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1101 We are pleased
Normal Eyte 4:22, p.341
3/2/1895 Detailed look at plans and progress on the new building (Old Administration); will house library, offices, recitation rooms, gymnasium, natural science department, and museum; corridor will connect the building to Gilchrist Hall.
1102 No student should forget
Normal Eyte 4:17, p.261
1/26/1895 Library presents many opportunities for reading even outside one's field of study.
1103 The Osborne & Murphy Printing Company
Normal Eyte 4:17, p.262
1/26/1895 Sends Christmas issue of Red Oak newspaper to library; has historical articles in it.
1104 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:17, p.265
1/26/1895 Meeting leaders announced; other activities scheduled.
1105 With the beginning of the year
Normal Eyte 4:16, p.246
1/19/1895 Library rules change; books may be checked out for two weeks and renewed for one week; fine for overdue books is ten cents per day.
1106 During the vacation
Normal Eyte 4:14, p.220
1/5/1895 New shelves built in library and books rearranged; report on holdings and circulation.
1107 The State Normal School
Normal Eyte 4:14, p.216
1/5/1895 O. C. Scott writes his impressions of the school after visiting as an oratorical contest judge.
1108 Those who remained here
Normal Eyte 4:14, p.218
1/5/1895 Library busy over Christmas holidays.
1109 Library notes
Normal Eyte 4:9, p.134
11/10/1894 Anna Baker has classified and catalogued over two hundred new books; library also has bound volumes of ISNS programs and senior theses.
1110 A set
Normal Eyte 4:7, p.106
10/27/1894 Guide books placed in library.
1111 We observe
Normal Eyte 4:7, p.106
10/27/1894 Quarterly Illustrated added to library.
1112 Among the new books
Normal Eyte 4:6, p.90
10/20/1894 Library has added many good, new books and placed them in their respective departments.
1113 Y. W. & Y. M. C. A.
Normal Eyte 4:4, p.55
10/6/1894 Meeting leaders announced; detailed description of meeting of missionary circle.
1114 If the riches of an object
Normal Eyte 4:3, p.43
9/29/1894 Library receiving heavy use.
1115 Our library
Normal Eyte 4:3, p.44
9/29/1894 Volumes have been re-arranged and are being catalogued.
1116 We notice among the periodicals
Normal Eyte 4:3, p.44
9/29/1894 Harvard Graduate's Magazine now in library.
1117 Mrs. D. F. Hoover and Miss Baker
Normal Eyte 3:36, p.317
6/23/1894 Miss Baker will spend a portion of the summer on campus to acquaint herself with the library and prepare for her position as librarian which will start in September 1894.
1118 Two new periodicals
Normal Eyte 3:28, p.223
4/14/1894 "Physical Education" and "Athletics" added to library collection.
1119 The following, probably the reflections of some new students
Normal Eyte 3:27, p.215
4/7/1894 A student wishes for the ability to take in all the information that he needs.
1120 Appropriations
Normal Eyte 3:26, p.201
3/31/1894 Bill is very near completion; will include $30,000 for a new building, though President Seerley believes that about $75,000 is needed; bill also includes money for the library and a librarian as well as other new funds; $20,000 per biennium addition.
1121 Programs wanted by the school
Normal Eyte 3:25, p.198
3/17/1894 Library wishes to bind copies of school programs; still lacks several items.
1122 The bill providing for an appropriation
Normal Eyte 3:21, p.161
2/17/1894 Visiting Committee has reduced recommendations in some areas; list of sums as they now stand; President Seerley seems optimistic that it will pass.
1123 A bill
Normal Eyte 3:20, p.156
2/10/1894 Text of the Normal School appropriations bill which includes money for a new building and for a librarian and library material.
1124 A new decoration
Normal Eyte 3:19, p.151
2/3/1894 Samuel Smith has made a paper rack for the library.
1125 The first volume of McClure's Magazine
Normal Eyte 3:11, p.86
11/18/1893 Added to library.
1126 The New England Magazine
Normal Eyte 3:10, p.74
11/11/1893 Has recently been bound.
1127 The library has been increased
Normal Eyte 3:9, p.71
11/4/1893 Has received new literature and encyclopedic works.
1128 Mr. Geo. Thayer
Normal Eyte 3:8, p.64
10/28/1893 Printing company representative visits in preparation for periodical binding.
1129 In the library
Normal Eyte 3:4, p.25
9/30/1893 Library has some new books despite the difficult financial circumstances; reviews of a few new titles.
1130 Miss Minnie Moore
Normal Eyte 2:36, p.279
6/10/1893 Visits friends at Normal; remember her service from time when she was librarian.
1131 Our library has now 5220 volumes
Normal Eyte 2:33, p.252
5/20/1893 Ranks eighth in size in Iowa colleges; tally of other colleges and their holdings.
1132 In the library
Normal Eyte 2:32, p.243
5/13/1893 Review of books on ancient literature, mythology, and archeology.
1133 Additions are continually being made to our library
Normal Eyte 2:31, p.241
5/6/1893 Collection now totals 5200 volumes.
1134 In the library
Normal Eyte 2:28, p.212
4/15/1893 New books have been added lately; review of some of them.
1135 When closing a term's work
Normal Eyte 2:14, p.107
12/13/1892 A look at the achievements and improvements on campus.
1136 Our library is in need of further shelving
Normal Eyte 2:8, p.65
11/1/1892 New books are stored on tables and window sills.
1137 New books are daily being added to the library
Normal Eyte 2:2, p.17
9/20/1892 Recently acquired two volume set of "Arabian Nights".
1138 The library has been very much enlarged
Normal Eyte 2:1, p.7
9/13/1892 Many books added and catalogued.
1139 The Century Encyclopedia
Normal Eyte 1:6, p.47
2/16/1892 Located on stands in library.
1140 There has been circulating
Normal Eyte 1:6, p.42
2/16/1892 Urges Des Moines Ministerial Association to donate chaplaincy fee to Normal School Library; outlines needs and deficiencies of collection.
1141 President Seerley
Normal Eyte 1:4, p.29
2/2/1892 Has received two sets of the Century dictionary: one for the faculty and one for the library.
1142 If "a library's riches increase . . . . "
Normal Eyte 1:2, p.13
1/19/1892 Rooms are filled with earnest students.
1143 Our library
Normal Eyte 1:1, p.6
1/12/1892 Adds a total of 316 new volumes on many subjects.
1144 The state has done much
Students' Offering 8:34, p.6
2/1/1884 Needs of the school include: better library collection and catalogue; covered walks between buildings; society halls.
1145 Though we cannot boast
Students' Offering 8:33, p.5
12/1/1883 Brief list of some titles in the library.
1146 The library of the ISNS
Students' Offering 8:32, p.7
11/1/1883 Description of 1800 volume library.
1147 Sara Riggs
Students' Offering 7:26, p.6
10/1/1882 Now private secretary and librarian.
1148 Our library has been enriched
Students' Offering 6:22, p.6
2/1/1882 A dozen books on temperance added.
1149 A new library catalogue
Students' Offering 6:21, p.6
12/1/1881 Each student will receive a list of all books in the library; it will be arranged by subject, shelf number, and author.
1150 Malcolm Stewart
Students' Offering 6:20, p.3
11/1/1881 Had been managing funds for Commencement of Class of 1881; gives final $2 to library fund.


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