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451 Hyperactive kids and holiday treats--is there a connection?
Public Relations News Release 1990:215, p.1
11/26/1990 Nutritionally balanced meals are especially important during the holidays.
452 Oat bran, rice bran, bran pills--wonder products or nutrition fad:
Public Relations News Release 1990:179, p.1
11/12/1990 Bran advantages and myths noted.
453 College students sacrifice nutrition for convenience
Northern Iowan 87:20, p.13
11/9/1990 College students eat large amounts of fast food.
454 Dining centers may donate unused food; concerns arise over leftovers
Adamson--Peter (Student--1990)
Northern Iowan 87:20, p.1
11/9/1990 Dining center administrators will look into donating unused food portions to the local food bank or Salvation Army.
455 Trick or treat pumpkinheads! Nutritious snack alternatives.
Public Relations News Release 1990:151, p.1
10/29/1990 Safety and nutrition should be considered when considering treats for Halloween.
456 Before you pop that pill check food interactions
Public Relations News Release 1990:114, p.1
10/15/1990 Some foods found to cancel or intensify medication's effects.
457 108 eggs for just one batch of cookies
Havlik--Carey A. (Class of 1993)
Northern Iowan 87:4, p.10
9/14/1990 Dining managers use computer programs to project the number of students who will be eating at certain meals and plan the menu accordingly.
458 How much chow does it take to feed hungry Northern Iowan's?
Public Relations News Release 1990:18, p.1
9/3/1990 Students take advantage of healthy food choices.
459 "I've got more time for bisbehaving since I started microwaving!"
Public Relations News Release 1989:501, p.1
3/28/1990 Professor Phyllis Conklin warns against the use of plastics with microwave ovens, stating that chemicals in the plastic can leech into foods.
460 Happy Birthday to America's favorite sandwich spread--peanut butter
Public Relations News Release 1989:445, p.1
2/28/1990 Hattie Middleton provides dietary information on peanut butter to celebrate the centennial birthday of George Washington Carver's sandwich spread.
461 People need to watch diet for better health
Northern Iowan 86:36, p.10
2/9/1990 Advice on a sound diet.
462 Food choices and exercise are the best ways to beat the Battle of the Bulge
Public Relations News Release 1989:362, p.1
1/25/1990 Kathy Gulick presents a series of seminars focused on food and exercise decisions leading to weight loss.
463 The new cereal additive psyllium¿ can it really reduce cholesterol?
Public Relations News Release 1989:317, p.1
12/21/1989 Professor Joanne Spaide discusses the use of a bulking agent for fiber products in cereals. The product can reduce cholesterol by up to nine percent, but may cause allergic reactions in some consumers.
464 Spooky snacks
Funcke--Jill A. (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 86:17, p.17
10/31/1989 Recipes for Halloween.
465 "Light" food labels may be deceiving
Northern Iowan 86:2, p.14
9/8/1989 Professor Spaide offers dietary advice.
466 Grilling season approaching soon
Hagerman--Brian (Class of 1992)
Northern Iowan 85:50, p.12
467 Helpful Hint No. 72: Grill Work; Light my fire
Northern Iowan 85:49, p.11
468 Think twice before going on that liquid protein diet says University of Northern Iowa professor.
Public Relations News Release 1988:349, p.1
3/15/1989 Joanne Spaide states several reasons she's concerned, ketosis can happen resulting in death. Our bodies are designed to eat solid food, what will happen to our intestinal tract over a perid of time. Short term effects include dizziness, diarrhea and more.
469 When the flu isn't really the flu--salmonella food poisoning.
Public Relations News Release 1988:342, p.1
3/13/1989 Cases of salmonella food poisoning has increased from 3709 in 1984 to 6950 in 1987. Hattie Middleton blames improper food storage and preparation. Kitchen clean-up and storage in the refrigerator are important.
470 Popcorn's nutritional values questionable
Hagerman--Brian (Class of 1992)
Northern Iowan 85:44, p.10
471 Natural fiber helps prevent coronary and digestive ails
Northern Iowan 85:41, p.9
2/28/1989 Joann Spaide gives dietary tips.
472 Pop off to the NI!
Hagerman--Brian (Class of 1992)
Northern Iowan 85:41, p.10
2/28/1989 Students may vote on favorite popcorn.
473 Soho gaining popularity
Johnson--Curt (Student--1990)
Northern Iowan 85:31, p.10
1/24/1989 Students like natural soda.
474 Chocolate: no help for finals
Northern Iowan 85:29, p.19
12/9/1988 A look at the food value of chocolate.
475 Mmm Mmm YUM YUM; Holiday treats in a flash
Northern Iowan 85:29, p.14
12/9/1988 Christmas recipes.
