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351 Experimental Approach to Teacher Education at UNI This Semester
Public Relations News Release 1969:164, p.1
11/12/1969 39 students are taking a 10-credit hour course under Dr. Dan Oppleman. The course is taking the place of the required education courses in teacher and child, and psychology of learning.
352 Educational opportunities should be equal for all
Northern Iowan 66:19, p.8
11/11/1969 Professor Oppleman proposes new program of teacher education.
353 New teacher ed program offers experience curriculum
Northern Iowan 66:18, p.5
11/7/1969 New combined class includes field experience, independent study, media, and research.
354 Elem Ed majors should apply for "block" classes
Northern Iowan 66:5, p.4
9/23/1969 Procedures for the professional semester.
355 Black youth and student teachers
Oppleman--Dan L. (Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:66, p.4
7/25/1969 Offers ways of providing sound education to those who need it.
356 Offers teach ed changes
Lamberti--Joseph F. (Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:66, p.3
7/25/1969 Professor Lamberti considers possible revision of the professional sequence.
357 Ombudsman
Northern Iowan 65:66, p.2
7/25/1969 Questions about proposed third Tower, leaks in Union, and professional sequence.
358 Offer experimental program
Northern Iowan 65:58, p.20
5/13/1969 Professor Oppleman will combine several courses next fall.
359 Student voice urges change
Northern Iowan 65:52, p.2
4/22/1969 SISEA group will speak up for change in teacher education.
360 Commends Oppleman; Student Senate
Northern Iowan 65:46, p.5
3/21/1969 Off-Campus Men and Off-Campus Women join to form Off-Campus Students; results of research on beer on the Hill.
361 Experimental course offered
Northern Iowan 65:45, p.4
3/18/1969 Special teacher education class will attempt to draw theory and practice together.
362 Education laboratory; Sept. experience
Northern Iowan 65:44, p.8
3/14/1969 Program allows teacher education students to spend time in classroom.
363 Skip classes to learn
Northern Iowan 65:27, p.2
12/13/1968 Difficult to obtain coursework to prepare to teach minorities.
364 Education sequence study to be made
Northern Iowan 65:26, p.7
12/10/1968 Most recent previous study had been in 1957.
365 A suggestion, an invitation
Northern Iowan 65:22, p.2
11/22/1968 Believes Professor Oppelman is in vanguard for teacher education.
366 Spring participation possible in Waterloo, Cedar Falls
Northern Iowan 65:21, p.5
11/19/1968 Must sign up for special sections of psychology of learning.
367 Proposes A-V education
Kramer--Kay Frederick (Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:20, p.4
11/15/1968 Believes that all future teachers will need to understand audiovisual methods of instruction.
368 Challenges in education
Brimm--Robert Paul (Education Faculty)
Northern Iowan 65:14, p.4
10/25/1968 Describes the new set of policies and criteria for approval of high schools, passed by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges, as well as the implications for UNI and its students.
369 South Viet profs study U. S. educational system
Wherry--Peg (Class of 1972)
Northern Iowan 65:11, p.3
10/15/1968 Five professors of teacher training visited UNI as part of a program to learn about the education system in the United States; background in the university system in Vietnam.
370 Broudy to address student supervisors
Northern Iowan 65:10, p.3
10/11/1968 Harry S. Broudy will speak at the fifth annual Conference for Supervisors of Student Teachers on October 12, 1968, at Price Laboratory School.
371 Five South Vietnamese profs here this week
Northern Iowan 65:10, p.6
10/11/1968 South Vietnamese professors of teaching are on campus observing and discussing teacher training programs.
372 South Viet deans here this week
Northern Iowan 65:9, p.8
10/8/1968 Five deans of pedagogy from universities in South Vietnam will visit UNI to observe and discuss teacher training programs.
373 Project Headstart provides student teaching situation
Northern Iowan 65:4, p.8
9/20/1968 UNI students have teaching opportunity through Head Start program.
374 'September Experience' available
Northern Iowan 64:53, p.4
5/3/1968 Description of program.
