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251 Study should come first . . . .
Easter--Jerry (Dee)
College Eye 51:33, p.4
6/24/1960 Claims that a student's purpose here is to learn.
252 Take a chance--try study . . . .
College Eye 51:32, p.4
6/17/1960 Encourages students to use the summer session wisely, and to study hard.
253 Just a minute . . . .
Pierce--Myrna J. (Classes of 1961--1986--and 2005)
College Eye 51:11, p.8
12/4/1959 Claims that library hours should be extended due to the increased work load of students.
254 Test time! Study time?
College Eye 51:9, p.8
11/13/1959 Encourages students to complain publicly about the noise in the study rooms.
255 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 50:30, p.2
5/8/1959 A woman sits studying among distractions.
256 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 50:29, p.2
5/1/1959 Argues against studying.
257 Cat-Snip "T"
Odegard--Gordon A. (Classes of 1960 and 1972)
College Eye 50:17, p.2
1/30/1959 Discusses campus life.
258 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 50:16, p.2
1/16/1959 Shows a student working far into the night.
259 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 50:13, p.2
12/12/1958 A student finds an alternative use for his books.
260 Untitled
Moline--Jo (Student--1958)
College Eye 50:10, p.2
11/14/1958 Questions the goals of one of the newspaper columns.
261 Shut up, awreddy
College Eye 50:8, p.2
10/31/1958 Asks for a self imposed silent atmosphere in the library; no more socializing during study time.
262 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 50:8, p.2
10/31/1958 Two students worried about another student who has been in the library far too long.
263 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 50:7, p.2
10/24/1958 Shows students playing cards when they should probably be studying.
264 Wake up, students!
College Eye 50:2, p.2
9/19/1958 Contends that the new attendance policy will force people to attend class because they actually want to be there.
265 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 50:1, p.2
9/12/1958 Depicts students preparing to face the upcoming year.
266 Untitled
Leet--Richard (Classes of 1958 and 1965)
College Eye 49:38, p.2
7/25/1958 Student reads a book while playing tennis.
267 Study peculiarities are uncovered among students
College Eye 49:21, p.1
2/28/1958 Report on a survey of study habits of students.
268 Intent study stressed by Dr. Maucker
College Eye 49:2, p.1
9/20/1957 Excerpts from President Maucker's Matriculation Convocation address.
269 What, me study?
College Eye 49:1, p.2
9/13/1957 Students must take care not to replace studies with too many extra-curricular activities.
270 Study habits questionnaire appears soon
College Eye 48:27, p.1
5/3/1957 Seeking information in order to make improvements.
271 Study committee to ask students
College Eye 48:26, p.1
4/26/1957 Will survey students about their study habits.
272 To canoe or not to canoe
College Eye 48:26, p.2
4/26/1957 Claims that spring causes a student to debate about which is more worthwhile, studying or playing outside.
273 Shhh and again shhh
College Eye 48:18, p.2
2/15/1957 Announces that the reading room in the library is much louder than the Georgian Lounge, which is supposedly the social center of campus.
274 Summer school fades
College Eye 47:39, p.2
7/27/1956 Claims that students are in a frenzy checking out books and studying, since summer school is almost over.
275 Lethargy hits campus
College Eye 47:32, p.2
5/25/1956 Comments on the attitude of students during their final days of class.
276 On utilizing facilities
College Eye 47:31, p.2
5/18/1956 Comments on the increasing number of students that gather socially in the library.
277 Quiet please!
College Eye 47:28, p.2
4/27/1956 Asks students to be quiet in the library, since it is intended to be a place for students to study.
278 All through the night
Smith--Paul Edward (Class of 1956)
College Eye 47:11, p.7
11/18/1955 A look at studying; photo.
279 Are we anti-intellectual?
Lewis--Lawrence Guy (Class of 1961)
College Eye 46:20, p.2
2/18/1955 'Egghead' and 'intellectual' are common derogatory labels aimed at those considered smart.
280 How to pass examinations; part II
College Eye 54:41, p.3
8/13/1954 Continues to offer sarcastic advice on how to pass a test.
281 How to pass examinations
Marshall--Max (Student--1954)
College Eye 45:40, p.1
8/6/1954 Offers sarcastic advice to students on how to score well on a test; photo.
282 Grad sleeps way through college
College Eye 45:22, p.3
283 Sleep while you learn
College Eye 45:22, p.3
3/5/1954 Discusses a student who recorded his studies and listened to them while he slept.
284 Are two hours study on subject too much?
Lackore--Gene (Class of 1955))
College Eye 45:12, p.2
12/11/1953 Asks Wilma O'Connell if she thinks that spending two hours on one subject is too time consuming.
285 Student tells how to avoid D letters
O'Connell--Wilma C. (Student--1953)
College Eye 45:11, p.2
11/20/1953 Claims that planning your study time and social time will help you to avoid a D grade.
286 Letters to the editor
Castner--Patricia (Student--1953)
College Eye 44:38, p.2
7/17/1953 Women in residence halls can be inconsiderate.
287 Committee strives for better study habits
College Eye 44:8, p.3
10/31/1952 Men's Union group working on improvement of scholarship.
288 Untitled
College Eye 43:37, p.3
7/18/1952 Depicts a professor doling out massive amounts of homework to keep students busy over the weekend.
289 Untitled
College Eye 43:25, p.8
4/11/1952 Depicts a student who finds more use for books in the pressing of his slacks.
290 Poll reveals TC study habits better than national average
College Eye 43:23, p.6
3/28/1952 A survey of student habits and opinions.
291 Balance
College Eye 43:18, p.2
2/15/1952 Stresses the importance of maintaining balance in the amount of extra curricular work in which a student participates.
292 Untitled
College Eye 43:18, p.2
2/15/1952 Re-emphasizes the importance of 'balance' mentioned in an editorial on the same page.
293 Untitled
College Eye 43:17, p.6
2/8/1952 Depicts student trying to study for mid-term examinations.
294 Back to work
College Eye 43:13, p.2
1/11/1952 Shows a student trying to study while all kinds of distracting thoughts are still dancing in his head.
295 Have consideration during finals
College Eye 43:12, p.2
12/14/1951 Asks students to be responsible for their noise levels during the end of semester crunch.
296 Enforce dorm quiet hours
College Eye 43:11, p.2
12/7/1951 Complains about people not using quiet hours in their intended fashion.
297 Humphrey to speak
College Eye 43:8, p.6
11/9/1951 Will speak on study techniques.
298 Deadwood
College Eye 43:7, p.7
11/2/1951 All of the fun and heartache of Homecoming.
299 All-campus study meet to be held Thursday
College Eye 42:9, p.8
11/10/1950 Faculty members will address group.
300 Baker Hall establishes scholarship committee
College Eye 41:10, p.8
11/18/1949 Will assist students with the their studies in all subjects.


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