476 People dislike some foods; professor researching why
Northern Iowan 85:23, p.9
11/15/1988 Linda Walsh talks about her research.
477 300 bags of popcorn sold a day
Bower--Darrell (Class of 1990)
Northern Iowan 85:15, p.13
10/18/1988 Popcorn is a popular snack at the Union.
478 Harmful bacteria spoil good time
Pieper--Mary E. (Class of 1989)
Northern Iowan 84:63, p.3
7/1/1988 Tips on caring for food.
479 Foods, clothing, games from foreign lands among offerings at International Cultural Festival, April 14 (Thursday) at Northern Iowa
Public Relations News Release 1987:327, p.1
3/24/1988 The International Cultural Festival begins in Maucker Union, and will offer students the opportunity to learn about the traditional dress, food, games, and music of various cultures. The UNI Daycare children perform various foreign songs for the festival.
480 Health claims on food labels benefit producers, mislead consumers
Public Relations News Release 1987:273, p.1
2/18/1988 Professor Joanne Spaide warns that health claims placed on food items are often misleading.
481 Dorm Life--But Not as We Know It
Walker--Michael Edward (Class of 1991)
Northern Iowan 84:24, p.13
11/17/1987 Cooking in the dorms.
482 Black Hawk County food stamp drive (Nov. 9)
Public Relations News Release 1987:100, p.1
10/23/1987 Rural Iowans gather at the First United Methodist Church, in Cedar Falls, for an informative meeting on food stamp eligibility. Similar food stamp drives are held by community groups across the state.
483 Submarines ride wave of popularity
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 84:2, p.11
8/28/1987 Bob Dickson talks about his Sub City stores; photo.
484 UNI students 'cater' to needs of Waterloo, Cedar Falls community
Public Relations News Release 1987:14, p.1
8/26/1987 Students are trained in bartending and setting tables for UNI's catering service at the Commons Ballroom. The program is directed by Margaret Empie, and serves at events for local organizations.
485 UNI food expert gives safety tips for preserving Thanksgiving leftovers
Public Relations News Release 1987:120, p.1
11/21/1986 Professor Ronald Chung offers tips on safely keeping holiday leftovers. Chung states that families should date leftovers, package food in small portions, and keep food for no longer than a single week.
486 District 9 participation in governor's state employee food drive more than triples last year's efforts
Public Relations News Release 1986:425, p.1
5/9/1986 State employees in the six-county District 9 area more than tripled their giving to the Governor's Annual State Employee Food Drive in their second year of participation; raised 8,423 food and non-food items and $1,066.75 in cash and checks.
487 Creative cuisine cuts out calories
Northern Iowan 82:53, p.12
4/25/1986 Program helps to cut salt and fat in cooking.
488 Students can punch for hunger
Kuhlmann--Venessa (Class of 1989)
Northern Iowan 82:34, p.15
2/11/1986 May donate meal punch to world hunger.
489 Best part of job is hungry people
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 82:22, p.12
11/19/1985 A look at the work in the Dome concessions stands; photo.
490 Photo survey: do you like the new Coke?
Northern Iowan 81:61, p.3
7/19/1985 Students express their opinions; they do not like the new Coke.
491 Untitled
Northern Iowan 81:59, p.8
6/28/1985 Barbecue scenes; photo.
492 An apple a day. . .
Northern Iowan 81:46, p.11
4/2/1985 Advice on a sensible diet.
493 Drinking milk can prevent bone disease
Northern Iowan 81:44, p.4
3/26/1985 Gayle Hodgson talks about the need for calcium.
494 Adding a tangy flavor to barbecues
Cashman--Teresa K. (Class of 1986)
Northern Iowan 81:41, p.15
3/8/1985 Outdoor cooking recipes.
495 Nutrition Month activities begin
Northern Iowan 81:39, p.13
496 Untitled
Northern Iowan 81:37, p.1
2/22/1985 Canned food collected for food drive; photo.
497 New help for dorm room cooks
Bingham--Elizabeth (Class of 1915)
Northern Iowan 81:26, p.15
12/11/1984 A cookbook for the non-kitchen cook is offered as an alternative; book is entitled "The On-Campus Cookbook".
498 Cotton-Top offers 'natural' foods
Northern Iowan 80:53, p.12
4/20/1984 Description of foods available at Cottontop Coop.
499 Food 'best' by comparison
Chang--James C. (Chemistry Faculty)
Northern Iowan 80:24, p.2
11/22/1983 Dr. Chang feels the food at Redeker Center is the best among the three state universities.
500 Redeker Diners Club responds
Nicholas--Randal R.
Northern Iowan 80:24, p.3
11/22/1983 Members of the Diners Club feel the food at Redeker Center is more than adequate.


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