda A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 96:15, p.13
10/19/1999 A UNI senior does her best to finish her wings at the First Annual Wing Ding in Overman Park.
377 University of Northern Iowa to host World Food Day satellite teleconference downlink
Public Relations News Release 1999:81, p.1
10/13/1999 UNI will observe World Food Day on October 15 by providing access to programs via a local downlink.
378 Proper grilling techniques can help you avoid food poisoning
Public Relations News Release 1998:409, p.1
6/7/1999 Discussion with Hattie Middleton about proper grilling techniques to avoid food poisoning.
379 Women have special nutritional needs
Public Relations News Release 1998:322, p.1
4/12/1999 National Women's Nutrition Week focuses on the special nutritional needs of women.
380 Breakfast is one of the keys to a productive day, at school and at work
Public Relations News Release 1998:278, p.1
3/8/1999 Professor Hattie Middleton discusses the benefits of breakfast for adults and children.
381 Culinary culture combinations at UNI
Northern Iowan 95:37, p.7
2/16/1999 Comments on dining center food choices and lack of decent toilet paper.
382 The Counseling Center at the University of Northern Iowa will hold psycho-educational workshops during the spring semester
Public Relations News Release 1998:237, p.1
2/2/1999 Presenters will include Nichole Flint, Vicky Knapp, Amy Ratchford, Rachel Denhart, Marie Garlie, Lila Stevens, Amy Christensen, Kim Wilkin, Rhonda Corell, and Jennifer Sacora.
383 Winning the battle against weight gain during the holidays
Public Relations News Release 1998:174, p.1
12/7/1998 Kathy Gulick discusses how to restrain your eating during the holiday season.
384 Eating sensibly under the barrage of holiday food
Public Relations News Release 1998:165, p.1
11/25/1998 Margaret Empie, UNI assistant director of dining services, gives tips on avoiding high calorie holiday food.
385 Many options are open for expansion
Patocka--Jason (Class of 2000)
Northern Iowan 95:22, p.7
11/13/1998 Comments on proposed expansion of Maucker Union
386 Americans focus too much on diet, image
Northern Iowan 95:16, p.7
387 Start your day the right way
Jevne--Melissa (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 95:16, p.10
10/23/1998 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; photo.
388 Students, officials meet to discuss renovations
Northern Iowan 95:7, p.1
9/22/1998 Students, faculty, and administrators met Thursday to discuss proposed remodeling of Maucker Union and campus food services; photo.
389 Eat safe during national food education safety month
Public Relations News Release 1998:31, p.1
9/10/1998 Hattie Middleton talks about National Food Education Safety Month and ways to keep your food safe.
390 Healthy students must unite!
Northern Iowan 94:49, p.6
4/10/1998 Columnist comments on the snacks available from the Wellness/Recreation Center vending machines.
391 Frozen foods can be nutritious
Public Relations News Release 1997:255, p.1
3/16/1998 Assistant Professor of Consumer Sciences Hattie Middleton to discuss nutrition value in frozen foods.
392 Students paying for 28,000 uneaten meals
Arbuckle--Amanda A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 94:44, p.1
3/13/1998 28,000 uneaten meals has students and others questioning the campus dining system; photo.
393 Maucker food for thought
Northern Iowan 94:41, p.5
3/3/1998 Editorial comments on the need for more food choices on campus and in the Union.
394 Preparing for a safe New Year's Eve
Public Relations News Release 1997:166, p.1
12/23/1997 Julie Thompson advises how to act responsibly on New Year's Eve.
395 When to indulge and when to avoid fat-free foods
Public Relations News Release 1997:166, p.1
12/23/1997 Liz Lengel, Dietician for UNI, reports that eating a variety of foods is healthier than completely cutting out fat.
396 Holiday parties don't have to mean extra weight for the New Year
Public Relations News Release 1997:149, p.1
12/11/1997 UNI dietician Patty Juergens discusses strategies for controlling eating habits during holidays.
397 Funnel cakes and Twinkies; are they the essence of men?
Scott--Nicholas L. (Class of 1998)
Northern Iowan 94:25, p.4
11/25/1997 Favorite snack foods have analogy to life.
398 Enjoying Thanksgiving without adding to your waistline
Public Relations News Release 1997:129, p.1
11/20/1997 UNI Dietician Patty Juergens will outline healthy eating patterns for Thanksgiving.
399 Fighting the "Freshman 15" - Food choices of college students
Public Relations News Release 1997:57, p.1
10/2/1997 Liz Lengel states women should consider eating a variety of foods rather than looking for fat content.
400 Have you had your moo juice today?
Hicks--Benjamin H. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 94:5, p.9
9/16/1997 Students should drink more milk.


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