375 Teach-in to begin Saturday
Northern Iowan 64:44, p.4
4/1/1968 Will discuss aspects of life as a teacher.
376 1,500 to attend UNI for Prospective Teacher Day
Northern Iowan 64:15, p.1
10/31/1967 Professor Pendergraft will speak.
377 Video tapes to be shown in classes
College Eye 64:5, p.3
9/26/1967 Will use classroom observation tapes via closed circuit TV.
378 New students to report for checks
College Eye 64:4, p.8
9/22/1967 Must have speech and hearing checked.
379 Sept. program to organize
College Eye 63:53, p.8
5/9/1967 September Experience to be organized.
380 'Block' devoted to unworthy purposes
Mateer--Barry L. (Student--1967)
College Eye 63:50, p.3
4/28/1967 Criticizes the 'block' program; it is a waste of class time.
381 Pirages suffered with Wagner
Pirages--Phillip J. (Classes of 1967 and 1969; English Faculty)
College Eye 63:28, p.2
1/13/1967 Comments on the 'worthlessness' of certain education courses
382 Responds to Wagner
Froyen--Leonard A. (Class of 1957; Education Faculty)
College Eye 63:28, p.2
1/13/1967 Defends the teacher education program criticized in previous letter.
383 Education courses not practical
Wagner--Bill (Student--1963-1964--1966-1967)
College Eye 63:26, p.3
1/6/1967 Ponders lack of preparation given in the education curricula.
384 Faculty Senate opens year with election
College Eye 63:3, p.7
9/23/1966 Leonard Keefe and Donald Whitnah are elected President and Vice President of the Faculty Senate; establish committee to study professional sequence.
385 'September Experience'
College Eye 60:57, p.7
5/20/1966 Will acquaint students with teacher education curriculum.
386 Apologetic SCIans must escape normal school stigma
Wilson--Robley C. (English Faculty)
College Eye 59:43, p.2
5/21/1965 Outsiders' horrific views of teachers colleges are untrue.
387 Will listen to Burchfield after course
Hamilton--Elbert W. (Alex) (Mathematics Faculty)
College Eye 59:18, p.2
2/12/1965 Steve Burchfield's complaints about methods courses will be taken more seriously after he has completed "Teaching of Secondary Mathematics."
388 Great waste of time: education courses
Shepard--Robert (Student--1964)
College Eye 59:12, p.2
12/4/1964 Five-hour courses should be reduced to three-hour courses.
389 Four dates available for Teacher Exams
College Eye 59:5, p.3
10/9/1964 May take National Teacher Examination.
390 SCI to add 22 new courses
Alumnus 49:3, p.17
9/1/1964 Seek to strengthen subject matter preparation for teachers.
391 Education first choice vocation of scholarship winners
College Eye 58:36, p.2
7/24/1964 Believes that strong students are entering education field.
392 Nationwide recruiting does not drain teaching supply
College Eye 58:35, p.2
7/17/1964 A look at the strength of Iowa's teachers.
393 New major field added in elementary education
College Eye 58:31, p.1
6/19/1964 A look at the new special education major.
394 Obiter Scripta: Fox calls for evaluation, changes in major system
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 58:21, p.2
3/13/1964 Points out that as student enrollment in high schools expands, teachers can teach just one subject, so Fox questions the need for a minor requirement.
395 $2 fee needed for certificate
College Eye 58:11, p.4
396 Lists posted for elementary majors
College Eye 58:8, p.3
11/8/1963 For those who will be taking the professional semester in the spring.
397 Fox sees need for five-year plan for secondary teachers
Fox--Josef W. (Philosophy and Humanities Faculty)
College Eye 57:29, p.2
5/10/1963 The master's degree is not as powerful as before.
398 New title for Dean Lang
Alumnus 47:4, p.3
12/1/1962 Named Director of Teacher Education; photo.
399 Applications for teacher education must be filed
College Eye 57:8, p.8
400 Dr. Lang named new director of teacher ed.
College Eye 57:5, p.3


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