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51 Ambition lacking as semester starts
Northern Iowan 99:1, p.9
8/30/2002 Speaks on the procrastination that arrives after the first few weeks of classes.
52 Life is a great big balancing act
Weiskircher--Heidi B. (Classes of 2005 and 2006)
Northern Iowan 99:1, p.15
8/30/2002 Tips for incoming freshmen on how to handle the stresses of time management at college.
53 Motivation proclamation to beat spring fever
Hammitt-- Katie Ruth (Class of 2005)
Northern Iowan 98:48, p.12
4/9/2002 UNI students offer suggestions to help keep them on track and studying these final few weeks.
54 Books in the grass
Heffernan--Kimberly A. (Classes of 2003 and 2008)
Northern Iowan 98:15, p.1
10/23/2001 Luann Jackson, Megan Erickson, and Nancy Jackson study outside; photo.
55 The science of studying
Public Relations News Release 2001:76, p.1
9/10/2001 Karen Agee will explain how to study effectively.
56 Academic advisors share tips for successful semester
Gibleon--Brooke K. (Class of 2003)
Northern Iowan 98:1, p.17
8/31/2001 Students should establish good study habits at the beginning of their college career.
57 It's that time of the year again-finals!: tips for the right study spot
Northern Iowan 97:28, p.15
12/8/2000 Locations noted of good places to study.
58 Choosing quick hits over the card catalog
Public Relations News Release 2000:110, p.1
10/9/2000 Students prefer the quick hits on the Internet, rather than solid library research; teachers fear lazy study habits.
59 Helping students refine their study habits
Public Relations News Release 2000:45, p.1
8/28/2000 Tricks and techniques will be given.
60 Untitled
Arbuckle--Amanda A. (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 96:2, p.1
8/31/1999 Freshman Robyn Richardson studies outside; photo.
61 Challenge to students to respect others
Northern Iowan 95:40, p.10
2/26/1999 Student asks other students to respect the peace and quiet others need to study in the library and computer labs.
62 To study or not to . . . .
Northern Iowan 94:57, p.1
6/19/1998 Jess Hassman and Brian Nodurft sitting by the Rod Library; photo.
63 The Riot Act
Greene--James (Class of 2001)
Northern Iowan 94:30, p.14
1/23/1998 "Big Brother is watching YOU"
64 Let the studying begin!
Deibler--Molly (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 94:28, p.1
12/12/1997 Students prepare for final examinations; photo.
65 Hypocrisy between the lines at Library?
Northern Iowan 94:26, p.12
12/5/1997 Disturbed by violations of library food and drink policy and noisy study areas in library.
66 'Study brothers' make it a team effort
Ha--Kyung-Jun (Class of 1998)
Northern Iowan 93:41, p.1
3/4/1997 Paul and Peter Kotrodimos studying in the library; photo.
67 Enjoy it while you can
Fees--Nikole Jean K. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 93:9, p.1
10/1/1996 Jennifer Nightingale braves the chilly wind to study outside; photo.
68 Let the sun shine
Fees--Nikole Jean K. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 92:58, p.1
6/28/1996 Student studies in sunshine; photo.
69 Some quick tips to help students study for final exams
Northern Iowan 92:54, p.8
4/30/1996 Offers commonsense ways of preparing for tests.
70 Taking exams without taking off
Northern Iowan 92:28, p.8
12/8/1995 Students tell strategies for studying; photo.
71 Summer isn't over yet
Prins--Todd A. (Class of 1994)
Northern Iowan 91:2, p.1
8/26/1994 Student studies in sun; photo.
72 Untitled
Gutz--Ryan P. (Class of 1999)
Northern Iowan 90:11, p.1
10/5/1993 Student studies in sun; photo.
73 Untitled
Northern Iowan 89:60, p.1
6/25/1993 Students study outside; photo.
74 Study break . . . .
Northern Iowan 89:55, p.1
4/23/1993 Melissa Wienands studies in the Auditorium; photo.
75 UNI student-athletes make the grade(s)
Culpepper--Gwenne C. Holmes (Compliance and Equity Staff)
Northern Iowa Today 21:1, p.1
3/1/1993 Rate of graduation for athletes is higher than for non-athletes; survey of efforts to assist athletes with their school work; photo.
76 Study tips help ease stress: are midterms giving you migraines?
Northern Iowan 88:44, p.8
77 Spring fever clashes with finals; studying in the sun
Northern Iowan 86:58, p.19
5/4/1990 Students talk about the lure of the sun.
78 Bookworms
Northern Iowan 86:32, p.1
1/26/1990 Two students study in the Union expansion; photo.
79 Burning the midnight oil
Northern Iowan 86:29, p.1
12/15/1989 Steve Phillips studies late; photo.
80 Sunnin' and studyin'
Northern Iowan 86:3, p.1
9/12/1989 Jeff Lenhart studies in the sun; photo.
81 Untitled
Northern Iowan 86:2, p.18
9/8/1989 Laurie Brandt enjoys the sun; photo.
82 Sun and study
Northern Iowan 85:47, p.1
3/31/1989 Students enjoy a sunny day; photo.
83 Studying again
Northern Iowan 85:32, p.1
1/27/1989 Two students at work; photo.
84 Time management used as study tool
Northern Iowan 85:22, p.9
11/11/1988 Study tips.
85 Study sessions help students
Northern Iowan 85:16, p.13
10/21/1988 Professor Rackstraw and Karen Agee work together to assist students in a large Humanities class.
86 Enjoying the last warm days
Northern Iowan 85:13, p.1
10/11/1988 Students study on top of the Union; photo.
87 Penning by the fountain
Northern Iowan 85:2, p.1
8/30/1988 Students study outdoors; photo.
88 Empty Highways
Bartelt--Brad S. (Class of 1989)
Northern Iowan 84:62, p.8
6/24/1988 Procrastination.
89 The Season's Pendulum
Public Relations News Release 1987:138, p.1
11/16/1987 Wade Gruhl shares how his study strategies have changed as winter approaches.
90 Advisors assist with effective learning, reading techniques
Northern Iowan 84:18, p.20
10/27/1987 Karen Agee talks about hiring students to assist other students in learning reading and study skills.
91 True boredom
Northern Iowan 84:9, p.8
9/25/1987 Mary DeCoster studies outdoors; photo.
92 Beach blanket bookworms
Northern Iowan 84:7, p.1
9/18/1987 Buffy Cox and Marcy Jenson study in the sun; photo.
93 What's a twin for?
Northern Iowan 84:7, p.3
9/18/1987 Charlette Behrends and Amy Behrends study; photo.
94 Fall plans scheduled by UNISA
Covington--Anthony M. (Class of 1993)
Northern Iowan 84:1, p.8
8/25/1987 Will offer three study habits workshops.
95 'Fun' in the sun
Northern Iowan 83:55, p.9
4/24/1987 A student studies atop the Union; photo.
96 Stop the music
Public Relations News Release 1987:337, p.1
4/17/1987 Tamara Klendworth and Garth Gerstein take a break from their studies to perform music.
97 Spring is coming soon!
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 83:43, p.1
3/6/1987 A student studies next to a flower in the Union; photo.
98 Staying awake during class not an easy task
Morse--Julie A. (Class of 1988)
Northern Iowan 83:41, p.11
2/27/1987 Tips on staying awake; photo.
99 Studying in the sun
Public Relations News Release 83:38, p.9
2/17/1987 Two students study on top of the Union; photo.
100 The thinker
Public Relations News Release 83:38, p.6
2/17/1987 A student studies outside the East Gym; photo.


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